Christmas 2017

Posted to Subscribers on 23 December 2017


Dear Subscribers,

Breaking slightly with my tradition of many years, I found a Christmas carol about Jerusalem sung by a Korean. I think it speaks to 2017, and there are moments in this performance that truly pull on our innermost beings.

It is the inner being that requires our attention though I know many people are busy with holiday preparations. I will therefore save some of my thoughts until after Christmas.

In the meantime, disclosure has begun and I have quite a lot of input on this. Aside from the "leaked" materials, which we were anticipating, there are a few points to keep in mind. Assuming that some objects in the sky are really from off planet, we have to remind ourselves that they have been here for a long time and so the difference between last month and now is just in the reporting since nothing else has actually changed. So far, no one has used the footage to introduce a superior race, but that ace may still be hiding in a sleeve somewhere. I would cultivate a wait and see attitude and not rush to any conclusions.

The truly important point about aliens actually involves creation and creativity itself. Since we are in the season when are celebrating birth, we can consider that every birth is associated with a creative act and a destiny. It is an interesting time to reflect on this, and it could lead to some important resolutions for the new year. All creation begins with an idea but ideas are merely whizzing and whirling unless manifested. When multidimensional, manifestation is not tied to the laws of physics that are currently accepted so it is time to awaken to interdimensionality. Frankly, I do not see any reason for conflicts with any existing religion over aliens or dimensions, but the potential for confusion over consciousness and what it is and is not is obviously great. However, since all genuine spirituality is by its nature non-local but simultaneously omnipresent, it is independent of time and space. Thus, there should be no personalization or manifestation in a genuine spiritual state of awareness; there should only be pure consciousness. Keep that in mind in the event that the sleeves are rolled up.

Speaking for myself, I have, as most of you know, a hard time manifesting because I usually feel closer to spirit than to matter. To manifest, I have to be more grounded. This said, some necessary changes are being implemented and I think we will start the new year with a lot of momentum.

On a truly personal note, this will be my first Christmas with Jinzu. She is completely fine now, no signs of allergies or itching. I stopped almost all herbs a few weeks ago, but some scratching started up again after the birds gave her some peanuts. We went back on herbs and she is fine again. She has become much stronger. Her legs are especially strong now, not sensitive or painful. She has great stamina and sleeps without whining. It is a little hard to say what produced the most benefit, but I think it might be my cooking. She is not getting anything out of a box or bag. Everything is fresh and organic, but I cook almost everything, with herbs and spices. She now likes to try new things whereas she used to walk right past food and not even sniff much less take a bite. Now she is curious and asks for a taste of everything.

This will be my 24th Christmas with Fiesta. Sky and Celeste have been with me even longer. They all got their presents early because it just felt like the solstice was important so we celebrated.

I would like to take this occasion to thank you for your interest in my work and posts as well as for your support of the projects and products. It means a great deal to me and hopefully also to you.

Enjoy your holiday and we will move swiftly after the festivities are behind us.





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