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There are many opinions about what will happen in 2012, everything from "nothing" as in "life as usual" on Planet Earth to Armageddon or the Rapture to Ascension, migration to a parallel universe, alien invasion or takeover, to the dawn of a Golden Age. People can recite what they believe to be correct translations of ancient Cuneiform texts, Mayan prophecies, quatrains from Nostradamus and other psychics who had glimpses into the future; they can live each day as if it were their last; or they begin to align with what is necessary for survival on the Planet that we know.

This latter is my choice because I am fatalistic enough to believe that if there is a showdown between the Greys and Cetaceans or Andromedans, I am going to be a by-stander, not active player, because I figure that between them, they have all the trumps.

David Icke uses the word "repeaters" to refer to those who "do not think" but merely repeat what they have been taught, told, or seen. If you regurgitate what you learned in school, you are, in his book, a repeater just as much as if your conversation is based on something you read in the papers or saw on television. Obviously, he uses the word in a derogatory manner, but Patanjali said something a bit similar in the Yoga Sutras thousands of years earlier. There is a conditioned mind and an unconditioned mind. The conditioned mind sees through its own windows and bases every view on the tint of the glass through which it views. It has an elaborate frame of reference for interpreting what it sees and this is based entirely on personal consciousness, not on "things as they are" but rather as they seem to be to the viewer based on the viewer's experience and conditioning.


My point is that everything "seems" however it seems to the perceiver. For instance, if one thinks of the Universe as predominantly material, one may be inclined to build elaborate theories based on this assumption whereas if the Universe is spiritual, the material may be dismissed as illusion — or at least ephemeral, fleeting, not lasting or permanent, and certainly not "real" in the same sense that something tangible is real.

The point for bringing up these issues is that one can take any concept of creation or any prediction of the future and see the observer with his conditioned consciousness developing a matrix for sustaining his ideas.

For instance, if one is a Zecharia Sitchin, the Earth was populated by a technologically advanced race and a planet in an eccentric orbit is going to plow right into us in the near future. To avert this fate, you have to get your hands on the technology needed to escape and those who take the Sitchin rendering of the texts seriously are garnering the resources they need to get the heck out of here. I am sure there are some Aboriginal people somewhere on this Planet who see such an event as the fulfillment of a prophecy that they will be delivered from the evil of people who worship technology and gold rather than the true God they worship.

Of course — and truly I mean no irreverence — everyone's God is the best or most powerful or only God and it behooves us to realize this before another clash of civilizations is allowed to happen.


Then, we have Alex Collier. Remarkably, some of his theories are very similar to my own, but not precisely. He feels, based on his extraterrestrial contacts, that the Earth is right smack dab in the middle of a major Galactic trade route so there are all sorts of beings with advanced technology who are stopping by here to restock their depleted planets by relieving us of some minerals. There are evidently, according to him and many others in the UFO world, persons in high positions who — at the expense of the rest of humanity and perhaps even the survival of Earth itself — have struck a bargain with all sorts of beings and sold the rest of us short.

I find this view interesting but it suggests that one can evolve higher and higher forms of technology without losing one's interest in material possessions and without developing a loftier expression of the soul. In short, the notion that there is Galactic traffic and trade feels like a projection of the British East India Company or Dutch East India Company or something similar in which there is a massive amount of decision making at the top and everyone beneath the apex of the hierarchy is laboring to fulfill the insatiable needs of the superior. This model certainly exists on this Planet so no doubt those who epouse the model brought it here from somewhere else and they made a rather poor adjustment to Earth.

We have this reflection also, such as the colonists who drank tea in the hot sun and continued to wear their uncomfortable attire regardless of the differences in climate and life style in the conquered or occupied territories. My sense is that there are probably beings on this Planet who have not adjusted at all to being here and they have brought all their doctrines and modus operandi with them. If they leave, en masse, it would hardly constitute a tragedy for the Earth so long as they do not do anything rash before leaving.

Scientific Views

Not surprisingly, scientific views tend to be the ones that change fastest, suggesting, of course, that the earlier views were wrong or, at least, incomplete. So, whether we are arguing flat earth versus spherical planet, there are always those whose minds merely repeat and do not step out of their boxes. What was revolutionary for Galileo and Copernicus is ho hum today but there are still countless people today who see those on the cutting edge as heretics while basking in the comfort and complacency of the ideas that are familiar to them.

Of one thing I am 100% certain, we are heading for Galactic Consciousness and when this happens, a lot of textbooks will have to be rewritten.

There is another point on which I am certain, money is always on the side of mainstream consciousness and very slow to support the future and the reason is not that people (centuries ago) could not believe a Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus but that power and privilege, not to mention control, are always invested in the status quo and they move ever so cautiously into terrain that is less predictable. If it were otherwise, there must have been plenty of people before the Age of Discovery who were in a position to risk the loss of a couple of ships but no one willing to risk something that could topple an empire. So, only when the inevitable truly becomes inevitable will the money and power move to encompass the new and, unfortunately for Earth dwellers, this has tended not to involve any real shifts of power. The shifts have been apparent, not real.

Galactic Space

Now, let's assume we come face-to-face with a variety of visitors from many places in space. Those who play the power and control game want to trade what the visitors want for weapons technology. Westerners did this for gunpowder and then everyone from samurais to indigenous peoples to thugs in Darfur followed suit. You might say this is the shadow side of Earth consciousness and we project this onto others and posit that wars are going on throughout the Universe, not just in our little microcosmic part of the Universe.

Those who have tried to transcend conditioned consciousness to the level where they can see things as they are have a completely different perspective — and, of course, they want to share that view with us and imply that they have the inside scoop on what is "real". This little portrait of the Divine Lila boils down to fear and hope because those who dwell in their savage reality impute savagery to others whereas those who have discovered the oneness of all life and the sanctity of that oneness have found peace.

For those who cannot tear the veils off their windows, realism dictates ferocious responses to real or imagined threats, but what if this is not about David and Goliath but something more like hurling a stone at an atom bomb and hoping to make a difference. If the playing field is that uneven, Earth will not stand a chance in a Galactic War so let's hope that those with happier prophecies are right!

My Insights

Years ago, I became interested in past lives and techniques to remember them. This actually started in my teens so the subject has had a bit of time to mature inside me. Eventually, I found that it is possible to facilitate recall of where one originated and why one exists. This actually should not surprise anyone because we must all have been created and presumably not just for theatrics but for some much more profound reason that has eluded us. You can apply any name you like to anything you like; and you can even say that the memories are nothing more than tricks of mind based on electrical malfunctions that force synapses to fire in strange ways. Okay, if this makes you happier and more content, fine, but then try to explain how those synapses create out of nothingness rather than from something contextual? Maybe the glimpses are only metaphors, but the irony is that the principles governing insights can be applied to both skeptics and believers; and the realizations are very consistent from one person to the next . . . and thus far, I have yet to encounter anyone who said he or she was from Earth.

I have tried to keep an extremely open mind about everything and not to jump to any conclusions but the fact is, we build structures for understanding because every new piece of information has to be integrated into an existing edifice that is often as not highly opinionated.


Ironically or perhaps for deep and cogent reasons, the problem I see on Earth today does, in fact, have a Lyran connection, but I do not see it exactly as others have reported it nor do I see that "all" people here today are survivors of Lyra, but then, I don't have the whole story and I doubt anyone else does either.

The story I saw, for what it is worth — and that surely is for you to decide — is that some scientists on Lyra were significantly out of balance. They were so convinced of the superiority of the intellect over emotions and matter that they came to the point of valuing synthetic objects, i.e., things they had created "themselves", more than the natural objects that contained not just more varied structures but also "life energies" that they were themselves incapable of creating.

Since their infatuation with their minds was destabilizing to them as well as to others who were impacted by their fascination, they were given the opportunity to sojourn on an exceptionally yin planet so as to learn balance. However, as fate would have it, they did not learn balance; rather, they brought all their proclivities with them and found, in fact, that it was as easy to manipulate substance here as it had been on Lyra. Moreover, contrary to what had been the case on Lyra, they were regarded with a bit of awe and were able to use their skills to subjugate others, an eventuality that had not actually been predicted. In short, they are failing at the task for which they came and throwing this Planet as much off-balance as they had been doing on Lyra.

It is therefore my understanding that the exercise is to be cancelled and replaced with a plan with more certain outcome.

The cascade of consequences of these Lyrans is actually fairly extensive. It includes evolvement of religions that do not value the feminine or the form world, that regard things such as Nature spirits and life energies as myth rather than facts, and that place a higher regard on intellect than emotion, often implying that intellect is spiritual and emotions are not. In fact, neither are really aspects of the soul but rather aspects of the unfoldment of potential in a journey that includes exposure to many experiences.

It has also, of course, resulted in fallacious assumptions about the value of "manmade" versus "natural" articles of consumption, everything from food and fabrics to building materials. However, the truth here is that up to a point, such views are more or less harmless to others — but they do not help the Lyrans to overcome their imbalance — and a time does, in fact, come when the limits of imbalance are reached with respect to continuity of life in an essentially yin world.

Extreme misuse of the mind is not really, as I have perceived it, a Lyran problem. By this, I mean, the Lyran energy is a bit Narcissistic and smug, self-satisfied and unable or unwilling to question its correctness, but it is not what we might call evil. It is a far more neutral energy in terms of its "color" or colorlessness, but it is lacking feeling and hence lacking empathy and regard and, of course, lacking respect for what exists outside their mental parameters. However, a true Lyran would probably be indifferent rather than cruel so I think the explanation for behavior beyond the acceptable has to be found in some other colonizing group.

Balance and Balance Correction

As I understand it, there have been many other waves of colonization, migration, immigraton, and even what we might call missionary activity. For instance, I am willing to accept that a group probably did settle in Mesopotamia and that it also had a relatively advanced civilization that was not of Earth origin. I believe a counter-culture of Light was established West of the Red Sea to act as a counterweight to the materialism of the other group. This counter-culture was almost as out of synch with the Earth as the materialistic forces because they also had very little understanding of Earth's natural world and were inclined to place more emphasis on the human than other life forms that were better adjusted to life here.

Obviously, I cannot prove anything and I don't know if any of this is true. I am simply trying to put together threads from countless altered consciousness experiences of myself and others, this spanning several decades.

My experience is that everyone is capable of visiting his or her origin and having the purpose of the Earth "assignment" explained. To-date, in half a century of experiences, not one person has ever said, "I am from the Earth." I have always believed that it is possible that some people might be real Earthlings, perhaps someone from an indigenous culture, but even many from what anthropologists might consider to be indigenous peoples have creation myths that suggest otherwise. For example, the Dogon, referred to in many sources, say they are from Sirius B and the Cherokee say they come from the Pleiades.

This makes absolute sense to me because our Solar System is orbiting around these particular places but there could be others on this Planet who believe they originated here. I can easily believe that such individuals would be highly unlikely to ask for altered consciousness experiences with me!

This said, it would appear that there are people here from Arcturus, Antares, Pegasus, Sirius, and countless other places, including places I had never heard of before and had to look up in enormous astronomy books. Until finding them, I doubted they existed and thought that perhaps my theories were falling apart.


Part of the problem that arises from conditioned consciousness is that there is a great tendency for the repeaters to become incredibly ethnocentric. If you were an anthropologist from Andromeda, you might say, "Oh, here they put small humans in places with many other small humans and hardly any large ones. They teach them that their ways are better than other ways and these small humans grow up into bigger humans who are opinionated to the point of discrediting everything they were not taught. Then, these larger humans dress more or less alike and go to places that are usually in big buildings and they spend their daylight hours doing tasks that are regarded as important whereas in reality this is seldom the case. They develop serious diseases and die rather prematurely, often in a lot of pain. Most curious of all is that they kill each other because of their differences and even great teachers have not succeeded in convincing them that this behavior is unacceptable and damaging to their own souls."

Okay, I made that up, but have you wondered what makes a person a human being? For years I have wondered because when I look at animals and people, I do not see that alleged superiority so I have tried to find a definition of homo sapien. Not surprisingly, much of the material on extraterrestrials comes from UFO circles, people who have taken blurry pictures of unidentified objects or, more importantly, people who claim to have had contact, contact that runs the gamut from terrifying to illuminating. Out of these reports, we get descriptions of height and skin color and other identifying features, none of which help us to understand the psyche of the visitors. More than a century ago, Helena P. Blavatsky gave the following definition:


A human being is that entity anywhere in the Universe in whom highest Spirit and lowest Matter are related by intelligence.

In all my years of contemplation and reflection, I have failed to find a better definition, but I am no longer sure this one is adequate because I am quite certain that many "people" who do not use their intelligence in this manner are nevertheless human beings. I also believe there are people who use instinct, insight, intuition, and awareness and regard them as more trustworthy than intelligence, assuming, of course, that we consider intelligence as an asset that acquires information, knowledge, and eventually wisdom that was somehow or other missing before the mind acquired them through the exercise of intelligence. It may actually be more accurate to define human beings as souls who have lost identity and must regain it through an arduous process of comparing and contrasting by using objectivity to perceive what is already subjectively known. In short, we are handicapped and must perfect ourselves through a simply enormous range of experience that restores self-awareness, understanding, and inner alignment.


If in slightly, often only very slightly, altered states of consciousness, every person who has sought insight through facilitated aligning has actually found memory that appears to belong to him, then that memory is not lost but merely blocked. Based on what I have seen, I would propose that some memory is fragmented and rejected due its psychic content: trauma, shock, disgust, horror, etc. Obviously not all traumatic events are catapulted into space, but some are not in alignment just as some intensely valuable and inspiring memories are hidden, but not fragmented. Recovering memory is an integration process entailing persistent effort to reconnect with our own essence. One might say it's like pages of a book that have gone missing somewhere but you know a complete copy exists even if the copy you have is covered with scribbling and pages that cannot be read. This is our history and each person no doubt has a complete history that includes the moment of Creation and the terrible feeling of being externalized and then separated from the Creator, something that happened in the psyche but not in actuality. It is therefore part of the need for humans to have objective experiences because the separation began with a feeling of objectification. What, however, if none of this is actually true and we are actually in a hall of mirrors that is so complicated that we no longer remember which of the images is real and which is not.

Holographic Universe

In 2000, I was traveling and visited a Cherokee Museum in North Carolina. I nearly jumped out of my skin when a laser shaman appeared and began a tale of why herbs became medicinal. My first reaction was "wow" and for seconds that seemed like forever, my mind played tricks on me and the hologram played with my psyche. What was intriguing is that this was a very small museum, not the Louvre or some other huge museum with phenomenal budgets. It was in a very small town and humble setting, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Obviously, at a point, I realized this is a hologram, but in the scheme of things, humankind only recovered the skill to create in this manner in the last few years. Now, what if other civilizations still have this ability and we can no longer be sure of anything we see?

I am not mind tripping you — well, perhaps I am, but not intentionally. Years ago, in the early 70s, I was sleeping and went to Andromeda. I made a map on the way back so I could retrace my route, if necessary. Then, I became "objective" and cracked some books and realized Andromeda is a million light years away, but I got there and back in the same night. So, either the light we see is not where Andromeda is but rather where it was a million years ago, or something travels much faster than light. I've had about 35 years to mull this over and have always favored the latter explanation even though they are not mutually exclusive.

It makes more sense to me because in the objective world, we are using very poorly developed sense organs to define reality. Why do I say they are poorly developed? because the eyes see one octave of oscillations as light and fail to notice that every other octave also has light. If you map out various octaves or oscillatory rates, you realize that we have sense organs functioning in only a few of those frequencies and no objective perceptive apparatus in the others; however, everything that "is" must have movement, sound, light, color, smell, taste, texture, and aroma. We just fail to perceive and this failure is constant, not intermittent, in the conscious realm. In the unconscious realm, we are by definition, unconscious but what if we were able to retrieve consciousness from the unconscious?

Bear with me. We know that dogs hear sounds we do not hear but we do not credit them with superior intelligence, just more "hearing" and we suspect there are creatures in God's Creation with superior sight, superior sensitivity, and superior knowing. From this, we can deduce that we are not functioning at maximum potential so there must be more beyond our ken.

In the days ahead, I want to unfold a thesis of what would happen if by the year 2012, much of our potential becomes actualized and we begin to function with a completely new awareness.


to be continued . . .


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