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Posted to Subscribers on 21 March 2017


Dear Subscribers,

Well, I am feeling such a synchronicity these days. After posting about thought and how it conditions us, I began organizing for a hectic Monday and was updating inventory since so much was not where it used to be when I returned from Ecuador. Also, messages to order this and that were often panicky and incorrect, meaning that we were short some items and overstocked on others. To recover order, I am putting the overstocked items on sale. Most were Ayurvedic but there are a couple of exceptions. One of the items that could not be restocked was Praas but before I even got this e-mail written, so many people ordered Chyawanprash that I had to reorder.

This is a good time to discuss Chyawanprash. It is a very complex formula with many ingredients, I think 80 or so. I wrote a pdf about it with exact details on how to make it, but I have only made this available to some of my more advanced students. There are at least 17 versions of the history behind this famous rejuvenative jam, but perhaps we better define a few terms. In my opinion, modern medicine is just at the very beginning of understanding the issue of aging so we have popular terms such as anti-oxidant or anti-aging whereas Ayurveda uses terms that would be better translated regenerating and rejuvenative. For example, all "rasayana" herbs are anti-oxidants and they are also adaptogens, a term coined in Russia to describe how our coping margins can be extended, but rasayana herbs are also regarded as longevity herbs. I am sure that if I put this on the label of a bottle, there would be badges in no time. However, the concept of longevity is very firmly anchored in Ayurvedic texts going back at least 2000 years. In China, the term is "immortality" and I asked a friend who used to live in a Taoist monastery whether the word that is translated as immortality in English really means eternal or just "long life" which, of course, is also a popular term in Chinese culture and medicine. Hongli insisted that immortality is the correct word and it does mean living forever.

Obviously, none of us actually expect to live forever unless we find it so easy to lift the veils that we realize we have always been immortal. Ergo, this also means, probably means, that all rasayana herbs also promote spiritual awakening. Obviously, this would be an attribute of herbs such as tulsi, which, alas, is not an ingredient in Chyawanprash. Since I have told the story of the Divine Ashwini Brothers, alchemists and physicians, as well as the Sage Chyawan, I will let you read about them in one of my archived posts and take up a slightly different issue today. This is actually an important subject. One of persons writing me wanted to know which of the jams was purely organic. Well, there are some that are organic, but to achieve this, some herbs have to be omitted. I think all the exotic substances also have to be left out since there is no understanding of alchemy in most labs testing for metals and purified substances not usually found in food. In addition, all the extremely rare Himalayan herbs, like lilies and orchids, would be omitted because they are wildcrafted, not cultivated.

Given the choice, I actually prefer wildcrafted herbs. I believe the herbs are stronger when they are less pampered and they are nourished by rain and sun, not water provided by some municipality or light from a greenhouse. That said, organic herbs are obviously better than what is currently called "conventionally grown" which means pesticides, herbicides, and you name it. I also ran into a horrifying detail while assembling material for the Oral Health seminar. According to that report, cultivated plants are sometimes the source of mercury poisoning because the seeds used are coated with a fungicide containing mercury . . . that, of course, goes into the soil. God, help us! Please help us!

So, that gives us yet one more reason to grow our own food with organic seeds . . . or wildcrafted seeds.

I can, of course, get many different brands of Chyawanprash, but we still need to decide whether we are looking for taste, texture, purity, or health. As I mention from time-to-time, Chyawanprash is very good for the gums. Mine were bleeding the other night and I took some Chyawanprash and have not seen any more blood since that single spoonful a few days ago. Of course, Ayur Rinse also accomplishes the same task.

So, how do you consume Chyawanprash. Traditionally, it was added to warm milk, raw milk from a black cow who ate particular plants for food. Some people just spread it on bread or crackers, like a jam. I eat it straight from the jar. It looks a bit like prune purée, sometimes much thicker but texture can vary substantially. It tastes both sweet and spicy, but all the flavors are there or it would not be dosha balanced. Pundits have spent hundreds of years analyzing the formula from an Ayurvedic perspective, meaning that all six tastes and all properties must not only be in balance but they must be in balance in a manner that adjusts all the derangements of the doshas. Very few foods or formulas are considered tridoshic so this is another reason for preferring a formula that is as complete as possible. If we change a formula, we cannot be absolutely certain of retaining the synergy and harmony.

Anyway, to move this along a bit, what is presently overstocked includes the following from my Ayurvedic line: Boswellia, Gotu Kola, Indian Sarsaparilla, Musta, Neem, Tamarind, and Toxi-Free. Of the Banyan Botanical line, we seem to have gone bonkers on Punarnavadi Guggulu and Shilajit. Those are both in tablet form. Just enter the code: Ayur and get 15% off on everything IF one of these items is in the cart. Ginkgo, Milk Thistle, and Goji Tonic were also overstocked so I am including them in the sale.

I am very busy and focused these days. My muse came back and is behaving admirably. Nothing is worse for a mystic than a missing muse.

Some of you checked out the webinars and asked how to register. I will activate that soon. It took a while to decide how to handle this and this morning I got a notification of how to rename an account I have had with BigMarker.com. So, I will do this and then let you know. We may create what is called a funnel to direct you from the Institute site to the actual hosting site for the live presentations. Sit tight, please!

In addition, I promised someone to formulate some special Ayurvedic parasiticides. I should launch these next week. One will target mainly the brain, terribly frightening domicile for parasites, and the other will be more for parasites in the lymphatic system. There will probably be one for the liver and intestines also. I am also going to acquiesce to years and years of requests from physicians to "keep it simple" which means put everything in one bottle. This is a tall command since the sequence has a raison d'être as do the adjunctive products such as teas and support for the eliminatory channels. However, I am going to try to KIS!

There is yet another promise I made for a neuroregenerative formula. I actually produced it for individuals but not for online sale. I will figure out a name, but perhaps you can help with suggestions!

I am very aware of how dangerous our world is. At times, we put the focus on GMO contamination of our food supply, on toxins in the soil, hazards in the air, vaccines, you name it. There can be no question but that many people are run down and frightened. I know it sounds too simple to be useful, but we can increase our capacity to cope. We can do this through nutrition and herbs and by avoiding really dangerous places, such as areas with huge wifi towers. We can disconnect all mobile devices when sleeping or when not absolutely needed. You know I have confessed to owning a mobile phone, well two actually. I have a silly "senior phone" with big buttons and a flashlight and alarm that I got on eBay for about $25. It works fine. Then, I have a Windows phone but I remove the batteries unless I am traveling. I think I pay $3 a month for the domestic service and by the minute when abroad. I might have used two minutes on my last trip. I truly hate these phones.

I do not have wifi in my house. I asked the phone company to turn it off. The router supports it, but I told them I only want to be hardwired. The fiber optic is being installed as we speak, lots of noise outside with trenches and such. It will support wifi, but what is interesting is that the representative from the utility company responded to a question from one of the neighbors saying he personally recommends hardwiring and does not have wifi in his home.

I have some devices that are designed for wifi, but you can buy a USB adapter to hardwire them. This costs just a few dollars, maybe less if you order from China. These are really sensible protective measures. This brings me to a question. For a while, I have flirted with the idea of buying a very high end EMF testing device and renting it out. The idea came when a friend who had been ill for years. She rented something in London and found the culprit was a cordless phone in a room almost never used. Her husband died. She recovered, but if she had not found that device, she would probably be on the other side with him.

Most people do not need to spend $700 to buy such a device because they only need to use the device for an hour or so to check the hot spots in the home and work place, maybe in the children's schools and church as well. I think we need to check retirement homes, hospitals, and shopping malls as well. If you do not have the facts, you might be frustrated and powerless. Worse, doctors may tell you that you are suffering from anxieties with no foundation in reality, you know like the Morgellon's patients with delusional parasitosis. However, if you take snapshots of the readings on the meter, you are armed. You may then figure out how to live with less intrusion. I can work on formulas to repair some of the DNA and tissue perforations, but like most others, I can't really justify spending a chunk on a measuring device that I also only use once. I bought some inexpensive ones and took them to Ecuador. They do not always measure all frequencies. You do not expect a cheap device to measure everything correctly. For instance, finding the hot spots in the house only related to the wiring and appliances. The Smart Meter passed the tests as did the breaker box. I was doing this with my neighbor, a chiropractor with more technical understanding than I have. Neither of us was satisfied that we should be complacent simply because the lights were not blinking red.

So, what I was thinking is that people could rent the device and allow for three days shipping each direction. That probably comes to three renters a month, maybe four. If people have instructions and a return label, I think some people would like to find out just how safe or unsafe their places are. Pop me a note if you are interested.



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