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Posted to Subscribers on 5 December 2010


Dear Subscribers,

Challenges, challenges, challenges! The first is to sequence the avalanche of thoughts swirling in my mind. I have actually written half a dozen posts so I might just put them online and let you read the ones you want . . . or, I might not. Given that it's Sunday and I'm of the gender permitted to change her mind . . .

Let's see if a few issues can be brought into focus. To the best of my knowledge, the Food Safety bill is stalled, however the bill is not about "safety" but rather monopoly. To the extent that money and power are in quest of absolute power and domination, this is about paving the way to that goal, but let me talk about what else in happening in the other rings of the circus as well as a few side shows.

Several of you urged me to watch Food, Inc. It's on youtube but pieces go missing in the U.S. because of copyright infringement. I actually urged readers to become aware of this film when it first came out. It is horrific. It is a tale of endless corner-cutting in the quest for profit. It weaves together an otherwise incoherent picture. Why is Congress disinterested in illegal immigration when "we the people" are keenly interested. Why are agents targeting organic spinach or raw milk when the problems are elsewhere? Corporations hire undocumented workers and exploit them just as they exploit the farmers who supply the products they process and package. The film makers got people to say on camera that they want to control 100% of the market. It is not about 80% but 100%.

On top of this, there is the same sort of scandal breaking with water. I knew about this because Monsanto attempted to position itself to control water, but they were aced by European interests so if you ever want to taste real water again, try it soon. None of these subjects are new and they are all infuriating and potentially disempowering because if you are slipped some E-coli or lithium or uranium, you might not feel strong enough to question what is happening much less why.

Ultimately, however, the chickens come home to roost and this is sort of what I feel to address today. What we are seeing at the highest levels of power and money is massive abuse, abuse that creates a hierarchy of pathetic imitators, priests who abuse choir boys, fathers who abuse children, progeny who don't know how to fit into a dysfunctional society and who join street gangs or uniformed agents of dysfunction who pat us down at airports or drop bombs on innocent by-standers of the Earth drama.

Take any snippet of news, whether wikileaks or mainstream disinformation, and the picture just never comes into focus. No one can really believe that someone would destroy so much just to be king of the roost for a few years, but clearly this is what is happening and it can only continue if there is blindness to universal truths accompanied by a state of moral depravity that people with conscience cannot understand.

This weekend, I subjected myself to Food, Inc. because I was writing about biodiversity, but I could not handle the subject matter since it was too vibrationally disturbing. You know by now that I recover equilibrium through music, but there are music pimps as well as true musicians so just turning on the radio or downloading some MP3 files is not a sure fix. It's very interesting to me that some music survives for centuries and other music vanishes. How can this be? Isn't it the same with architecture? with religion? Think about it for a moment.

We are still listening to Hildegard of Bingen, to Bellini, and to Beethoven but what happened to the pop music from earlier eras. We still see the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame, but where are the homes and palaces from two hundred or thousand years ago. We still have Hindus and Buddhists and three main Western or Middle Eastern religions but the cults have all but vanished. When I look at my house, it is unclear whether it will outlive me or not. If it does, I suspect it will not outlive me by much. Why do we even bother to build rubbish that is so ephemeral?

So, what am I actually seeing through my little window on the Universe. First I am seeing what would appear to be a very ancient effort to thwart the expression of soul. This is achieved first of all by disconnecting us from ourselves. We are seduced into reckless distractions. There are lots of distractions, lots and lots and lots of distractions. There is entertainment. The gladiator games have just accelerated from occasional mob distraction to endless options on satellite television but the quality of entertainment remains essentially the same as is the intent. Of course, occasionally, there is something edifying but very seldom are the heroes the ones who find deep peace and inner harmony much less the source of their own existence and creativity . . . and yet, this is the purpose of existence.

There is the work distraction, much of it akin to slavery. The curious anomaly of this panoramic view is that while for centuries, probably thousands of years, the masses were deprived of the fruits of their labor through various forms of ownership and taxation, the 20th century seems to have been about unprecedented consumerism. It was a century in which countless people joined the ranks of the middle class, became literate, worked in remunerative jobs, and reset their aspiration buttons. In a kind of a way, all seemed "fine" but what is clear with just ten years of hindsight is that we were recruited into the corporate society, disconnected from our roots, moved around to where the jobs were, bundled together in cities where eventually it became necessary to go online to find out what birds do in the wild. Then, after tempting people with every form of indulgence, we became debtors and once again slaves to a system of exploitation.

The system is so complex and convoluted that we don't know who owns our mortgage notes much less our government or our water and food supply, but something went terribly wrong with the planning. A few people awakened. Instead of being numbed into oblivion, they awakened into a sense of their true selves. Instead of being derailed by endless parades of distractions, they reconnected with source and many also returned to Nature and sanity. How do such people achieve this level of clarity and the insight that ensues?

First, they must rid themselves of distractions because peripheral activity overloads the subtle sensory mechanisms that are crucial to clear connections. I would like to go back to the opera aria I had recommended a few days ago. Over the years, one's favorites might jockey positions, but for most of my youth and on up to 10-15 years ago, I would have instantly responded that Norma is my favorite opera. I thought I knew it backwards and forwards, but until moving to this area, I had never seen it on stage, not even on a DVD. Interestingly, this leaves one to sort out the theatrical presentation oneself but artists are supposed to do this and most say that the music is the determinant, meaning, if in doubt about interpretation, listen to the music. Obvious as this must sound, people, directors as well as singers, make artistic compromises because of vocal limitations or the desire to razzle dazzle the audience with pyrotechnics. So, what was interesting about the performance by June Anderson was the purity of the interpretation. One can argue ad nauseam about whose voice one prefers or who hits the notes better or whose high notes are the most exciting, but for artistic authenticity, I thought this performance was superb, but it wasn't just superb, it helped us to connect to soul energy so it moved us from the world of entertainment to the world of inspiration and that is where true art begins . . . and how it sustains itself.

Now, taking this as the stepping point, we can say absolutely the same about everything we think and everything we do. For instance, there is food, something from a box that is popped into the microwave and chomped down. Is it wholesome or nutritious? Then, there is real food, food grown authentically and harvested at its prime when all the chemistry of the plant is mature. In industrial food production as well as industrial medicine, everything is supposed to be consistent, but this is not how Nature operates nor what our bodies need. For instance, in Ayurveda, the seasonality of our diseases is well described. We accumulate cold and heaviness in the winter and we melt that out with heat in the summer. Plants support this by providing different chemicals throughout the growing season. For instance, take a leaf of spinach and note how much more bitter it is at the end of season than the beginning. It is not past its prime nor "overripe" but rather perfect for removing the heat of the summer. Excess fire is pacified by bitter alkaloids so we need to allow the plants to grow and mature to the point that they are more than food but also truly seasonal medicines. This brings us into harmony with Nature and ultimately with ourselves.

So, just as 20 sopranos may try to tackle the challenges of singing Casta Diva and only a few aid our return to source so food and medicine can contribute to chaos and confusion or nurture our alignment with Nature and the realities and truths hidden in Nature. Then, taking this even a step further, we could say eliminating all but the most easily marketable products would be the equivalent of closing down all local theaters because television can fulfill all our entertainment needs. This stretches the commercial value of a few prime programs (or foods) at the expense of diversity, sustainability, and inspiration. The price is not worth paying because the short-term gains are grabbed at the expense of longer-term values such as the right to exist as we truly are rather than as corporate oligarchies find congenial to their agendas. The corporate agenda clearly opposes any independent thought or realization that would undermine its usurped authority.

For me, these are very, very serious issues because as an astrologer, I have often seen patterns going back countless lifetimes. For instance, once I was saying something to a very dignified gentleman and in my mind's eye, I saw us inside a pyramid where the same words were being spoken. To change the pattern, we have to have an event, probably a series of events, to correct the misconception. Then, we need something to hold the new pattern steady. What I am suggesting is that the point where we lost our grip on our own truths may go back, way, way back.

As you know, I have been using Savika as an example for my own instruction. I can tell how healed she is by very simple behavioral issues. When she is stuck at the door and cannot psych herself up to passing through, she is relapsing into patterns that have not healed completely. When she comes through and then looks back with a sort of glare in her eyes, she is partly healed but still remembering how traumatic the experiences of the past were. When she rushes through without looking back, she is happy, centered in the moment, and well on the road to healing old wounds.

Seeing something as simple as this brings tears to my eyes because I realize how every single misdeed is going to have to be corrected. As I watched Food, Inc., I was in agony over the magnitude of the slaughter. We are talking beef holocaust, pork holocaust, and chicken holocaust on a staggering scale. But, it is not just the "food" but the wanton destruction of whales, dolphins, and seals. It is the massacre of plankton and turtles. It is the unnecessary massacre of people and their exploitation by a handful of overly rich and powerful individuals who are not in tune with their own inner selves. This turns them into psychopaths whose behavior is actually completely irrational because it is based on a need to dominate rather than to discover the secrets of themselves.

What happens then is that every seal that was bludgeoned will die in total shock over what madness caused this pain. That seal will probably reincarnate again and again but with profound injuries to its body wherever the wounds were inflicted. This was revealed to me in the countless past life sessions I facilitated for others and eventually realized for myself as well. For instance, in 1969, I was medically evacuated from India. I overheard the doctors saying that I was dying. While lying there with fevers, I was thinking, "What fools!" They could only see the illness and not the living part of myself. I knew I was alive and that I would live. They pumped me full of antibiotics and the masked the horror by filling the needles with anesthetics that were not disclosed to me. I fell and hurt my back. The radiologist showed me an x-ray with a hole through a vertebra. She said, "When you were in Vietnam, you weren't hit in the back by a bullet, were you?" I said, "No" and suggested she had mixed my x-ray with someone else's. She was adamant and said, "You'd remember, wouldn't you?" I thought I would remember and assured her to that effect, but she was clearly not convinced. I put it aside because it didn't make sense to me.

As time went on, the injury would aggravate and precipitate intense pain. I would writhe on the floor. Then, one day, my Ayurvedic teacher decided to fill the hole by instructing the nadi in the aura to deposit chemicals to rebuild the spine. It worked, but one day someone challenged me to sort out my most recent lifetime. Various people had said all kinds of contradictory, mutually exclusive things, but one should only believe what one feels to be true so like the x-ray, I brushed most comments aside. Then, I saw it with my own eyes. I was going up some stairs and there were two Nazi soldiers behind me. I was shot in the back. I had been working in the Underground, apparently in Austria. Lots of things started to make sense. I could always understand German, but I did not want to speak it. Then, I realized that just as my clients and students had carried over injuries, there was a very logical explanation of my x-ray. Armed with this information, I could begin to register the vibrations that would aggravate and those that would heal. In truth, the only energies that heal are those that are loving and relevant. If someone thinks he or she knows what someone needs, most likely they are wrong unless they are really tuned in correctly.

So, just as Savika sometimes goes through the doorway fine and sometimes can't manage, there are days when my back is fine and days when it hurts. Moreover, what is relevant here is that all those who are harmed will one day have to be healed, every last one of them. This includes every sea turtle, every seal, every whale and dolphin, and every other animal and person, including those injured or killed in wars and those who were punished, justly or unjustly doesn't matter because the issue is the appropriateness and wisdom, not the justification used. This is our dilemma and it's simply huge.

However, as the Chinese say, every great journey begins with a first step. We must take those steps, disconnect from the flawed systems, return to Nature, align with Her and with our own selves, and use all the props we need such as support from kindred spirits, inspiring music, and deep piety.

Many blessings,


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