AAPNA Conferences in 2013

Ingrid Naiman, RAC, and Dr. Indunil A. Weerarathne will be presenting two joint lectures at the AAPNA conferences in Vancouver and Las Vegas.


AAPNA's 7th International Ayurveda Conference 2013:

Ayurveda & Metabolic Disorders

Saturday & Sunday, June 8 & 9, 2013

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Venue: Asian Study Center, University of British Columbia


Perfecting Rasa Dhatu

Abstract: Ayurveda recognizes seven tissues, sapta dhatus, that rely one upon the other for perfection. At each level of assimilation, nutrients are refined in a manner that allows them to regenerate each successive level of tissues. The plasma is something like a sea in which erythrocytes and white blood cells swim. Their survival depends on the quality of the first dhatu, rasa dhatu.

What we see in darkfield microscopy is that the plasma can be riddled with foreign substances, both organic and inorganic in nature. It can be so inhospitable that survival of the blood cells is almost impossible. The myth that the blood is sterile is quickly exploded when one sees yeast, mold, parasites, spirochetes, bacteria, and inorganic substances in the plasma. Since none of these belong in the plasma, specific protocols for addressing each toxin and pathogen can be developed as soon as the presence of these stressors is identified.

Detoxification takes on an entirely new meaning when the exact nature of the toxins can be determined and when the efficacy of the treatment can be quickly checked by resampling of the blood. For instance, if the detoxification were to depend on juice fasting or kicharee, it is possible to see within a few hours if either of these strategies actually results in improvement of the plasma and rakta dhatu. Likewise, if there are parasites, anthelmintics can be added to the basic regime to assure reduction in the burden of parasites on the patient. Obviously, the patient can be counseled so that the risk of reinfection is minimized. We can also suggest monitoring on a regular basis to determine whether or not reinfection is taking place. In such cases, other family members and even pets can be checked. In addition, larvacides can be administered.

With yeast and mold, specific herbal protocols are required along with special diets that have lists of recommended and restricted foods. Likewise, the source of the fungal infections should be determined and the patients should be advised to remediate mold in their homes and work places. Since both of these examples, parasites and fungi, involve viable “toxins”, it is important to stress the difference between a chemical toxin and a pathogen that is capable of reproduction within the body. These “toxins” thus need to be compared to bacteria rather than quantifiable exposures such as ingestion of fluoride or xenoestrogens or other undesirable chemicals that find their way into the body.

This presentation will include many photomicrographs as well as formulas used for detoxification of a wide range of substances found in the plasma, including results we have observed that relate to cell phone use, exposure to ionizing radiation, and mercury amalgam dental restorations. We will use actual case histories and provide the results of treatments, which we hope will demonstrate that no regeneration is possible without both perfect plasma and excellent nutrients.

Ingrid Naiman majored in Asian Studies at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii, B.A., 1962. She went on to study Development Economics at Yale University, M.A. 1964. Her first exposure to both Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine came when posted in India with the State Department, 1968-70. She left the mainstream world to pursue a life of the spirit in 1970 and changed a hobby to a profession in 1972, becoming one of a handful of medical astrologers in the West. For the last 40 years, Ingrid has studied assiduously in a few pet areas of interest: natural medicine, darkfield microscopy, astrology, and music therapy. Her main Ayurvedic teacher was the former yogi and mystic, Dr. Shrikrishna Kashyap. Ingrid was awarded an M.D. degree in Copenhagen in 1987 and a D.Sc. (honorary) from the Open International University, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 1995. She has published more than a thousand articles, seven books, and currently has about 45 web sites that provide free information on health and healing to internet users. Ingrid lives in the Pacific Northwest and consults internationally with patients and practitioners who are interested in her approach to healing. She has been exchanging ideas with Dr. Indunil A. Weerarathne since April 2010.
Indunil Weerarathne graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery [BAMS (Hon)] at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka 2012. She is a registered Ayurvedic doctor in Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Medical Council. She completed her Diploma in Counselling in 2005 at Institute of Professional Counsellors Sri Lanka and she is also a registered member of Sri Lanka National Institute of Professional Counsellors.  She started working with Dr. Ingrid Naiman in 2010 which opened a new path in her life and made her interested in cancer and darkfield microscopy. She has been collaborating with Dr. Ingrid Naiman on a book since April 2010. Their dream is to create an idyllic place where everyone can experience harmony and be healed.

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AAPNA's 8th International Ayurveda Conference 2013:

Ayurveda & Cancer Care

October 3-6, 2013

Kas Vegas, Nevada


Botanical Cancer Treatments: Ancient and Modern

When writing her book on botanical cancer treatments, Ingrid Naiman kept a log of the important herbs in historic treatments and a map of the world in which she identified roughly equivalent herbs on every continent. In analyzing the herbs used and their traditional/ethnobotanical uses, it was clear that a large number of the herbs were used in a variety of situations and that they had actions related to conditions that are not necessarily regarded as co-factors in the “cancer syndrome”.

The research took many years and raised many issues such as why an eye condition is addressed by the same herb used in a topical escharotic treatment. By the time darkfield microscopy was added to equation, it became clear that the underlying causes of cancer vary from patient to patient and that resolving such causes sometimes results in remission of disease. In the forty plus years that Ingrid has been wrestling with the theoretical and practical issues of cancer, the disease itself has morphed into some 200 (some say 900) different illnesses. Cancer can occur in practically any tissue and can metastasize almost anywhere. In the modern medical model, the cancer is destroyed but no real healing is promoted. In alternative medicine, there are many modalities but two main strategies are to: kill the cancer or cause the body to reject the cancer. In terms of the topical treatments covered in her book, it would be possible to state that the escharotics, both botanical and mineral, necrotize the morbid tissue whereas the enucleating methods involve a separation of the malignant tissue from the supporting tissue. Ingrid much prefers this later strategy because it is elegant, clean, and thorough. More importantly, it only happens when the underlying tissue is itself healthy.

In recent months, these methods have been clinically applied by Dr. Indunil A. Weerarathne so the presentation rely on a case history approach that shows the problems observed in the plasma and blood cells along with the internal and external herbs used to resolve each of the obstacles to complete healing and regeneration.

Many of the cancer patients are also insulin-dependent diabetics and some have a long history of tropical infections, exposure to various fungi, both yeast and mold, and toxicity from exposure to pharmaceuticals, fluoride, mercury amalgams, various types of radiation, and genetically modified foods. The speakers will try to demonstrate how true health is impossible unless these weakening conditions can be resolved. They will also show pictures of both the darkfield images and the external treatments so that participants in the seminar will see what can be expected when herbs are used very skillfully by those who understand the problems that need to be resolved in order for health to be enjoyed.

Botanical Cancer Treatments: Ancient and Modern

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