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Dear Subscribers,

The encouraging mail keeps coming. Obviously many people are interested and open to the recent material I have posted. Instead of going straight to the next parts, I would like to take a slight detour.

Remember the story about sorting out the spools of thread by color (blindfolded)? Okay, there was a purpose for mentioning it. Everything that is has a vibration and the vibrations are unique and disclose a great deal about the real nature of the created substance or organism or entity or being. In theory, everything has a smell and taste and sound, etc. However, our sensory organs are designed to work in limited frequency ranges. As we know, dogs hear in a wider range of sound than humans. The frequency of each octave is double the one just below it. Our ears tend to detect sound from 20 to 20,000 hertz. This is a ten-octave range. I don't want to get bogged down in sound waves much less who hears better or why. My present purpose is to hypothesize that every motion "cycles" and has therefore a frequency. We begin to experience vibration as sound and hear it with our ears around what is sometimes called the eighth octave. We call the 20th octave "ultrasound" and above it are some electromagnetic frequencies of various wave lengths for which we have no sensory organ capable of detecting the frequencies.

At the 45th octave, we find infrared rays and above it, there is heat. Our eyes see in only one octave, the 49th. Above that octave, we have ultraviolet rays, x-rays, gamma rays, etc. These are "undetectable" because we have no organ that functions consciously in those ranges.

So, to tie in a lot of loose ends, let's use radiation as an example. The reason we do not smell it, taste it, hear it, or see it is that we do not have a sensory organ that functions at the frequency where what we call radiation is vibrating. If we did, you might say that the new organ would be an organic geiger counter. However, since we do not, we have mechanical geiger counters to alert us to what we cannot consciously perceive.

File that.

A quick review of our sensory organs will help us to move beyond limitations. Our most fundamental sense is the sense of smell. It is related to the first chakra and earth element. For some, it may seem ironic that the nose is related to the first chakra, but it is and since we must breathe, we are taking air samples constantly.

We used to use the sense of smell much more extensively than we do now, but it is still an amazingly complex and interesting source of information about our world, and it is a sense shared by every other human and animal though many animals seem to have much keener perceptions of smell than we have. Because the sense of smell is related to food and survival, we tend to make a lot of judgments about both odor and aroma and these judgments set off perceptions in other chakras.

I will give two examples to make this clear.

The smell of food triggers anticipation so the salivary glands become more active and our taste buds awaken and we begin the process of imagining eating. This is an event that is repeated constantly from birth . . . and many say it extends into the afterlife as well.

The second example involves essential oils since the unique aroma of each oil acts so differently on particular parts of the brain, nervous system, and emotions. We are capable of distinguishing at least 10,000 different smells, each of which is recognized by various parts of the brain in unique ways that help us to understand the therapeutic effects of oils, including their ritualistic and spiritual use in anointing.

File this for later also!

Now, let's just race along a bit. The second chakra is associated with the water element and the sense of taste, and the third is associated with vision and the fire element. Pause for a second. What are we seeing here? These senses that are related to chakras end up affecting various places in the head as well as whatever relationship exists with endocrine glands and organs such as the kidneys, gonads, liver, etc.

The sense of touch is related to the fourth chakra and the air element and sound is associated with the fifth chakra and the ethers. Let's pause for a moment.

In the beginning was the word? The etheric substance is generally regarded as invisible, but, of course, many do see it, both people and animals, and it is also the matrix in which the denser physical is manifested. This matrix is created and maintained by sound which explains why music therapy can be so astounding.

For the moment, I am going to pose a broad question about these five "lower" chakras because we think we understand them . . . somewhat. Obviously, we barely understand them at all, but what is interesting is that "mind" such as the mind that is used for acquiring information and what passes for "ideas" is not correlated with the "higher" chakras but with the fifth. There is a profound reason for this, but later, okay?

The sixth chakra, the third eye, is associated with intuition so if you accepted the idea that intuition is the sense that allows us to explore the fourth dimension, you realize, in a kind of a way, that we are already incarnate in the fourth dimension but simply not functioning from the sixth chakra. In fact, the sixth chakra is almost non-functional for most people. What it has is obfuscations. In lectures that I used to give in the 80s and 90s, I referred to these as miasms, not the same as homeopathic miasms, but rather fogs that keep us from seeing clearly. The Bible, New Testament, refers to the third eye as a lamp, "If thine eye be single . . ." [Matthew 6:22 and Luke 11:34.]

In this remarkable passage, "if" becomes hugely important because all else depends on whether or not the possibility that exists for all of us becomes reality. It is, at this time, more the exception than the rule that we become the light beings we already are. So, let's allow some leeway for interpretation and imagine for a moment that the third eye has a kind of dimmer switch and we can increase or decrease the light. In actuality, we are doing this all the time but some tend to have the switch set higher than others. Most in the modern world cannot see through the fog. I am going to hypothesize that the fog was created intentionally, not by you or me but by those who seek to control us through dogma instead of direct spiritual experience.

If you can even tentatively accept this — or just allow your mind to play with it — you can also see that Jesus was not just a teacher but His teachings threatened the establishment.

I am going to take one more huge detour.

I wrote a very long essay on the mythological Uranus that I will eventually post, but I will steal a little from that post by describing what is called the Ring-Pass-Not by astrologers. This is the world circumscribed by Saturn. If you have studied classical astrology, whether Jyotish or something more Ptolemaic or even later, there is no mention whatsoever of the outer planets. We are being asked to believe that the ancients had no knowledge of these planets. Let's see, they could build pyramids in Egypt and Mesoamerica in which our Sun's orbit around its central sun was apparently known — and they could name gods but they didn't know about the outer planets? The usual explanation was that the planets had yet to be discovered by astronomers, really? Machiavelli wrote a treatise on power that is a handbook on Pluto.

The Ring-Pass-Not is an artificial limit that circumscribes our world. Everything within the limit is conventional and everything beyond it is either unknowable or prohibited? Both Jehovah and Moses appear very Saturnian. Christianity is however more complicated. Conventional Christianity is probably quite Jupiterian but Jesus Himself was a mystic, not a theologian.

I am going to leave that there for now and go back to the third eye. It is, as noted, blocked, eclipsed by the Moon so it runs on autopilot unless the mist is dissipated, through the very strenuous work of clearing the clutter/karma from the past . . . in which case, the third eye starts to see. It is dual, kind of like a figure eight which is a very important tidbit to file. The right side is Neptunian and the left is Uranian. Now we are beyond the Ring-Pass-Not and into totally uncharted territory.

Some will maintain that this "is" the resurrection and others will simply say that we start to see beyond the limits of convention and to understand our Universe on a much deeper level. In either case, the third eye is related to the sixth chakra and it is potentially an additional organ of perception. I personally believe that we all used to use it in very ancient times and that it has been deliberately damaged. Therefore anyone who figures out how to repair it is risking backlash, first from the flat-footed opinions of those guarding the Ring-Pass-Not and later from those who benefit by maintaining that perimeter.

On this note, I will now mention a new film that has been released. It is called The Spirit Molecule:

However, much as I think the people in this film have important things to say, I want to clarify that I have personally never used any drugs. That said, I did watch/listen to many of the videos on youtube, especially the ones by Graham Hancock whose research into ancient civilizations is beyond fascinating. The presentation by the Brazilian anthropologist, Beatriz Labate is also very much worth the time. The playlist is incredibly long (and has a lot of repetition):

It's Sunday, the day that I usually allow myself a lot of latitude for speculation. Based on the accounts of those for whom I have facilitated altered states of consciousness, I am absolutely convinced that countless people have been preparing since early Egyptian times to shift the balance of power on Earth. It is totally obvious to me that for thousands of years, materialism has dominated spirituality. We have seen the fall of one civilization after another but we are still exploiting, misusing will and power, rationalizing behavior, and unfortunately destroying. However, what I see is that those who came here to help are finally prepared so practically everywhere I look, I see glimmers of hope. If people use the crises we are facing to ask what is wrong and what went wrong and what can we do about it, the shifts will be for the benefit of all. If we mess up, which, of course, is possible, we will see a decline into darkness that is truly horrific and unnecessary. This is why, along with thousands of others, I am releasing more and more information that I have been keeping in anticipation of this time.

Many blessings,



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