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It's Spring! It is time for renewal. It's also Sunday.

A lot of progress is being made. I am excited, but I have also been going deeper and deeper and deeper into my own meltdown process and am starting to see what has been germinating while the clutter has been cleared. This is more profound than it sounds. We could compare the process to gardening, but what we call a weed may have important medicinal value. The rocks that crowd the places where roots have to sink down may be useful sources of minerals. The point is that as we weed our minds of clutter and distill our emotions, germination can occur. It will not necessarily occur, but the odds are certainly more favorable after composting our useless thoughts and feelings.

The weeds and the rocks may have their feelings hurt if they are removed from their chosen places, but thoughts are either correct or erroneous. Likewise, emotions may be sensitive and harmonious or severely discordant. In those cases, adjustments are desirable.

Since I do not want to make this personal, let's just look at the recent U.S. election. If we are to believe the press, the prestitute press, then half the nation was furious that Hillary Clinton was not elected. As the days have passed, we are discovering that the voting machines allowed changes in counts to be made, that Hillary Clinton is facing potential arrest for an array of indiscretions and misdeeds, and that her health was such that she probably could not have survived the stress of high office. How then could people be so passionate? Was the idea of a woman president so exciting that it could be used to sway voters?

The issue is now framed. What if there are countless other beliefs and ideas that we hold that are not in alignment with the facts or what is best for the future. In past posts, I have mentioned the timeline of history, a thousand years may have appeared out of nowhere because of a slipped decimal point, but historians crammed our heads with events and a massive Dark Age to fill a void. Was all this nothing more than spin? Is this true or not? Did we or did we not go to the Moon? Here we have three positions to analyze. First, the mainstream view is that we landed on the Moon in a craft that looks like it was made of metal foil, that had less room for propulsion than a minivan, and that could transmit live voice feed over how many miles? We also have to believe that rolls and rolls of old fashioned film could sail through the Van Allen Belts without being damaged . . . and we have to believe that our technological prowess was somehow superior in 1969 to what it is today. Count me out.

I was in India when my dhobi excitedly proclaimed, "Memsahib, memsahid, men on the Moon!" I had been obsessing over a green revolution, but once remarked that it takes about a thousand Sherpas to get one person to the top of Everest so who exactly gets the credit? Okay, so could 100,000 scientists and engineers get men to the Moon? At the time, I believed it, but now I do not. The story is obviously personal or I would stop referring to it. My father ostensibly designed the Surveyor Moon Soft Landing Device and in the time leading up to my parents' divorce, we were spending a lot of weekends in Hollywood. I keep trying to fit the pieces together. I perhaps have to get to the other side of the veil to figure out the details, but in my own realm, I saw that we construct and deconstruct with thought.

That said, my father urged me to get on the first space ship once commercial space travel becomes common place. I asked him my usual question, "Why?" In the conversation that followed, it was completely clear that he believed this possibility was just around the corner. I remember quizzing him about simulating earth conditions so as to survive in space and he kept assuring me that this is a misconception on my part. He said a lot more things that have stuck in my mind, but I still can't interpret all of them.

There is another angle, one not mentioned by him. In interdimensional travel, we leave the third dimension and are therefore no longer subject to the laws of the third dimension. This means we are free of both time and space. We are therefore exactly what we perceive ourselves to be, not something observable by material science. Alien craft, as we understand them, are also interdimensional and assume a physicality according to the situation and purposes of those who use such craft.

I think I told a story once of awakening to the sound of crystal chimes. The music was beautiful and was coming from my mother's house which was next to my cottage. Once the music stopped, I went over and asked Morrnah Simeona if she had been playing music on crystals. She immediately apologized for disturbing my sleep. I was not concerned about the sleep, but I asked her to show me the instruments. They sounded a bit like a glass xylophone but without percussion, more like the crystals themselves emitted sound with very slight encouragement. Morrnah said she did not have the crystals any more. Well, I had just heard them so they could not be far away. She went on to explain that she had seen some beautiful crystals in Austria but realized they would not travel well so she had just created from memory replicas of what she saw in the crystal shop. She created and dissolved the crystals for the "concert" that morning.

That memory was triggered by listening to someone on youtube who was trying to define music created by Andromedans. I actually know how this music is created because my best friend and I spent the summer of 1995 exploring music in other galaxies. The music "arises" out of what for lack of proper language we have to call nothingness, but there can be no nothingness so we are limited by language. Let's say we have an impression and that impression is the basis of a stream of inspiration which takes form as we process the inspiration. This is why psychics can paint pictures based on sound. The sounds cause the creation of form and the form is sustained by the sounds, but the sounds themselves are influenced by the mind of the Creator, which could be an individual or The One. If the Universe is holographic, we are all one and each unit contains the whole, but these are very abstract thoughts that not everyone will take time to consider.

A few days ago, I was trying to explain a new microscope to a doctor and showed a picture of a bone, greatly magnified. If one looks at such a picture, we see more "emptiness" than solidity. Well, perhaps I should attach an image so the idea takes shape in the mind.

Image by Dr. Michael Klein, University of Alabama. Osteoporosis in Vertebrae showing 3 healing microfractures. The photograph is magnified 15x and uses a polarized objective.  This photo won an honorable mention in Olympus BioScapes 2004 contest.

Besides showing us the emptiness within the density, we also see how nutrients can make a difference in the healing of tissues, including bones and teeth. We do not however see how we can move "through" density into interdimensionality and then back again. For the moment, that is a mystery for most people. For today, I have two destinations. The first is to suggest that we make an effort to remove the obstacles to higher knowing by reducing our reliance on sciences that are purely materialistic. Even if those sciences sometimes help us to explain the visible world, they do not explain the origins of life nor of sentiency. They also fail to provide "space" for more subtle understanding of the nature of the unseen.

In short, we have ideas that are based on fallacious information as well as those that are rooted in the limitations of human understanding.

Now, a little word from the soapbox: when counseling people who are facing changes, I always suggest that the best approach to change is curiosity; the best attitude is flexibility; and the best preparation is the cultivation of elasticity. If we fail to adopt such attitudes, we are likely to meet the new with resistance. I see this as the primary challenge of wrestling with our perceptions of President Trump. I have said he is unpredictable, but he is also trying to make enormous changes. Many people are afraid of change. They have been indoctrinated by their sources of input to believe that this is reality and beyond reality, there might be chaos and/or suffering. How many times have we been told to fear financial collapse, food shortages, climate changes, and so on and so forth. This sets limits on our willingness to let go of the grips we think we have on the present. The future is then a bit more difficult to manifest. If the present were perfect, resistance might be useful, but we know the present is far from perfect so while the swamps are exposed, we ought to want to move forward swiftly. That would be easier if the alternatives were explained more carefully.

So, that is one subject I wanted to take up. The other is even more psychospiritual because it relates to the integrity of purpose. If we are each tasked with specific missions, which I believe to be the case, then everything that slows us down or distracts us is "devastating" to some degree. We can say that errors and discord rob us of self and momentum. The notion that we have purpose comes from endless regressions of students and clients over the years as well as my own experiences in altered states of consciousness. For those who are not sure whether or not they have been in altered states, we can take an easy starting point. I love the ancient Taoist quote about a man dreaming he was a butterfly. Upon awakening, he wondered if he were a butterfly dreaming he is a man or a man who dreamed he was a butterfly. Truth be told, some ghost might benefit by this since many appear not to realize they are dead. If they do not feel dead, how can they believe that from our perspective, they are dead.

Let's presume for a moment that on some level, we do know who we are. Then, we drink the waters of forgetfulness, incarnate, and forfeit our memories of ourselves. We spend a tremendous amount of time trying to recover our sense of self, let's say "correct understanding of self." As an astrologer, I believe I have helped many people to understand parts of themselves in the context of their dilemmas. If we know who we are, decisions are easier to make. If we forget, we might end up chasing rainbows, but the reality in today's world is that most people chase corporate jobs, iPhones, and fancy cars. When I worked as a development economist, I called this the aspiration gap, but none of these attainments or possessions fills the void inside. That void is partially created by having imbibed the Lethe but it is aggravated by the pressures to conform. We conform to expectations and contort ourselves to adapt to pressures.

When preparing for my first exams in grad school, my boyfriend wanted to go out for late night coffee. I felt I needed to study more. He told me what the likely questions would be. I asked him how he knew. He said those are the only logical questions based on the course content. Then, he told me the answers. I said the answers were wrong. He said, "Yes, but if you provide a different answer, you will be marked down." He was right and he came in first and I came right after, but I was miserably unhappy because the logic was wrong for me. He very correctly predicted that I would be much happier working than studying because, "In academia, you assume away reality so that you can make whatever other assumptions you want." My parents were disappointed because they wanted me to stay on for a Ph.D. but I told them that the curriculum was damaging my right brain and I had to leave in order to save myself. They obviously did not understand.

When I started this post, I began with a provisional title of "Fragmentation" because in a kind of a way, this is what happens when we contort ourselves due to pressure from the outside. In the example given, I showed the displacement of logic and understanding, but we do this all the time, often without realizing what is actually happening. We have hunches, suspicions, passions, and all sorts of feelings that should be checked out or acted upon but we keep conforming and conforming. We do this at the expense of what some people call personal sovereignty but we do it for reasons that are not valid to the inner being. This means that the inner and outer are not in harmony. We are swayed by what people think about us, what they want from us, what we have been taught should make us happy, and so on and so forth. I cannot remember anyone in my childhood saying, "Follow your bliss." What this suggests is that the takeover of our minds and feelings has displaced our souls. There is a path to recovery but it is very, very lonely.

In the meantime, I believe sovereignty needs to be understood. I actually think Donald Trump models it in a way. He has late Leo rising so he shows a kind of focus that is crafted and relatively linear, subject to the deluge of constant new information. In saying this, I want to make it clear that I am not referring to his agenda or policies, merely to his projection of self, something some people have called Narcissistic, but I think it is because ego is very difficult to understand. When we like what someone is saying or doing, we call it leadership. When we are annoyed, we put less pleasant labels on the behavior. So, all I am saying is that it takes knowledge of Self to project purposefully, and he models this particular part of a complex equation. To repeat, this is not about agreeing or disagreeing with any particular policy or stance, it is about observing sovereignty. If we accept this premise, then we can also see how snarly Mr. Trump gets when he is criticized. This is because he comes from his center and is protecting it by sticking to his position. We can all therefore learn from him what it means to be sovereign. I simply want to add that it does not involve getting on board with any particular agenda nor copying the actions. It is about finding the core and acting in accordance with one's true beliefs.

Once we understand ourselves, we can also see how paralyzing it is to step out of self in order to comply with someone else's idea of what to think or do. The more we kowtow, the more fragmented we become. The more we are true to ourselves, the more whole we become. This applies to psychological healing and to spiritual integrity but it also applies to medicine and healing because the herbs cannot work fully if the outer issues are not managed in a manner that produces inner harmony. Obviously, there is an art and a science to healing. The science will however not work fully without the art. The art may initiate a remission and that is indeed something to ponder.

Now, on a closing note, I want to thank people for their orders and donations. A crisis was averted. There are still, of course, more bills to pay but the utilities are not going to be disconnected! That is a bit flippant. It was not quite that bad, but I was slow paying the lab and, truth be told, there is a need to catch up a bit more.

The preparations for the webinar are coming together. You will see that I have decided now on what comes after Oral Health. Take a peek:

You might also notice that due to requests from a few people, I have decided to issue certificates to those who take the quizzes and exam at the end. I would like to comment that I am "archiving" meaning that the webinars will be presented once. The reason is that this makes it possible for me to move forward rather than in circles. Well, time is a big mystery, but still, going back over the same topics again and again is not fun for me. So, what will happen is that the webinars will be live and recorded and will be available afterwards as archived materials. To make it easier to listen, I have decided to allow everyone who registers to download the print version of the presentation so you do not have to take notes. I will give all the background notes as well. So, if there a formula or recipe, you won't have to ask me to spell anything, just download.

Now, the final note. Several of you tried to find out more about the spike in radiation in Europe. Simon Parkes was correct that it is radioactive iodine 131 that is being found. All he says is that he has a record of 100% accuracy and never reports anything unless corroborated by more than one source. The alt net has grabbed his story and speculated about everything from a Russian nuke, in my opinion that is absolutely definitely fake news, to Fukushima to an accident in a nuclear power plant in Norway. My vote would probably be Fukushima. Six years into the disaster, the situation is totally out-of-control and, dare we add, disastrous. What areas will be most heavily impacted obviously depends on the wind (and ocean currents) so you can check with meteorological sites.

For those who are panicked or impatient, let me simply say that the Chernobyl disaster was almost 31 years ago and recovery is not even remotely complete so we ought to expect a similar curve with Fukushima . . . and, I believe, help from our brothers and sisters in space!



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