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Posted to Subscribers on 28 April 2010


Dear Subscribers,

This post was started on Earth Day, but, as you learned, that was a rugged day for me so I didn't get very far with the essay.

I spent much of my childhood in Los Angeles and was very much a product of a society that believed in progress and the infinite capacity of humanity to solve all problems through science. Our school budgets were subsidized by the aerospace industry and we therefore had both uniforms for the football team and state of the art equipment for the laboratories. This was supposedly the best of all possible worlds, but I was bored and anxious for something not offered by the school and its "progressive" but mainstream curriculum. The transition process of looking for answers "out there" to finding them "in here" took many years, partly because when there is a conflict between inner and outer truth, one tends to come up short on defenses for what seems entirely subjective and therefore not amenable to corroboration much less proof.

In such a setting, one does not just wake up one morning and say, "It's all a lie." It took decades to see that practically nothing assumed to be true is actually straight fact. The reality is that we are queued up and sent through one indoctrination program after another and another. Take almost any topic and try to cull out the truth from the hype and outright lies and what do have after separating the two?

To make this simpler, we might say that the first enormous conflict was between practicality and idealism. The truth is our system makes a mockery of idealism but what this actually means is that what comes from spirit is rejected because it isn't realistic and what isn't realistic isn't practical and what isn't practical not only lacks funding but the right to exist. If one can accept that there is truth in this assessment, then the inevitable conclusion is that we do not live in a spiritual culture despite the fact that there is some vague consensus that the only ultimate truth is that all is divine.

It would not be fair to say that I obsessed on either the disparities or ramifications of recognition that the first immense schism in our psyches is between what we accept as real and what we believe to be preferable or ideal. Rather, as the sand moved through the narrow slit in the hourglass, this fundamental realization took on elaborate nuances. If we are to have Heaven on Earth or a Golden Age or even an honest relationship between spirituality and reality, we would have to bring what passes for reality into a stable and lasting relationship with inspiration and idealism. Without much effort, we would probably find this leap much easier than many assume. Take the most grounded, practical person you know, even a crass materialist with totally flat feet and what would you discover? Even this person would probably readily concede that in a more perfect world, everyone would have the basic necessities of life: food, housing, health care, and probably education and special attention to unfolding talents and natural gifts. We might also find that we are on the same page in suggesting that all governments or governing would be benevolent and free of corruption, that there would be no wars or attempts to deprive anyone of what he or she needs in order to survive. Granted, we might not agree on every detail, but these might be basics. A cynic might take exception to the idea that there is actually the potential for producing enough food for everyone, but cynics are not realists, they are skeptics who by their nature are pessimistic.

A Little Digression

As part of the research on longevity therapies, I had to identify some herbs that were unclear. Keep in mind that the literature on this subject is pre-Linnaeus and written in ancient Tamil or Sanskrit. We cannot even be sure that the common Hindi or Malayalam names are correct much less that what is standardized as the botanical name is what the siddhars actually used. Leaving out lots of details, I connected with some Sri Lankans and yesterday was a big day because it was (still is) a national holiday. It seems all full moon days are holidays in Sri Lanka. The banks are closed, the schools are closed, and people go to the temple to make offerings, pray, meditate, or seek enlightenment. This is the Wesak full moon in Sri Lanka. For Mahayana Buddhists, the Wesak Festival is next month. In short, this is the celebration not only of the birth of the Buddha, but his enlightenment, and later his entry into Nirvana. It's a holiday. The life of commerce and practicality stops to yield to the life of spirit. I was enchanted, not because we do not have religious holidays in the West but because there are so many holy days in Sri Lanka compared to here.

The Ayurvedic student who had been helping me with some of the research asked me about music therapy and how we could differentiate between imagination and reality. She wanted to know if the quality of material is different from what is elicited through hypnosis. It got both of us thinking and practically simultaneously, we remembered the visions we had as children. She asked me what I thought would happen in the world. I said that spirit would prevail. The financial system would collapse and everything would be free. Energy would be free and universally available. It sounds fantastic but to the extent that people are cogs in wheels that perpetuate the status quo, they might not believe in an alternative reality, but the truth is Nature will not shut down. She will continue to be abundant even if some manmade systems become obsolete.

Lots of people have discussed the possibility of demonetization of life on Earth. It's not really a novel idea. The only real problem is that it does not fit with reality as reality is interpreted for us by others. We are therefore afraid of a stock market collapse, a financial meltdown, and loss of jobs. Oh, believe me, I have a panic button also. You might say there are six chakras sitting over the panic button but even if they whirl and whirl and I try to concentrate on them with all my might, I cannot always ignore the flip-floppy one at the base of my own existence. Since it operates outside the conscious realm, it can be challenging to reprogram it and remind it to be steady and faithful; trust is just about the only stabilizing force on this wobbly chakra.

If we look at Nature, we see that many creatures seem to have more faith than humans. Maybe it's not true. Maybe when we poison the air and soil and water, the whole of Nature panics, but there are also forces that oppose each wrong action to bring situations back into balance. This is after all what karma is and the lessons that arise from disturbance of the equilibrium are what help us to learn from experience so that we can ourselves be in harmony. I watched this interview Sunday night, you might enjoy it:

As some of you know, I have been eagerly anticipating greater public awareness of the existence of life in other parts of the Universe. There are countless reasons that there is some urgency around more acceptance of this reality, the first being that through friendly relationships with these visitors, we will be helped through the transitions from obsolete technologies to completely sustainable and clean technologies. The moment this conversion starts to occur, healing will become quite rapid. First of all, the air will be cleaner and therefore the water and soil will also heal, not to mention our tissues, but there would also be a redistribution of wealth and opportunity. By exploiting the peak oil hysteria and by concocting outrageous stories about climate crises due to our energy footprints, we are perpetuating a system in which a very small number of obscenely rich and powerful individuals can exploit, wage war, and desecrate for their own gain. When this dependence ends, the playing field will be more level.

Lots of people are worried about loss of jobs and homes, falling standards of living, etc. Believe me, I understand this completely. I work harder and harder for less and less but the only reason this is the case is that we still trapped in the old and increasingly obsolete system.


Now, let me back off wild speculation about benevolent beings from other planets, many of whom are already incarnated here and some of whom are still moving about in various dimensions. When a country has been exploited and colonized and finally manages to gain independence, one of the first things that usually happens is a redistribution of land, not usually wealth in the sense of money but tangible assets like land. It's obvious why. When a colonial regime ends up with 90+% of the land, it eventually has to be given back to the people of the country so they can make that land productive again. The same thing will eventually have to happen in the United States and probably many other countries because it is the only way to begin making order out of chaos.

Yes, there can be a period of upheaval in which lots of people really do suffer, but then there is a highly energetic and creative cycle in which some mistakes are made but life improves. These types of events have thus far occurred within the context of a global civilization that itself is full of flaws. What I believe is unique about the present time is that the reinvention of civilization will occur with guidance from more enlightened helpers so that the system of hierarchy in which massive wealth and power exists only for the few is no more. Instead, we realize we are each souls with unique destinies and the requisite gifts to fulfill those destinies.

Worst Case Possibilities

I have a few friends who are as out of the box as I am and we have been speculating about what happens when Goldman Sachs et al own everything? It's pretty terrifying until you start to laugh.

As it stands now, I do not think the U.S., is by any means the only country that does not actually create or manage its own money. The last I checked, there were only 5-6 countries in the world that owned their own central banks (the Federal Reserve is the equivalent of a central bank and it is, of course, not federal at all.) What we have now is a political system whereby countless governments have given the power to create money to private parties. These parties siphon off of the fruits of labor to support activities and ambitions that are clandestine as well as a few poster projects to bolster faith in the system and those who run the system. However, the system has an adversarial relationship with the people who live under it so this creates discontent which, of course, always has a fuse.

Many of you understand the banking system because you have been listening to Ron Paul and others but it is actually outrageous that someone can put a hundred dollars into an account that allows the bank to lend a thousand which is then taken to another bank that then lends ten thousand and so on and so forth. So, the bank that kindly provided you a mortgage did so by piling up massive amounts of paper and getting you to agree to pay three times the original amount in order to have a roof over your head. This contract is backed by nothing but paper contracts and digital entries because the "money" that was accepted as payment by the seller never really existed. We simply have a situation in which there is a societal agreement to use this frivolous system. Naturally, therefore, the system itself is not sustainable because it is based on fiction, not reality.

Next, of course, the paper is marketed, the premise being that that some people have agreed to forfeit 30% of their income every month in order to have a place to live. If the system becomes even more corrupt, the holder of the paper schemes about owning property instead of paper so they collapse the system by making it impossible for people to pay. Then what? If obstacles to this system are not created, the schemers end up with everything. If there are obstacles to foreclosure, they end up with worthless paper which is how it all started in the first place. If, however, they end up with land and empty homes, the system has failed to protect those who live under its thumb and when there is enough dislocation, discontent, and disgust, the system itself will be dismantled and replaced with something better.

When you watch Congress, you do not see any serious effort so either there are 435 fools on the Hill or there are 435 people gambling on who gets the last laugh. Let's take the wildest possible scenario and suggest that the reason half the national wealth goes into "defense" is that those at the top of the system are planning their escape from Earth and they plan to take as much wealth as possible with them. They are after all the crass materialists referred to earlier and this would therefore be predictable behavior for them. They would need to take some scientists and slaves with them since politics alone is not enough for survival. If they were to succeed, the Earth would lose a few sociopaths and some gold. They won't take the worthless paper with them. What happens to Earth is then of the utmost concern to all of us because clearly all the behavior at the top of the system is suggestive of the probability that those at the top don't care what happens after they are gone. This means that people have to become very proactive to avert a worst case scenario.

If people were to wake up just a tad faster, they would go after the kingpins and secure the birthright of the Earth and all who live here. This is the dilemma now and lots of people are seeing the end game as well as the new beginnings. Ironically, because the Earth really does like balance, what happens when someone is unemployed is that they have more time to think and write and act. This makes the system less and less controllable and brings the ultimate future closer and closer to becoming a reality.

So, now, jump out of the box and play a mind game that you are reinventing civilization from scratch. How would you do it? I have played this game in my head since early childhood. The one thing that is absolutely certain is that I would demonetize the Earth. This does not mean reverting to a barter system much less global "state" ownership. It means removing the impediments to massive technological shifts that make energy, health, and food readily available. It means enough for everyone and shorter work weeks, more time for leisure and self development. When we do not destroy what we create, we do not have to rebuild as often so think quality!

Can I keep the adrenals steady? maybe not, but I can surely believe in a future that is a vast improvement over the collapsing civilization whose swan song we are witnessing.

Many blessings and happy full moon,



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