The Pandemic That Isn't & the Worry That Is

Posted to Subscribers on 21 July 2009


Dear Subscribers,

I missed my Sunday reflections but not because I wasn't in my usual reflective mode but rather because I couldn't quite line up the parts of the vision in a sequential mode. You know these letters of the alphabet have to in a queue and that wasn't how my mind was working on Sunday.

Obviously, I am very influenced by the incoming communications and these covered a fairly wide range of topics: dental problems, almost entirely due to amalgams and the effect the mercury in the amalgams has on the immune system; parasites because of my recent posts and summer biting season; the pandemic and vaccines; and my own special
interest which is how to get our third eye to function the way that is intended.


I will begin hosting when my designer has time to work on it. He has been busy and now is vacationing but he can pull it together in one day when he is back at his desk. In the meantime, let me hit the highlights.

Mercury is not stable because it liquefies and vaporizes at temperatures considerably below that of the body and the hot beverages put into the body. This means that leaching begins practically the moment the filling is placed in the tooth and then is
aggravated by chewing and chemical reactivity with certain foods and medicines. Why we use mercury is a long story told in a pdf I posted some time back:

There is no medical reason for using mercury and it has been banned in many countries.

Not everyone is equally sensitive to mercury toxicity because some people manage to excrete it from their bodies better than other people. This fact was discovered when doing research on autistic children. Contrary to what was expected, the volume of mercury in the waste products was higher in those with the lowest incidence of
attention deficit disorder and autism. From this came some useful language: good excreters and poor excreters. In short, the more efficiently your body deals with the toxins, the more likely it is that your symptoms will be fewer despite similar exposure and insult to your body.

I could go on and on but I want to toss fluoride into the equation for one very simple reason that my dentist friends appreciate and will therefore not hold against me for writing. It is illegal in Scotland and several other parts of the world but peddlers can still
get free public service announcements in our media to hype this hugely dangerous chemical.

Why mention it? I mention it because tens of thousands of highly trained professionals have been carefully instructed in how to poison you under the guise of "health care" and all my conscious dentist friends would be hugging me now if they could. They are more
concerned even than I am because the alternatives to toxic materials are not well known and seldom made available to patients.



Between toxic dental procedures and parasites, many people are suffering from a drastically reduced quality of life. The parasites can cause malnutrition and anemia and a few other problems, but compared to the toxins, their impact on the body is more organic and therefore not usually as dangerous.

This said, I have been communicating with Regine, head of our Congo project, practically daily for a few years now and the parasite issue is immense in Africa and Asia and Latin America and quite serious in more temperate zones as well. We were talking about different artemisias and I commented that the rabbits did not start chomping on
my A. absinthium until the mosquitoes appeared. They are very much more adjusted to the natural world than I am so I continue to find my small garden a great place to further my education.

The problem with A. absinthium (wormwood) is that it contains significant levels of thujone which happens to be the chemical in thuja that is believed to help to antidote the effects of vaccines. I think the amount contained in my Algonquin formula is much safer than what you get in a capsule or extract form of A. absinthium.

If I were simply taking a parasiticide on an ongoing basis, I would rotate once the major cleanse is completed. For instance, if you use my ParaPro, the three formulas, as suggested on Kitchen Doctor, you could, after a few months, switch to using Black Walnut sometimes and Boswellia Serrata another time and Artemisia Annua another time. This said, there are also nuances that can help you choose the right herb. For instance, if your equilibrium is off, take boswellia because we know it reduces edema in the brain. If your stomach feels "weird" and you have cramps and bloating, take Artemisia annua, not absinthium, but annua, because it is a pretty good stomachic.

The problem with the emails you send me is that I am only getting a few sentences of information and the issues are very much more complex. If you are eating a lot of carbohydrates, you are creating a paradise for the parasites when, for the most part, your intention is to evict them.

The Pandemic That Isn't

This is the hard part. I listened to the interview with Jane Burgermeister that is on many web sites ( included but there is only audio, no video) and she comes across as a very competent researcher. This morning, I listened to the broadcast on Project Camelot and it's very difficult to understate the importance of the material these people are presenting. I anticipated the times we are now facing because I saw visions as a child and off and on later in life. Len Horowitz's material is compelling. The incredible
and suspicious links between biological weapons labs and pharmaceutical companies crosses every line in my book, but there are some points I want to make that will help some of you.

If you ask your doctor about these issues, you ought to keep in mind that he or she received training in the same types of institutions as the dentists who use mercury and fluoride. They have been taught to fear microbes and trust vaccines. They are not generally up to speed on the latest revelations provided by courageous whistleblowers and they certainly do not understand the way the immune system would handle a microbe if the interferences were not there. This is an "IF" so big that your life and the lives of those you love hinge on that IF.

One of the achievements of the Bush administration was to permit relabeling of out-of-date pharmaceuticals. Another achievement was the removal of consequences to the drug companies for vaccines that injure or kill. If you think this problem will just go away, you are underestimating the amount of time and effort those with power have put into preparing for the time we are now facing.

Your local officials are probably not very well informed so the law suits are important. Several prominent Europeans have resigned as a result of the revelations in the Burgermeister litany of accusations and criminal charges. This needs to happen on a much larger scale or your children and grandchildren are going have needles jabbed into
them that precipitate a crisis on a scale never before seen.

I think Conscious Media Network has a way of pulling together information that makes it possible to assimilate what I am trying to say. You might want to start with this blog:

The Third Eye

This has been an interest of mine since childhood but it may seem very much off topic now. I don't think it is.

Last week, I had another session with the animal communicator. Savika has been with me nearly a year now and things are settling down. I cannot begin to tell you how abused she was and what an incredible gift it is for me to have her as a companion.

I asked her to comment on her time here so far. She said she is very secure and that she is grateful because she is finally getting a chance to experience what it is like to be herself, not to have to worry about things which make her reactive and nervous. She said she is happy now for the first time in her life and she very much enjoys how she feels so now she can start taking a little care of me also.

I wanted to know how she planned to do this and once more, her wisdom blew me out of the water. She said, "Well, when I came here, I rather expected we would spend more time outside at night looking at the stars because you need this and I'd like to do this with you."

It tells me that she is completely aware of things she cannot communicate in ways that are normal for people. I also wanted to take time to commend her on her friendly attitude towards the rabbits and even the snakes we have seen. She said that she understands that we all live here and she is actually taking some responsibility for protecting everyone.

I wanted to set up some system so she could clue me in and she gave a very detailed description of the back porch and the raised flower bed in front of it, something I have not posted online so there is no chance at all that the animal communicator got this information from anyone but Savika. She told me that I could leave her leash there and
if she picked it up, this was a signal.

This made me think of the ape who drew a picture of where he and the caregiver went for walks. A few people jumped on me and said, "Let the animals be animals" but I think they are trying to teach us what they know and the closer they are to us, the easier it is for them to figure out what we might understand. As I said, if IQ tests were written by dogs or birds instead of academicians, I would probably score in the dunce range. I cannot think of anything more stupid than not knowing which plants are poisonous or getting lost because you don't have a sense of direction.

This is getting fairly personal, but my designer is gone so I tried to get some help for a site by hiring from an online service where countless people bid on the projects. I posted two projects and had about 75 bids and was in a total funk because the art is soulless and mindless and geared exclusively towards getting you to hit the buy button. I realized that the designers were experts in misleading you into believing a product is good because of the pictures they use. It has nothing to do with facts. Okay, this is not really a revelation, but I was sickened and ended up doing the designs myself because it's
so important that information comes to you from your right brain, through inspiration, realization, and understanding. From there, it ought to move to the more intellectual part of your psyche that helps you interpret what to do with the information and finally, it has to move out of thought and into action. We were designed to function this way and we would not make a single mistake if we stayed with the Plan, but we have been bullied into this left brain tyranny that is completely misleading us and we need to get off that train and take another ride.

I want to develop these thoughts because I realize that for some people, the idea that you can choose which side of your brain to use is novel, but my weekend with commercial art told me that even the best designers were not into their right brain so if artists aren't there, who is? Savika is and the rabbits seem to be so I went outdoors and planted more yarrow because I really need to get to the other side of the veil . . . and I think you do, too.

Many blessings,

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