Deficiencies and Regeneration

Posted to Subscribers on 2 May 2010


Dear Subscribers,

As promised, this email will really be about deficiency conditions.

Essential Nutrients

Depending on the date of the research and approach, there are certain nutrients that are regarded as essential to life and health. When I was first building the foundation for my future work, there were 47 such named and identified nutrients but the list keeps changing. To make this totally clear from the starting gate, let's simply take a well-known example of a deficiency of vitamin C: scurvy. It is important to distinguish between healthy and essential. If one is lacking a specific nutrient, any one of the many essential ones, the body goes into a deficiency condition that can only be corrected by supplying the missing nutrient. In most cases, even the healthiest foods fail to provide all the nutrients needed. Moreover, the quality of the food varies immensely depending on the conditions of the soil where the plants were grown. This of course also affects the quality and taste of milk from a cow or other provider of dairy milk.

The harsh chemicals that are used as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides leech nutrients because, loving balance, the energy that might normally go into the plant is diverted to attempts to regenerate the soil. This fact has hit me between the eyes three times in my lifetime. The first time, I was visiting an organic herb farm on the California-Nevada border and there were photographs of the water level before and after the introduction of industrial farming methods. Clearly, there was more to this picture than diluting the acidity with water. There is population pressure but the main culprit is the massive use of water to dilute the poisons put onto the plants and soil. These toxins are also neutralized by minerals since the pH of the poisons is usually on the acidic side of 7.0.

The second time was radically different. A friend urged me to drop in on a seminar in the nearby town of Kingston. I was not registered and just arrived in the middle of the afternoon at the precise moment that a series of slides were being shown of organ regeneration using what was purported to be a powder from King Solomon's tomb or a reasonable copy thereof. A tooth that was severely broken and missing a fourth of its mass regrew as did the pancreas of a patient with cancer.

The third time was very much more recently when I was trying to understand the Fukuoka methods of farming and took a little detour into soil remediation protocols. I immediately understood that the same plants that are used for detoxifying the body of metals and other poisons are also used to restore the fertility and quality of the soil. They are nearly always plants that are referred to as weeds. I suddenly fell in love with them, all of them.

Moreover, once you have triggered an awareness, you begin to see more . . . and more. Driving around, I could see that dandelions grew prolifically where there was more gas exhaust and pesticide use. Humans may be missing a few marbles but the plant kingdom seems to be hugely efficient and aware.

Interwoven through these stories were all the emails and requests for help with countless conditions that are resistant to improvement, I suspect because people have not embarked on paths that are sufficiently healthy. There is a belief in Ayurveda that all formulas work better with the addition of shilajit, something that is often translated as some sort of resinous substance resembling asphalt. It doesn't sound very palatable but there is a question as to whether shilajit is more vegetable or mineral. It comes from runoff in the Himalayas. Plant and other material rushes over rocks and when the rocks are put in the sun, a sticky substance emerges. That's shilajit.

What the rushing water does besides depositing debris is dazzle the energetic structure of "dense physical reality". Okay, there is a mad alchemist in me and it was triggered recently by an attempt to explain two phenomena: the conversion of mercury into gold and the rendering of mercury into a non-toxic form. This is accomplished, I believe, by stabilizing the outer chaotic orbit of the molecule so that the electrons don't pirate. Endless movement, presumably of pristine water, can apparently produce a substance that has simply amazing stabilizing power as well as nutrients that are rarely found in our corrupt food supply.

My particular eccentricity tends to lead me to one or another extreme. First, I look at the ultra ancient and then the ultra modern. In the case of nutrients, I have tended to prefer fossilized sea vegetables because we assume the nutrients were in tact before the advent of modern civilization so sourcing from "history" is one way to acquire the complete spectrum of trace minerals. The other is more magical and unpredictable because it pits the human mind and machines against substances that are lacking the desired properties and tries to correct the problem with scientific methodology. Frankly, I have more faith in the old than the new. Moreover, I believe there are subtle benefits from the old, like psychometric affinities that enable one to get in touch with our true Earth history and heritage.


When first trying to understand how regeneration works, my mind was off in all directions at once. There are herbs that are specific for helping certain organs, like the lungs or brain or liver or kidneys or even skin or hair. There are also nutrients that are vitally necessary. There are belief systems that work for or against success. For instance, if one believes something is impossible, most likely one will be victimized by that belief, but I believe all healing is inevitable because we are God's creation and must ultimately manifest perfectly. I suppose we have all Eternity in which to accomplish this, but impossible is not in my normal vocabulary. The second factor is more subtle because regeneration requires correct structuring of the matrix because we live in energetic fields so if there is an energy disturbance, we have to work around it or correct it.

Pause a second and ask about the phenomenon of phantom limbs. As we know, the phantom limbs are very powerful for some period after an amputation. This is easily shown in Kirlian photography. For instance, if you tear a leaf, the aura is perfect initially but over time, it conforms to the new shape. My hypothesis is that once the aura has reshaped, healing is more difficult and this is why one has to start by rebuilding the aura. I learned a little of this type of healing from Morrnah Simeona as well as two other important teachers, Nechung Rinpoche and Dr. Shrikrishna Kashyap. I am, in fact, the best example of a patient with this dilemma. X-rays taken in 1969 revealed a hole through a vertebra. The radiologist showed me the film and asked if I'd been hit by a bullet in Vietnam. I said, "No, maybe you mixed my film with someone else's." She said, "This is the only picture I've taken today. If you were hit by a bullet, you'd remember, wouldn't you?" Well, it goes without saying that I would remember but because the picture made no sense to either of us, I brushed it off as another medical mystery and probably some sort of inexplicable error.

However, I was often in pain and the pain was over the top sometimes. My Ayurvedic teacher fixed it by very delicate work on my aura, but it was years later that I realized I had been hit by a bullet, but not in this lifetime. In short, the problem was carried over, probably because I didn't go to the right hospital between incarnations!

My point is simply that the longer we have accommodated an injury or illness, the more likely it is that the thought form around it has taken over a chunk of our psyche so we need to fix the psyche and aura as well as the manifested reality. I do not doubt for a moment that vibrations can accomplish this but the closer we are to the source of the energy, the more reliable the process ought to be. When I was consulting in Germany, I often met patients with conditions that were old and "accommodated" so it was really important to start with rebuilding the aura and then energizing it. This is an important point: work on the scaffolding before turning on the juice or it's easy to aggravate an existing injury.

Shall I continue?

Many blessings,


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