Aftermath: Cleaning Up After Hurrican Sandy

Posted to Subscribers on 10 November 2012

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This is another follow up on the subjects of the last post.

San Juan County, the archipelago county in Washington State just south of Canada, voted to ban the growing of genetically modified crops. The penalties are not severe but the voice of the people was heard.

Meanwhile, there is a sort of mixed press on California's effort to require labeling of GMO food. If you look at a map of where the voting was heavily for or against labeling, you see that the yes votes were concentrated in the more heavily populated coastal areas of the state:

However, lots and lots and lots of votes have not yet been counted. Mike Adams seems to be on this:

Click for the overview.

There are those looking for some silver lining. For instance the Organic Consumers Association is calling the vote a narrow loss that revealed to the voters the corrupting power of big money. Maybe people have consumed too much fluoride to think or act, but I suspect there is another story and we will have to wait to hear it.

Several of you wrote about mold. I have hundreds of pages posted on mold. Here are the links:

As most of you know, I have been there and survived. However, it has been a long haul and the early years were very challenging so my heart really does go out to all who are now facing recovery from damage. Where mold is concerned, I am a survivor and therefore probably also the wounded healer. I write about lots of health conditions that I have, to the best of my knowledge, never actually experienced personally, but where mold is concerned, I have been there. To recover, I had to learn a lot and become proactive. The first step is to dry out: pump out the water and dry everything as quickly as possible. Granted, this is probably difficult where there are power outages and ongoing disruptions in public services, overworked emergency crews, and exhaustion. People need to pull together and help each other. I didn't get the help I needed when my place flooded and it took a while to realize that the unconscionable insurance companies and others are all part of a system that is designed to protect itself, i.e., minimize claims by refusing to take into account the full extent of the damage.

In terms of property remediation, it is probably safe to say that nothing kills mold. There are severely toxic molds that might become even more toxic if exposed to poisons. I prefer to talk about inhibition and I believe that the essential oils provide the safest protection because they are not toxic to people. This point does however require some clarification. It is not safe to inhale or ingest excessive amounts of any oil. The oils may be non-toxic but they are potent. I have consistently said that an edible oil can be taken in very tiny amounts. For instance, I have a glass carafe on my desk that holds about a quart of water. I put a single drop of oil into the water and shake the carafe a bit and then sip the water over one or two days. This is safe. Swilling down several milliliters of oil is insanely risky.

Where the nebulizing diffuser is concerned, people can get a therapeutic dose into the lungs by sitting six feet away from the diffuser and just breathing normally for three to five minutes. However, if you want to inhibit mold growth in the room, you have the run the diffuser for several hours and the room should be empty: no people or pets and no uptake of the vapor through the HVAC returns.

I want to emphasize the safety measures that are reasonable. When I had workmen here all the time, I asked someone to take three bottles of oil into the crawl space and just open one of them for a minute while under the house. I was in my office which is over the crawl space and correctly identified the oil within seconds after he opened the bottle. What this means is that there are no real isolated air spaces so you really have to understand the flow of air and who is being exposed to what and where and when. Insulation and "vapor barriers" are not generally going to prevent all movement of air between spaces.

So far as health is concerned, most doctors will overlook mold or fail to take it seriously. Their textbooks discuss allergic reactions and immunocompromised individuals. With a handful of exceptions, they truly do not understand the dangers and therefore will not provide the assistance required. Some people are so allergic that they can go into anaphylactic shock, but most people, 75% of the world's population, are not allergic to mold. This however does not mean that mold is not dangerous, merely that the symptoms doctors might observe wouldn't present so they might not run additional tests. I think it's safe to say that if one has seen or smelled mold, one has been exposed.

Next, at the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist, I might suggest a video that covers chemtrails, HAARP, and Lyme disease:

So, to change the subject abruptly, I have been wanting to mention a rare but fascinating performance of Macbeth, the opera. I have enjoyed this opera for half a century already and have seen it live at the Metropolitan Opera House as well as more recently in Seattle, but the dramatic interpretation and vocal excellence make this performance well worth hearing (no video).

Of course, if you hate opera, you can always find something you do love!

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