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Posted to Subscribers on 2 July 2007


I had a dream that I was writing a political platform for a candidate (most likely someone who hasn't tossed his hat in the ring yet, well, hopefully a woman, but a woman who has not declared her candidacy yet.)


What I would say is this.  On the first day of office, the newly elected president should stop all chemtrails.  The reason is that these affect people, animals, and plants indiscriminately causing grievous illnesses, usually of a chronic nature, and this program was commenced without either public consent or oversight.  Anyone concocting cocktails for this diabolical program, delivering them to planes, flying the planes, or otherwise involved in such activities should be subject to immediate arrest, chipping, fitting with an electronic tracking device, and lifetime imprisonment of hard labor cleaning up nuclear waste dumps.

Many of you think I am soft on crime.  I am not soft at all, but I think some crimes are more offensive than others and this is high on my list of sociopathic crimes that are currently unpunished.  Worse, these are crimes committed by government employees against the people of their own countries so, in a kind of a way, this is a form of treason.  As a healer, making people ill is the worst crime I can imagine.

Biological Warfare

So, the next step would be the dismantling of all biological warfare programs. Len Horowitz should be in charge of this because, not only are these programs illegal and in violation of every treaty and international convention, but they entail indiscriminate ways of making people ill.  Moreover, they are evil.  Medical research is one thing; using chemicals and germs to cause illness is sociopathic.

This work needs to include the militarizing of mosquitos, many of which are "trained" offshore and exported to areas where they bring illness.  Two-thirds of all people who ever lived on this Planet died of malaria, a disease requiring a mosquito vector.  To someone bent on killing, it must seem clever to send mosquitos instead of armed soldiers, but it is sociopathic.  Now, I have used that word three times.  It's unusual for me to repeat a word, but we have to see that the government is behind these criminal activities and even if the technical work is contracted out to cronies of those in power, it is still public servants who make the decisions to carry out the dirty work.

People can have a lot of compassion for those who suffer and they can spend their lives and fortunes on relieving suffering, but if someone else can pull the trigger on a moment's notice, all the noble work goes to naught.

The arguments in favor of these programs are usually based on cost-effectiveness, but what costs are they measuring?  They are bent on two objectives: population reduction and/or chaos.  The authors of these plots are fully capable of measuring thresholds where people are too sick to go to work, where so many around them are so sick that others are needed as caregivers, and where absolute incapacitation or death occur.  No matter how you slice it, it's morally wrong and must end.

Taking these steps would have an enormous impact on both domestic and foreign affairs.  The U.S., as the world's current bully-in-chief will be hated so long as our abuse of power is experienced elsewhere.  To the extent that we are hated, we will have enemies.  To the extent that we have enemies, we will have to watch everything going on, front and back, overhead and in the vents, and even what's in our food and medicine, substances that are supposed to be safe.  To de-escalate tension, someone has to take the first steps to reduce threats.

GMO Crops

The next step is to stop all expansion of genetically modified crops.  On day one, it must become imperative for those desiring to foist these foods on unsuspecting consumers to prove their safety.  For years, the perpetrators of these global food conquest efforts have insisted that the foods are so similar to natural foods that no safety tests are necessary; however, they are so different that they deserve patents and the right to sue for patent infringement when the wind blows terminator seeds or pollens onto other properties.  They are not required to contain their experiments, but recent studies show that the pollens easily travel more than 20 miles from where the crops are planted.

Alternative Energy

On the progressive side, huge incentives will be given to promote development of practical alternatives to fossil fuels.  This includes "everything" and anyone investing in the research and development would be given tax shelters for fifteen years.  I could explain this in a 20-page essay, but it's not necessary.  Alternative technologies exist, safe alternatives exist and the only factor delaying the development and marketing is vested interests in the status quo and the profits to be made selling archaic (and filthy) types of energy.

Areas with unemployment should be targeted for experiments to convert to sustainable energy and sustainable agriculture.

Crime and Punishment

Now, you want to know how creative this plan is?  Release every single prisoner whose sole crime was the growth, use, or sale of psychedelic plants and give them the option of participating in plant renewal projects.  Reestablish native species, especially food species and take some pressure off our prisons.

For the record, I never did drugs.  In fact, I was quite prejudiced against them until I got outside my box and realized that the people I knew who did do drugs were nearly all totally harmless.  In fact, most were loving.  Moreover, in all the years since this controversy started, I have failed to find any evidence that plant drugs are worse than alcohol.  So, until there is proof that they are more dangerous, the playing field looks uneven to me. I see much more family dysfunction and abuse involving alcohol than drugs so I think the law is being enforced prejudicially.  In any event, even if it's a great goal to be substance-free, I think rehabilitation can occur in some other environment that is more humane and cost effective so take these prisoners, reunite them with their families, and put them to work healing the Planet.

Armed Forces

With the military, I am even more opinionated.  The U.S. should close ALL foreign military bases.  Every country has a right to self-protection but no country has the right to attack or occupy another country.  Those who believe otherwise have not assimilated the lessons from history.  Wars are generally fought for economic purposes, not simply conquest.  The beneficiaries of modern conquest are the Halliburtons and Carlyle Groups of every description followed by those who sell cable TV and cell phones to the new markets opened up by the conquerors.

Repatriated U.S. troops can begin fixing our domestic problems, starting with the levees in the Gulf, the infrastructure in the Bayou, and moving to deferred maintenance of roads and bridges.  The middle class in the U.S. has been eroded because our wealth is going to military exploits.

Income Taxes

Next?  The income tax would be abolished and the IRS would be shut down.  The income tax would be replaced by a consumption tax but food and medicine would be tax exempt.  Taxes would be collected at point of sale and tax schedules could be flexible enough to cover emergencies.


Education, except for the military academies, would cease to be a federal concern.  All education would be addressed on the local and state levels and the power to regulate curriculum and deny or approve accreditation would not be federal.  Why?  Recently, Capital University of Integrative Medicine was shut down.  It was brave that they chose to open in Washington, D.C., but it was evidently too daring.

Education should be creative and responsive to cultural and scientific advances.  The more bureaucracy there is, the more the curriculum tends to stay the same. We have lost our competitive advantage in the intellectual world.  We need to reinvest in education, but in progressive education.

Personally, I also favor moving away from exams to group efforts that encourage children to work together rather than compete.  I think we will like children more if we cease inculcating the need to get ahead and replace this with a need to unfold our God-given talents.


The FDA must also be shut down.  It is not performing any meaningful oversight. It is an extension of big business with little on the credit side.  Confiscating millions of dollars of inventory and property to protect the billions raked in by Big Pharma is not an honorable function of government.

There must be safety in our health care system.  So, a new agency to investigate safety that is based on outcome research must replace the existing system.  If this were the case, Herceptin and countless other drugs would never have made it to market.  Drug companies are demanding the privilege of patents and direct marketing that includes influencing medical curriculum and physicians.  I believe they are fully capable of producing safer medicines, but the will to do so appears to be non-existent so regulations need to focus on safety.  I am also in favor of increasing the consequences of medical fraud, starting at the highest levels where research is fudged.  The consequences of such deception are too obvious to require further comment.

Alternative Medicine

Funding for five universities of integrative medicine should be immediately approved. The universities should be in California, because it has health freedom legislation; Minnesota because it is also relatively liberal; Alaska because it is one and half inches ahead of most states; Texas because it has a patient consent law; and Vermont because it is also trying to think outside the box.  There should also be three additional schools of Native American Medicine, one in the Carolinas and another in Oklahoma and one in the Dakotas.  All protocols found promising in these institutions should have the same preliminary marketing (aka fast track) approval as drugs except that they will not require licensing if no pharmaceutical compounds are used in the medicines.

Health Care

Universal health care should be immediately approved with 100% freedom of choice.  All corporations would be free to offer additional health benefits, such as organic food in their cafeterias, massage during breaks, etc., etc., but no companies would be required to provide coverage for pregnancies or other health-related issues that arise as a result of factors having nothing to do with employment.  All corporations would still be liable for safety but not for lung cancer developed by employees who smoke at home.

I personally believe that health care should not be a federal football.  Look at the bigger picture.  Schools of medicine have state accreditation and doctors and dentists have state licensure; why would the federal government mandate anything more than safety of drugs sold both domestically and abroad by multinational corporations.  Health insurance, however, should be a birth right.  This said, I do not want insurance that only covers vaccines and amalgams and surgical procedures.  I want insurance that covers anything I choose to do to maintain my health.  If we stop spending money on wars, we ought to have plenty left for education and healthcare.  I am sure that if everyone were given a biometric card to use for health care, the system would work to everyone's advantage.  Other countries provide health care, countries like Holland, but without freedom of choice, universal health care is just another big bone for big pharma.

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve must also be replaced by a fiscally responsible, open system.  I am afraid this might be a fait accompli before 2008.  Most likely we are going to see the Amero replacing the dollar and you, not to mention Congress, will have slept through this development, not realizing what was happening.  Europe managed to create the Euro without total financial collapse, but I am less certain we can do it.  They weren't spending trillions on arms.

I'm out of breath, but I want to go on because so far there is no candidate for president who is addressing the issues that are necessary for our future. They are all giving increasingly boring political speeches that are safe but not visionary.  The world as we know it will collapse without major change.

For instance, we set vague targets for increasing fuel efficiency by a few miles per gallon but do nothing to stimulate development of alternative energies.  Iceland will be independent of fossil fuels while we are still debating.  We think the project is too formidable to tackle in a decade or two?  I beg your pardon. Can any of you remember a world without televisions or computers?  In a very few years, we have gone from party line phones to cell phones and internet phones.  We can do it if the obstacles are removed.

This is my Fourth of July platform!

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