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Posted to Subscribers on 4 December 2017


Dear Subscribers,

Mercury is retrograde now. It is a great time to catch up as well as to put things in order.

I need to offer a few explanations as well as help you to see the trajectory. An absolutely tremendous amount of work has gone into the preparations for the webinars, but realistically, we cannot launch until the new year. My main developer is from Colombia. I chose him because of the plan to move to South America and the goal of making all the sites bilingual. His English is excellent, and he teaches Moodle (the software) as his main specialty as a IT engineer. He is very competent but had an absolutely horrendously strenuous experience that completely sidetracked him for a while. It appears that the outcome will be happy, but the road was bumpy. There were back up people for all but the webinar part, meaning I could sort out almost everything except the final part of the recording and archiving. I am quite sure we will be completing these details now that everything is stabilizing in his life. I apologize for the delay, but, as you can see, there was a domino effect.

As some of you know, I also wanted to be doing kalpa at this time, but there is a delay there also. I had tried to schedule the kalpa to maximize the influence of Neptune but Saturn seems to have other plans and thus far the Neptune influences are a little hard to assess. Obviously, they involve communication in other dimensions and dissolving of features in this dimension, but what else?

Yes, I had planned to be deep into meditation this month, getting new teeth and insights. . . it will have to wait!

Meanwhile, I do not want to lose the momentum on oral health or the other webinar topics, but I felt that an explanation was in order. As you must realize, everything happens for a reason but sometimes we do not see the reason until we have hindsight. For instance, even though we knew that Gail was near the end of this incarnation, no one expected her son to die, but he developed a virulent infection and nearly all the organs of his body went into failure: gall bladder, liver, kidneys, lungs, and heart. It seems she went ahead of him to help him with his transition, and I personally believe souls have the advance knowledge to make arrangements like this.


Some people have written for suggestions for Christmas presents. This year, I do not have any alpaca at all, but there are diffusers and lovely essential oils. These do make wonderful gifts since people will use the diffusers indefinitely and derive both health and aesthetic benefits. The Diffuser Blend is now nicely labeled, but the other oils have not yet had a similar upgrade. Finances are tight. It's really hand-to-mouth so once the printing bill is paid in full, the labeling will make the top of the list.

Books also make nice gifts and this is a wonderful time both for meditation as well as planning next year's planting.

The Limb

Over the weekend, I had two marathon teleconferences. Both people urged me to be more forthright with some topics Morrnah Simeona discussed many, many years ago. I have obviously hesitated and had only shared what she said with a handful of people. So, I am going to trust the counsel of these very interesting and kind friends and allow you to wrestle with the thoughts just as I have. Morrnah, as you know, functioned consistently in dimensions that most of us never experience consciously and others may tap into once in a rare while. She said I would be taking people to Arcturus, lots of people. Occasionally, I have joked around and suggested that people make a reservation, but the reality is that I was testing the waters to see how people would react. In the case of the friend with whom I spoke on Saturday, she wants to stay here because of her deep connection to the Mother energy of this planet. The talk went quite differently on Sunday.

I am not sure any of this is as it might seem or sound. First of all, I am not sure any more of the truth of the astronomical systems we have used for the last 500 years. Well, I am not sure of the earlier systems either. This may seem irrelevant to those who are concerned about health and jobs, but it is relevant in other ways. We are taught certain "facts" and we base our understanding of both spiritual and material reality on those teachings, but it is 100% clear that much of what we learned and accepted is not straight fact. Whether we have been taught incorrectly because of lack of understanding or intentionally in an effort to control through disinformation is not for me to say, but in the 20th century, the disinformation and lies do seem to have constituted an immense attempt to undermine our grip on reality.

I believe there are countless spokes to this wheel, and they cover the gamut from religion to science. Let me give a couple of examples. I often wondered why one could be incarcerated for drug use but only rarely for abuse of alcohol. We could add prescription drugs to that question. The reason has to be that certain plants, definitely not all, open windows to other dimensions about which we are to be kept ignorant or at least silent. Ultimately, the result is that people do not know themselves as souls, and they become trapped in a survival mode in which satisfaction has to be found in lesser rewards. This has the effect of undermining the harmony of society because without the Divine, we cannot actually be in true harmony. We may be congenial or well-intentioned, friendly, generous, kind, but are we fulfilling our destinies?

The next area of very dangerous lies involves health and medicine and that can of worms is also deconstructed and presented in such a way that the average person cannot sort out what to believe. With astronomy, the motivations are much harder to figure out, but clearly, someone knows the Truth but is not sharing it. Cutting edge science is looking very hard at dark matter, and it is possible that the entire Universe is not remotely what we think. It may not be empty at all. It may just be "lights out" or the entire Universe could be a projection, or it could be something we are incapable of imagining. It is important to consider all these possibilities.

I personally believe that reality cannot be judged by what the eyes see, but when I was trying to explain to Chy what I see when I am out of body, I realized I was using visual as well as psychic impressions. For example, I went to Venus and described it as aquamarine, more blue than green, and misty. Nothing was as dense as here and what surprised me was that it was not hot. Given that we believe we live in a heliocentric solar system in which Venus is closer to the Sun than Earth, it makes no sense that Venus "felt" comfortable, neither too warm or too cold. When I went to Antares, it looked white, more dense than ghosts, but white, but why is this even important? It is important only to the extent that we are trying to use our senses to understand something that is beyond our senses.

Many people I have facilitated through music therapy have been to Arcturus. It is an absolutely enormous place that seems to have a sort of higher dimensional headquarters where intragalactic missions are formalized. People are instructed and given assignments that take them to other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy. I have not seen anyone going beyond this galaxy. That does not mean it does not happen, simply that no one I have regressed related such a story.

So, if I were to ask what the purpose of going to Arcturus would be, it might be as simple as getting one's assignments updated or as serious as waiting out some situation that is dangerous. I don't know and am not going to speculate on this. In fact, I am not going to speculate about whether or not this voyage is to occur soon or in a future incarnation or never. I am simply sharing a story that may or may not resonate with you.


This said, I will speculate on Antarctica. If you waste your time on trying to sort out why we have treaties that ban exploration of Antarctica by independent parties, why the finds are all classified, why politicians and prelates have visited there, etc., etc., etc., you will collect a lot of sci-fi type nonsense, all badly pieced together like a third rate movie, and it will not make sense. Did Nazis escape to Antarctica? Were there previous civilizations there? Are fallen angels in stasis chambers waking up? Have the remains of giants been found? Are there underground civilizations that are more advanced than ours? I don't think we will get answers by pursuing this avenue of exploration, but I will speculate on something I have not seen anyone else address, even those who claim to have intel.

I am sure 99.99% of alleged intel is intentional disinformation. I believe there are habitable areas beyond the charted part of Antarctica and that the elite are visiting because it is their intended escape route. They lie so they probably suspect everyone else is also lying so they had to see for themselves. Obviously, no one went there to collect data on either penguins or climate. So, this is my guess and it is merely a guess because I have zero inside information.

I know how absolutely wild this sounds, but it is no wilder than finding two entire continents between Europe and Asia when sailing west in 1492. It is no wilder than finding a sunken civilization under one of the big oceans. So, if, as I have previously mentioned, the planet has experienced various ice ages and thawing of the ice, Antarctica could be a sheet of ice similar to that which once covered the British Isles. That ice was said to be one mile thick whereas the Antarctic ice is supposedly two miles thick. It is so inhospitable that it deters explorers, but we have to believe that some pilots have flown very much farther than Admiral Byrd ever went and whatever they discovered, it must be very significant.

This then raises the question of the dimensions of the Earth. I have spent quite a bit of time on the globe earth versus flat earth arguments and ridiculous as this must seem to globe earthers, the flat earth arguments are not readily dismissed. They hinge on two main points and about 98 lesser matters. One has to do with curvature and the degree of the alleged drop obviously depends on the circumference of the Earth. Believe it or not, the math does not work. Suppose for instance that the Earth is more or less what we have been taught. The drop at one mile would be eight inches, but there are lots of different formulae and none seem to work if one uses a telephoto lens on a tripod. However, if the Earth were vastly bigger than imagined, this would lead to new equations and assumptions.

That is one possibility. The other argument for a flat earth is that the horizon is always level with the eyes. In terms of seasons and perspectives, there are very good explanations for why the flat earthers believe what they do. I am not counting myself as a member of either court because I am flirting with a third possibility which is that the entire Universe is actually contiguous and our perception of it is based on limitations in our imagination. If we accept dark matter, various vibrations of different frequencies that result in different perceptions in different dimensions, this is not out of the realm of possibility. However, it gives rise to the issue of where objects actually are and what are they? Ultimately, of course, we will probably conclude — just as mystics throughout the ages have maintained — that we are all one.

In any event, I have gone as far out on the limb as I plan to go at this time, but I feel change is all around us. I would like to imagine a world without weapons of mass destruction: no nukes, no biological weapons, and no use of scalar technologies. I would like to imagine a world without war, a world without famine, a world without poverty, and a world without illness. I would like to imagine a world without danger of any sort, a world in which all people are kind and considerate, in which there is no foul language or vulgarity, and a world in which every individual pursued his or her bliss without obstacles or ridicule. Let's go further. I would like to imagine a world without banksters, without scams, and without spam mail! I would also like to live in a world that is completely tolerant of all persuasions that are not harmful to others. This means one can have any hobby or belief so long as it does not harm another living being.

So, is this world going to come into being on Earth or in Heaven or can we find it on another planet? I don't know but I know it is inside me somewhere. More importantly, it is probably hiding inside everyone else so all the bravado is a shield against what we have been conditioned to fear. Fear ought to be unnecessary. It is used to control us and to undermine our stability and hence our capacity to soar. We are so wobbly that we do not even make choices based on our bliss. We make them based on our fears and that is a tragedy of immense proportions.

What Chy and I were brainstorming was baby steps that each can take to make this world better. Obviously, everything we do that betters the world also has an impact upon the heart so the more people there are who concentrate on doing good, the faster the world will improve. Since 'tis the season, perhaps we can each take a few minutes every day for the rest of this month to do one good act. It can be a small act, a congratulatory act, a pat on the back, a helping hand to someone in need, a nice message in social media, or a major undertaking, maybe something very practical such as taking time to reorganize shopping or even investments so as to support more green or other ethical endeavors.

I feel sensitive, like it would be good to show that in addition to wherever my mind goes after midnight, my feet are still on the ground from 8 am until midnight. So, I would like to end this with a few sentences on stress. Every time we worry or fret, there is stress and it causes a quiver, The adrenal glands become more active. They flood the bloodstream with hormones that redirect our energies to survival issues, i.e., the energy moves downwards to the first chakra to protect life. Even if life is not genuinely in danger, the quakes we experience in relationship to stress cause our energies to move where they are imagined they are needed. For instance, how many panic attacks have you had where you imagined you forgot to lock the door when leaving the house or you forgot where you parked your car? How many times have you slammed on your brakes because someone else was not driving safely? Most of the time, all these near misses only occurred in the imagination but the body responded regardless of whether or not there was a physical reality.

From a psychological perspective, we overcome fear with trust. In what do we trust? Ultimately, we must trust that we have whatever it will take to deal with whatever happens in life. That is obviously a huge amount of trust and it often requires that we accept something that is quite different from what we thought we wished. So, we have to try to wish for what we need to learn from our experiences and that is no easy undertaking.

In my hemisphere, which may or may not be a hemisphere at all, by which I mean that if the earth is not a big blue marble, there is not a half of a sphere, but enough nonsense for one day: in this part of the world, it is presently very dark, really dark. The mail delivery has been occurring after dark lately. So, it may be a good time to get on a first name basis with darkness. Dark as it is, I do not feel any danger. Oh, yes, the world is full of dangers, but there are no more or less than when we see the sun. Darkness is actually relaxing compared to light which is more stimulating. I feel the same about the night sky, about the dark matter, and about the unseen. Yes, there may be some unpleasant energies, but we only notice them when we illuminate them. When they are not the focus of attention, they do not bother us. In short, put your attention on people you love, on activities you love, and even on entertainment you love. Give those your time and energy.

If however you are very stressed, take some adrenal herbs because they will stabilize your body and perhaps even your imagination and improve your coping margins. They will not change the factors causing the stress, but they may improve your capacity to navigate your challenges . . . and we do have more than enough challenges, don't we? If you are new to adrenal herbs, you can try the Yin Elixir if you feel fragile and the Yang Elixir if you are more dynamic but stressed. If you know it is all in your mind, try the Sattva Elixir.

Please be safe, be kind, and be happy!




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