The Road to Regeneration and the Dhatus

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Dear Subscribers,

This will be a very important post for everyone who is trying to apply information in a meaningful and successful manner. First, I want to try to explain what in Ayurveda is called the "dhatus" — and there may or may not be a good English translation of this term. The usual interpretation of dhatu is that it refers to tissues, but the first dhatu is comprised of fluids, most of which constitute the plasma but rasa dhatu actually refers to more than the plasma. I don't want to go into a lot of details today because this information is available in textbooks and online for those who are serious scholars. The part I want to emphasize today is that each dhatu is derived from the one before it. That might be awkward. The second dhatu is comprised of blood cells and these depend on the nutrients provided by the first in order to develop their full potential. Each dhatu then contributes to the next, in a sequence, and each has its own specific nutritional requirements. The sequence, briefly stated is: plasma, blood cells, muscle, fat, bones, bone marrow, and reproductive fluids. This is way, way oversimplified and is therefore offered just for illustrative purposes. For example, "bones" refer to structure and include the teeth as well as the hair and nails, but these are still further divided into more detailed understanding. There are also very specific diets and psychological issues associated with each dhatu. Naturally, there are also relationships to the doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha. One cannot take thousands of years of medical history and put that knowledge into a paragraph.

So, the first part I want to frame today is the sequence of regeneration. One ought not start with the idea that the hair and hair color will be restored after a week of herbs. A few stories might help. In my now decades of practice, I have always observed cycles. There was one in which seven people in a row booked appointments with the goal of restoring hair loss. None had any hair at all: no hair on the head and none under the arms . . . or even eyelids. According to my calculations, we would not see much hair for 72 days. Keep in mind, hair is related to the fifth dhatu and is basically considered a waste product of that dhatu. This is a little crude sounding because hair can be very clean and beautiful. According to Ayurveda, it should be lustrous, wavy, and black. For years, I insisted this was a cultural bias and that the textbooks should refer to one's heritage, but I never met even one Ayurvedic doctor who agreed with me. It is possible that no matter how beautiful the hair looks to us, if it is not black, it looks like a deformity to those trained in Ayurveda. As I have explained, other colors might due to a shortage of melanin production or mutations. If so, then we have another issue, one I started to write about a few days ago but have not finished. It is about the various alien races and their appearances since most of us are apparently hybrids.

These are therefore caveats and they are of no importance if your only goal is to regenerate or rejuvenate. I am simply saying that the process of regeneration is sequential so one would start to see fuzz and then hair AFTER the dhatus upon which the fifth depends have been perfected. We will then see hair and color. We can probably agree that hair should have luster. We can leave color to the sages to explain. That said, I will make some preliminary comments. Years ago, I asked someone who worked for Banyan Botanicals if they had any data about bhringaraj and hair color. If you want a tiny lesson in Sanskrit, you see that the name of the herb contains the familiar word "raj" that most of us associate with Indian royalty, such as maharaja. The plant is thus the "King of Hair" and all the texts, of course, refer to black hair. More importantly, bhringaraj is one of the herbs used in preparation for kaya kalpa. As I wrote a few days ago, I have now done that preparation three times and each time, I saw strands of black hair. I was not even close to having black hair, but a strand here and another there were perfectly black. Just for the record, the comparable herb in Chinese medicine is he shou wu and the English for "shou wu" is "black hair" — but, unless the lighting over my sink is weird, I found much more yellow in my hair with he shou wu, no black actually. Obviously, all this is fascinating to me. I am not interested in this from a cosmetic or aesthetic perspective at all. I am interested in the mysteries of this adventure.

Okay, so there is a lot I want to cover today so I will try to avoid too many digressions, but I do want to say that given that libido cannot be isolated from reproductive fluids, we see that the proper approach to restoring libido is to perfect the first six dhatus. In short, the reason the restoration of libido is achieved in kalpa is that all the dhatus have been regenerated. However, as I said, the gains can be lost through dissipation of energy.

The next two points I want to make are that herbs are nutrients and obstacles have to be removed. As I have often mentioned, darkfield microscopy has allowed me to view the first two dhatus and to study the effect of herbs on these two. I think we can assess the condition of the other dhatus in other ways. Jinzu has been a wonderful teacher in that regard. As I got her on a strong rotation diet to clean the rubbish from her system, she became much more athletic. She is actually very entertaining. She is the only dog I have had who will throw balls in the air, bounce them off her nose, and then run them down the yard, either with her head or feet. I think she has seen some soccer before! The first day she came to live with me, she was in agonizing pain and screamed frequently. She told the animal communicator that she felt her toe nails were hollow and her paws hurt all the time. She said she had endless pain in her stomach and intestines. She was a dainty eater who could not even bite off a piece of something since her jaws were so weak. Her teeth also probably hurt. Now, she is so mischievous that if I turn my back, she snitches something from the counter or stove. She is a now happy eater and much stronger. She is also very curious about what is next because I keep changing everything to avoid allergic reactions.

In Jinzu's case, the removal of obstacles had to do with getting all the junk out of her system. She had had a lot of medications and vaccines and no doubt terrible food. I have made everything from scratch, nothing packaged. In cooking foods, I always put herbs into the mixture: lots and lots of burdock, astragalus, musta, and jatoba. I gave her liquid extracts also, but I added herbs to everything and she looks incredible now. She is also more social because she is not afraid that touching will hurt her. She said that before her skin was so sensitive that if she walked under a tree and the branch touched her, she trembled in pain. These were all vata derangements that went away when put on a properly balanced diet. There are no signs at all of allergies either.

Some people have the same problems: too many chemicals in the system, too many bizarre ingredients in food and medicine, and tolerance levels are low for many people. This also means that people are aging prematurely. If we correct what we can through life style changes, we have no idea what will happen next. The obstacle to correcting the plasma is toxicity. This is why every protocol needs to include a strategy for detoxification. I have a lot of material on this on Even if someone does not have cancer nor even a particularly high risk of cancer, that checklist is valuable:

Keep in mind that the plasma is the nutrient soup for the blood cells. Both red and white blood cells feast in this soup. The mission of the red blood cells is not simply to transport oxygen but also to bring the nutrients required by every tissue of the body to the cells that need the nutrients. The erythrocytes do not return empty. The take carbon dioxide and waste and expel these, largely via the breathing process. So, malodorous breath is a definite sign that the regenerative process is challenged. There are countless factors that incapacitate red blood cells and we have to determine what those factors are and correct them.

The white blood cells are, of course, part of the immune system, but I will bite my tongue and not say too much now except that they are very fragile and need almost perfect conditions in order simply to survive. They work extremely hard and are very self-sacrificing, but they are so vulnerable that we truly have to take care of them. Without chemical and metallic stressors, I believe the white blood cells are actually immortal. This will take volumes to explain and I hope to have time once in Ecuador.

The second part of today's post is about dosage. Again, I cannot be sure exactly what the perfect dosage is without reference to each individual, the starting point, and the progress. When I was in clinical situations, these evaluations could be made daily. It meant we could tweak the protocols. That said, microdosing might be fine for homeopathic remedies but not with herbs. People sometimes tell me they are too sensitive and cannot tolerate this and so on and so forth. This may be the case, but we have to find out why the tolerance levels are so low. When I watch something in the microscope, what I see, for example, is that people with mercury poisoning have many complications, such as premature death of white blood cells. They die almost immediately. After 15 minutes on the slide, many are no longer able to function; and almost all are dead within 45 minutes. However, I have been able in many cases to correct this within a week. We simply have to know what we are doing.

If there is another kind of toxin, bacterial for example, a single dose of herbs may increase the survival rate of white blood cells from minutes to three hours. A second dose may increase it to six hours. Stopping is therefore not sensible. One needs to keep taking the remedy until an optimum level is reached. For instance, when I have had raging fevers, I have gone through an ounce of Indigo Drops within six hours but the fever usually broke within six hours. I did not however stop. I would simply lower the dose once the crisis was passed. Keep in mind, herbs are nutrients. It may or may not be right to refer to them as medicines. They are food for the dhatus!

There are some that would not be advisable in high quantities. Many herbs have very powerful alkaloids that should not be ingested in vast quantities. I am aware of such matters and tend to put stronger herbs in smaller bottles to discourage taking more than is actually needed, but the reality is that one size does not fit all. Everyone's starting point is different so while a few generalizations may be possible, serious issues should be properly evaluated day by day.

I do know how important this knowledge is and am 100% confident that the knowledge can be transferred to others if they have guidance and time to intern. Meanwhile, I also know that patients are suffering. This said, Neptune is retrograding over my ASC as we speak and I cannot avoid a few metaphysical comments. While many might disagree, I believe we come into incarnation with a plan that includes our lessons as well as opportunities to carry out our spiritual missions. Our contract also includes the duration of our lives. This is a very complex subject. However, as an astrologer, I can say that the deaths of people close to us are shown in our horoscopes so the relationships and their expression in this dimension are both interconnected and prearranged. There may be a way to get an extension, but no one can actually say that something will prolong life if the agreement before incarnating does not support that.

The caveat, and there always seems to be at least one, is that there is no such thing as time except in this dimension. Everything else already "is" so the more interdimensional we are, the more we may be able to negotiate with Time. That is a speculation and clearly proof is not likely to be forthcoming.

The other issue is healing. Many people have said things like, "I am dying. I might as well do what I enjoy since it won't make any difference at this point." Sympathetic as I am to the emotions behind such words, I do not agree that there is even one moment that does not matter at all. As you all know, I reincarnated with a very bad bullet wound to my spine. Okay, the lead was not there, but the hole was, and it was painful. I have regressed people to incarnations in which they were not even human, not to suggest that being human is the begin all and end all, but the point is more likely that we might even incarnate with wounds from a lifetime prior to being human. The reason is that nothing shifts in the inner self because this level is passive. The shift comes when there is an interaction with consciousness. To the extent that this might be true, everything we do to increase awareness and achieve balance is important.

There is a Buddhist teaching that is not so easy to explain in English because we do not have the vocabulary or the background for approaching the knowledge. Basically, the idea is that when we die, we leave behind the seeds of the materials that will be used to build the next physical body. Keep in mind that the differences in DNA boil down to very small numbers: 1-3% between species but look at what a difference a single percentage point can make! So, these seeds, called nirmanakayas in Buddhism, should be perfected to the extent possible. Even if our last acts are to take an herb or bring a relationship into balance, they are going to have an important effect on the next life.

There is one more story I want to tell, very difficult story. Because I believe the afterlife has its own complications and people should not be disturbed during this time of adjustment, I have been reluctant to share this story. Some years ago, a correspondent asked to hear my voice before she died. She had been in a lot of pain for years, well, most of her life, but particularly at the end when she had both Lyme disease and cancer. She worked with her spiritual teacher and elected to be euthanized. When she phoned me, she was lyrical, happy, euphoric, and full of energy. I just could not help but ask her why, with such vitality, she was leaving. She had reached the limit of her capacity to bear pain. This is something I understand. For instance, much as we might want to use the minimum anesthetic possible, we want to use enough to block the pain. Truth be told, we spend many incarnations blocking pain so I understood this as well as my promise to work with her interdimensionally on the cure. These are sacred commitments so moving forward now is very important. I have definitely felt her presence recently.

I would therefore like a little feedback from others that would reveal to me what it is about the plan that is unclear to others!

Meanwhile, on the practical front, the Diffuser Blend with new labels arrived today. I will take a picture and send it to you soon. The Blend can be found on and is intended exclusively for external use in a nebulizing diffuser. It is not intended for inhalation but rather use in spaces subject to contamination where one's goal is to inhibit mold growth.

The reprint of Cancer Salves left Korea and is due to arrive here in about two weeks. The idea of more pallets is overwhelming!

Aside from overwhelm, I am very happy these days. There is momentum and focus. Working with Kitzia is amazing. She is so visionary and this is vital to creating the matrix to contains the vast diversity of activites we wish to immortalize for generations to come.

Many blessings,



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