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Dear Subscribers,

The recent post on Insanity got the most reads in my history of posting which goes back at least two decades. So, I will take the liberty of an encore consisting of several parts.

Let me begin with a story that took place one balmy evening on the second floor veranda of a lovely home in New Delhi. The precocious son of our charming hostess came up to me and we were looking at Jupiter. I could see two moons and he was astonished that without any psychoactive substances, I could see the moons. Well, I am extremely far-sighted and was born that way. I also had a photographic memory which meant I could flip through pages of a book, not actually read them, but I could go back to an organic version of a microfiche library and retrieve the pages if necessary. I thought this was normal and natural so it was always a bit surprising when others claimed this was not possible for them.

Anyway, Ramesh asked a rhetoric question about how we can validate memories if we have to use memory to perform the validation. He was an enchanting boy whose excellence is now well recognized in the publishing world. My still unpublished book on memory is, of course, not bringing me any royalties! That said, memory is basically of two types; no, not short-term and long-term — though these exist — but conditioned and unconditioned. Okay, short-term memory is like RAM, no pun intended, but words can be interesting, and it allegedly disappears if not stored in some manner. Long-term memory is like saving something in a file format and putting it somewhere like a flash card or hard drive. The files are grouped according to vibration so we can trigger an avalanche of memories by luring one memory out of obscurity and into conscious awareness. That is how personal memory works.

The difference between conditioned and unconditioned memories, the terms used by Patanjali, is that when we see things through our own filters, we "condition" them whereas when we see things as they actually are, the miasms caused by our personal biases vanish. You have no idea how difficult is for me to teach my astrology students not to look at other people through their own filters.

Hold that thought because we are going to need it. Let's say I like a certain color, perhaps blue or aqua or orange, but someone else likes red or purple. A reasonable person can accept the preferences even if his or her own preferences are for green or yellow. We all have preferences of one type or another and these cover the gamut of food, music, theater, curriculum, careers, people, places, etc. Do you like beaches or mountains? romantic films or action dramas. Obviously, there is no right or wrong, but if we do not see things as they are — and see people as they are — we will risk projecting our realities and preferences on others. This is actually where I want to begin today.

In the post on Insanity, I proposed that those who see the aliens as dangerous or who believe in endless Galactic wars are trapped in their own psychopathy. As you know, I have been in a lengthy meltdown process that began innocently with two questions, one starting with the rather ancient astrological categorizations of planets as malefic or benefic. I wanted to know who started this and why. It was a rather deep rabbit hole. I have always believed that astrology was gifted to us by sages because there would be no other explanation for grouping stars into constellations the way we do nor perhaps even for having weeks with seven days. The answer to the first question was that Mars is malefic because in a geocentric system, it is thought to be close to the sun and therefore overheated. Since we stopped believing in a geocentric solar system about 500 years ago, the question as to whether or not Mars is actually a malefic needs to be rigorously evaluated by reference to events.

The first question led to the second which took me to a yet bigger rabbit hole. Why does anyone, aka the Vatican, care whether we live in a geocentric or heliocentric system? Why was Galileo (1564-1642) hauled before the Inquisition and put under house arrest? Why was Giordano Bruno (1542-1600) along with countless others burned at the stake? Bruno was a free thinker who, among many original perspectives, speculated on life on other planets. This is all relevant to Disclosure because the Vatican has the telescopes as well as inside information on aliens and an agenda that required the convening of Vatican II, something that occurred during my first year in the work force. It was interesting that my boss took off for a month, and I was left covering both Monsanto and which stock to buy if the Vatican approved birth control. I was oblivious at the time that the Vatican was concerned about aliens and needed to formalize its position. In the context of eventually apologizing for their position on Galileo, getting it right was important. That said, I am not convinced we have it right, not on the issue of geocentric versus heliocentric system but on much larger and more important positions on celestial mechanics.

These early experiences made a big impression on my still young and insecure mind. I did not think birth control was a negotiable issue. I thought people had either religious or sociological beliefs that determined their positions. Truth be told, I was also completely unaware that some people would see investment opportunities as a result of shift in the papal position. In short, I was very naive, even more naive than when I was reading up on Thalidomide and realized that despite the horrendous side effects, it was not only still on the market but still widely prescribed. probably with consequences for many generations and countless lifetimes to come. I am not as naive as I once was and this is part of the reason for writing.

One should not for a second underestimate the importance of the Disclosure announcement, nor of the visits by popes and prelates to Antarctica. In the past, I have written that to have a higher level of consciousness, one must actually be using higher chakras, meaning that one has the wisdom and compassion of the heart and the intuition and understanding of the spiritual realm that come with the ability to function consciously in the third eye and crown chakras. If one skips over this point, the rest makes no sense. I could not see how people were coming up with ideas about Galactic wars. I figured these had to be projections, but I might have heard "eureka" recently when stumbling upon the thesis that the earth has been destroyed several times in the past. Who says aliens caused the destruction? Mankind is perfectly capable of self-destructing without any help from aliens. In fact, the opposite is probably the case because aliens are might try to prevent us from self-destructing.

So, I was happy to find a couple of very good uploads on YouTube. The first is an interview on Dr. Carol Rosin's channel with a UFO journalist, Paola Harris. If you remember, Dr. Rosin worked with Wernher von Braun and has apparently done her utmost to keep her promise to him. Deathbed promises can be very compelling. Without spilling all the beans, let's just say that while their methodology differs from mine, the conclusions are the same. The aliens are beneficent but they are permitting the experiment in free will to continue so long as it does not jeopardize life in other parts of the Universe. That is an important caveat because were we to colonize Mars or Jupiter, you can be almost certain that our exploits would constitute an interplanetary raiding party, protected by whatever weapons we have developed. In short, if there is gold or even clean water, beware!

Why are certain people so insane?

There are a couple more points I would like to make. In my own interdimensional travels, I went to Antares where I was shown what appeared to be a Galactic scale relief operation. I would guess there were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of space ships fully loaded and ready to go to Earth on a moment's notice. My guide was a five-year old boy with the maturity of a yogi who has lived for two thousand years in samadhi. I am not kidding. He was compassionate, articulate, serious, and hospitable. It goes without saying that the adults were light years ahead of us, but they explained that Lady Gaia had once been a member of the court on Antares and was dearly beloved. They were tired of seeing her torn clothing and rough treatment and were prepared to correct all problems here. In short, at a second before midnight, we will be rescued.

However, a real event, such as the one for which preparations have been made on Antares, would differ enormously from a fake event which is no doubt what the military and Vatican are cooking up as we speak. The technology, style, and motivations would all be different.

In a second, I will take you into the next rabbit hole, but I stumbled on a quaint statement by the usually reliable and scholarly Joseph Farrell. He has apparently fallen for the Galactic war account because of the archaeological evidence of disaster. I think such evidence can be attributed to human activities or meteors, comets, ice ages, whatever. There is no real proof that the Earth was attacked.

Now, why should we care or why should the Vatican care about aliens? Why does the Vatican own so many observatories, and why did they name the newest one Lucifer? I found someone who was asking questions similar to mine. He explains the official Christian perspective in a relatively clear fashion, but his message is circumscribed by his own beliefs, which, of course, would be the case for anyone using conditioned consciousness.

How do we escape the conditioning? Let me start off in another way. Supposing you or I had an alien encounter and the alien explained his mission, the differences in culture between our worlds, and why we should trust the aliens. Elevating as this might be, consciousness would still be conditioned because we would be seeing the events to come through the understanding nurtured by our personal encounters. Obviously, each contactee could have a slightly different story or even a wildly different story. Well, you could ask a Democrat, a Republican, and an Independent why their candidate would be best for the country, and you will immediately see that the opinions are relative to the understanding. The more information that is withheld or the loftier the information, the more risk there would be that the opinions were sort of half-baked, incomplete, or perhaps incomprehensible.

I want to go onto another tangent, one touched upon in the Insanity post. One day, Morrnah Simeona very mildly asked me how many planets I use when casting a horoscope. I had a feeling that the correct response would be to ask her how many planets there are. The normal answer would have been to say astrologers use the Sun, Moon, and five, seven, eight, or nine planets, depending on our training. Her response was to ask if we could really get enough information with the techniques we were using. It was indeed time to ask her how many planets Hawaiians use. I am sorry, I don't recall exactly what she said, 49 or 50, I think. So, I asked her if this included planets that are only etheric, not dense. She said, "Of course." Sad to say, if we do not see the planets, we do not have positions for them so these are sort of like ghosts, aren't they? They are there and a few people see them and others do not, but it is pointless to argue over who is more rational.

To give this discussion relevance, I want to urge people to think very clearly. We are being inundated with Disclosure propaganda and preparations. There are several possibilities. One would be that they put a costume on some pathetic Earthling and force this person to behave a little oddly but to appear credible. He could be demonic or saintly. He would appear to be demonic if the military wants more funding and appear to be saintly if someone wants to fake a second coming. Why would they fake this? Well, it is like an election, isn't it! You want your candidate to win so you make him look presentable and he makes promises the people want to hear.

So, you need to think very carefully about the agenda and decide whether you really want to get on board one or another proclamation about aliens. A variation of the hypothetical scenario just outlined would be that they take a real alien, someone they have been hiding for a while, but they use more or less the same tactics. The goal would be to retain power and control and shock people into compliance with the agenda. If they resort to this, there would be a secondary risk that power exceeds the need for doctrine so theology goes out the window. I can see that a series of posts probably needs to address the ramifications of a collapse of the thought control mechanisms that have been accepted by billions of people for hundreds or thousands of years.

The third possible "event" would be that the aliens jump the gun on the schemers and stage their own appearance. In all three scenarios, one thing is almost certain, and that is that how we view free will will be forever changed. Why is that? It is because we have had a kind of free will on Earth. In the deepest sense, we do not really have anything remotely resembling free will, but we have the ability to make mistakes, sometimes big mistakes, and we can also refuse to fall in line with Truth even if we know the difference between good and evil. Whether this is free will or stupidity is for others to decide.

The Kogi Elders have urged erring humanity to listen to their advice, but they have shown themselves in a remote and humble environment. What if the aliens came with more razzle-dazzle, like space ships the size of cities or even the size of moons. That would be very impressive and shock a few people. I am however quite sure they could do this if they wanted.

There were a few sentences in the Rosin-Harris discussion that were almost verbatim my own thoughts. These did have to do with free will. They used the same term I have used, "experiment" meaning the question is what one will do if there are choices. Adam and Eve were told not to eat the fruit of knowledge. Why? Why shouldn't they eat the fruit of knowledge? They did not obey and this supposedly made them responsible for their actions. If you use Eastern philosophical terms, you would say, they created karma and therefore repercussions. If we are in alignment with Divine Will, no karma is generated. What happens to free will? Is it willingly surrendered or reluctantly forfeited?

Because their language was the same as mine, I tried to recall where I got the idea of an exoeriment in free will. I first wrote about it in my early teens, but I don't think I used the word "experiment" until reading some novels by Marie Corelli in the late 70s. In fact, there is an interesting story there. A very sweet man who attended some courses I taught in a bookstore in Chicago gifted me a book that he felt I would enjoy. It was in the trunk of my car on the day Morrnah took us to the Observatory on Mauna Kea. On the way back, I saw something like a laser beam in the sky, to my left, and I got the world's worst flat tire. My left rear tire was slashed diagonally like it had been cut with something really high tech. I was grinding the rim of my wheel against the pavement and had to remove everything from the trunk to access at the spare. The Soul of Lilith never reappeared. However, it was in that book that I first encountered the idea of an experiment in free will so I suspect the ladies and I were quenching our thirst at the same oasis.

There were many unforgettable events that week. It might still be too early to discuss some of them, but, for the record, I think Morrnah felt the Earth would not make it through the challenges ahead. My own inner view was more in alignment with that of Akira Kurosawa's film Dreams, a very interesting series of dreams at the time the film was made and even more interesting with the passage of time. The dreams were his own and formed the subject matter of the film. In these, there is an "after" and it is back to Nature and blissful, i.e., much closer to the Kogi ideal than that of the New World Order.

One can believe whatever one chooses, but why would there be so many souls struggling so hard to fix this Planet if it were going to be destroyed. Keep in mind, on the level where we plan our incarnations, there is no Time so we know all the events. I don't think we are all here to round up 144,000 kindred spirits who will be whisked off to another planet. This said, don't ever believe something just because I believe that something. Each person has to arrive at his or her own Truth via an arduous Path of Seeking.

I am not afraid of aliens. I am afraid of those without a moral rudder or sense of responsibility. They cause suffering will, of course, themselves suffer in lifetimes to come.

Well, it is time to post this. I started it several days ago and lost my Internet connection again and then had to play catch up. The world seems to be topsy turvy, and change is inevitable. As you know, I discussed this years ago and urged people to prepare. Oh, gosh. I have lost the connection again. The switch to fiber optic did not improve my access to the Internet.

I chose the title for this post of "A Sinistra" which is actually a stage term that refers to sinister events since the forces of evil traditionally come from the left side of the stage. I fully expect a false flag disclosure event that may or may not be countered by a genuine one. I do not believe the world is coming to an end, rather that we are awakening to more important ideas that will shape the next chapters of the adventure on Earth.

I do want to thank everyone who has shopped on my sites. It is helping tremendously and, of course, the reward is that you are also helped because the formulations are so well thought out and produced to such a high standard that there are countless benefits all around.

Much love and many blessings,



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