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Today's post is really a commentary on a world gone mad. Just to set the stage a bit for what is to follow, all the major news agencies reported that Saudi Arabia has given citizenship to a robot named Sophia. I take a bit of offense at this since I have written a number of essays, even a book with that pseudonym. Yes, there are a couple of pen names I have used over the years, and Sophia Millenotte is but one of them. It was a playful name chosen for the Arabian nights and my own Scherazade complex that I detail in my astrology courses.

Anyway, what is insane is that the political world, which is clearly inseparable from the corporate world, has granted recognition to something totally artificial that boasts that it and its progeny will soon be 30 times more intelligent than humanity. I am sure this fits the mogul mentality perfectly.

Then, perhaps not quite as incredible but nevertheless unbelievable, is the announcement that something from an enormous distance appeared suddenly in our telescopes and before the something could even be identified, it was "determined" that it is from Vega.

It is therefore time for Sophia Millenotte to get on her soapbox and rant a bit. There is, as we know, a UFO community out there. It consists of a mixture of contactees, those who believe they have sighted something, scientists who are trying to make credible contacts, and probably a lot of folks who channel or have weird dreams. I am not for a single second denying the existence of life in other parts of the Universe. I have, of course, my own stories, but, according to the accounts provided by Dr. Carol Rosin based on conversations with the late Wernher von Braun, the alien card would be the last in the effort to create a one world government.

Many years ago, I read a chilling account of the Black Pope. It was a lengthy online e-book but I have not seen it recently. I see other accounts based on bloodlines and various theories about power. The thesis of the book I read was that every organization and religion was infiltrated so this and the opposite were usually on the same team. We have certainly seen this is in the two party political system, but what does it mean for us today?

First of all, I do not believe the so-called New Age community is impervious to infiltration so the yardstick I use to assess credibility is a combination of visibility and logic. It takes an immense organization or spectacular luck to get noticed. Let me give a couple of very simple examples. One day I was walking down the aisle of a major health foods grocery store and saw a new brand. I read the ingredients and everything contained canola oil. There was a time when no one had heard of canola oil. It supposedly meant Canadian oil . . . because who would buy genetically modified rape seed oil, but that is what canola oil is. How did so many products appear almost overnight that contained this diabolical ingredient? It takes a lot of money to market on such a scale so there had to be trail.

Now, let's look at Russia-gate. So far as I can tell, this is fake news, but it has gotten an immense amount of publicity whereas Uranium-gate got 20 seconds on only one major network. Loosely translated, this means that any story can be spun because the media are complicit and kowtowing. Well, perhaps they are not kowtowing because they are owned by the moguls who provide the scripts. As I have mentioned in the past, I used to work for the State Department and I know what a briefing is and what passes for journalism today.

So, I do not want to go "there" today but rather address the disclosure scenario. As I said, I have no doubt whatsoever that interplanetary, even intergalactic travel is possible. Likewise, I have no doubt but that many civilizations are more advanced than ours. If you look at the many cultures on Earth at this time, we have cannibals in a few places and astrophysicists in other places. That is quite a spectrum but hardly covers the entirety of life forms on Earth. Why would it be any different elsewhere. If one believes in Creation, then everything that was created also has some consciousness, probably in some sort of holographic form that our sensory organs cannot fully perceive so the thought processes of humans are lacking the ability to interpret information that does not pass through sensory organs. Think about this for a moment. I have presented theories of vibration and octaves of vibration. If only what we see is real, we are basing our concept of reality on what we "see" in the 49th octave since the eyes only see light in one octave even though we know there is infrared; and there is also ultraviolet light. Now, hang on a minute. If you start to "see" auras, such as the etheric bodies, you are seeing just a skoosh into the ultraviolet range. It is, of course, "not real" because the aura is not tangible and so on and so forth. However, if ultraviolet is not real, what makes us think that anything else perceived as light is real?

Part of what today passes for "interdimensional" is just visual meaning that now we see it, now we don't. It might be there and then, maybe, just maybe, it is not there. One issue I have had in my role as teacher is whether to facilitate an experience with those who are unprepared or whether to oblige people to build a foundation before venturing outside of the accepted reality. Once one has seen auras, there can no longer be any doubt that auras exist. Then, the question is which is more real? The same can be said about ghosts. One day in Hawaii, I saw a "mobs" of ghosts, some playing nose flutes. My house was next door to my mother's and she was an expert on Hawaiiana. Besides, I always enjoyed sipping coffee with her. I had a look on my face and she said, "They will be back tonight. It is a Hawaiian holiday and they have come down the mountain and are heading for the coast and they will come back later." So, I asked her about the strange flutes. She said that these were traditional instruments and perhaps I should study how they produce the sound when they return at sunset. Now, if we were to engage in conversation with some of these ghosts, it would be interesting to get their opinion on who is alive and who is dead. They are amazingly free as compared to us, but apparently still rooted in their cultures. I am not saying that all ghosts are like this, but these particular ones were. There were others who brought problems to Morrnah that she used to discuss with me. I am so blessed to have been mentored by some extraordinary teachers.

The stage is now set for disclosure. There is some consensus around Vega as a trouble spot, but the Alex Collier version differs somewhat from mine. It is in this context that I want to compare an account of Earth from the perspective of someone visiting the deepest jungles of New Guinea and someone spending a few hours at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I doubt the two visitors would give similar accounts. Now, whether the aliens are gray or blue or white is senseless. Who actually cares? Are they male or female? Again, who cares and what difference does it make?

That said, a few people I have regressed were from Vega and dangerous as it is, a couple of generalizations are possible. The first is that the mind and the capacity to create synthetic versions of what the mind could conceive was very developed on Vega. What happened, according to the accounts told to me, was that "people" were enthralled with their creations and felt them to be superior to what is natural so they caused a lot of imbalance on Vega. Some came to Earth to get in touch with what is natural, i.e., not man-made, but instead of "getting their yin and yang together", they found they could dominate Nature so they began creating the same imbalances here as they had done in Vega.

Now, I want to caution people who love to oversimplify. Vega is not a planet like Earth. It is a very bright star in the constellation Lyra, and I know some lovely people from Lyra. It short, we ought not to demonize just because some maverick forces have mastered space travel. That said, the usual story in UFO circles is that Vega was blown up by the madmen who escaped to Earth. That may not be a very comprehensive summary, but it does differ somewhat from what I have heard from clients when they were in altered states of consciousness.

That is the next point to bring up. I do not think language is very helpful here because "altered" does not have a very nice flavor to it. We would use terms like "expanded" or perhaps use the human tendency to polarize and say that what we perceive is less limited so we perceive within the limits of our senses or we perceive using a sixth or seventh sense or extension of an existing sense such as clairvoyance or clairaudience. This makes more sense to me. What does not make sense is denial about what one has not personally experienced, and this is the limitation on knowledge imposed by certain branches of science.

There are matters over which my own certainty has been severely rocked. For instance, I do not know if the Earth is spherical or flat, limited to the maps we see today or infinite with regions to explore well beyond what we know. I do not know if we are encapsulated, aka domed, or free to travel. I do however know some of the landscapes of consciousness so I will limit most of what I say to those accounts.

The Earth has been colonized in waves. This makes ever so much sense if you take a look at behavior and even official pronouncements today. Looking for instance at the colonization of the Americas, we see that there were Spanish and then Portuguese and then British and French and much later Germans and Scandinavians and Asians. All this took place at the expense of native populations and the migration constituted a crime against these people. Now, the government is officially recruiting for the first soldiers to colonize Mars. If there is life on Mars, you can be absolutely certain that it would be threatened by such migration unless their technology is vastly superior to ours. I am not kidding.

A lot of people have their heads in the sand. For instance, there are those who deny the existence of chemtrails but there are advertisements for positions in geoengineering . . . and now, as noted, they are recruiting young people eager to be trained to colonize Mars. So, the idea that Earth itself has been colonized is not a stretch. Let's say that we sailed on a ship and landed somewhere in the Caribbean or South Pacific before the days of modern communications. We night be stuck for generations before developing the skills to build another boat. Likewise, a spacecraft can crash or it could have arrived safely but with a plan. Everyone I have ever regressed has been from somewhere else and came to Earth with a mission, a purpose, and plan, one that would take many incarnations to complete. So, I do not buy the idea of countless crashes so much as deliberate intent. Also, of course, I have no experience at all with regressing even one person who came here with malicious intent. That does not mean that no one has ill will towards the Planet but rather that the endless stories of Galactic wars are tiresome and frankly quite boring. I think they arise from playing too many video games and not seeing Nature or even the peace that would arise inside us if we disconnected our televisions. We are being fed a diet of fear day in and day out so if we want to reduce stress, all we need to do is stop listening to fake news.

Oh, one detail: the waves I have seen arriving on Earth were energy waves, meaning people arrived in their subtle bodies, not space ships.

To dot a few "i's" and round out my commentary for this Sunday, I might reiterate the idea that if there were a cure for Lyme disease, it would not make the front page. If there is a new iPad or false flag event, it will make the front page, not for one day, but for as long as they can keep selling the story. Most of what we hear is not news but marketing. There is one more point I want to make about the rubbish being spewed by both official and alt news sources. If the Earth is moving from third dimensional to fourth (or fifth) dimensional reality, it is, folks, disappearing. In short, the concept is ridiculous. We are having this interaction at this moment in the third dimension, but we can talk about auras and ghosts as coexisting with the conventional reality. If the Earth itself were to become fourth dimensional, it would not have density or substance such as we know today. If, on the other hand, the Earth were to cultivate fourth dimensional awareness, that would be entirely different because we actually live inside a subtle energy field that is more ideal. Let me word this another way. The soul has a plan and organizes its foray into "life" with all the details in place, including what we need to perfect about ourselves. If we were to function with awareness of the fourth dimension and to align with that awareness, we would be in the perfect position to create Heaven on Earth. That would be thrilling . . . and safe and peaceful. There is no polarity in the fourth dimension and therefore no stress. There is no time and therefore no expiration.

There are simply a lot of goofs out there who have no idea about the bigger picture so they are failing to integrate novel experiences in a meaningful way. Be very careful what you believe because the game right now is to deceive so as to retain power. If you push the panic button, they win. If you are calm and circumspect, you win. One last thing for today, if there really were an alien threat, it would be met by a much larger and stronger beneficent force because alignment with Source is easier to sustain than discord. We are all from Source so every time we do something maverick, we trigger karmic repercussions whereas when we align, we feel only the flow.

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