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Posted to Subscribers on 23 August 2008


Thank you for the "massive" response to my last email on Population!  Obviously, I do enjoy hearing from you and seeing how different minds and hearts respond to similar information.  The questions that arise are also fascinating to me.

As I mentioned, for a while, I was very much "on top" of the AIDS literature.  As time went on, I did not manage to keep up, and, if the truth be known, in the last few years, I have only met a very small number of HIV positive people and all were very stable, but let's go back some years.

When AIDS first acquired a name, the modern medical establishment referred to it as an "acquired immune disease" and the "S" is for "syndrome, meaning there are lots of symptoms associated with one alleged cause.  At more or less the same time, the Chinese referred to the same syndrome as a "yin deficiency" and, in Africa, which was hardest hit, AIDS was called the "slimming disease."  For those who work hard to prevent the mind from getting stuck in small boxes, these views left a number of openings.

If you need a little more historic information, in the early days of the epidemic, most of the people with whom I spoke were whispering things like, "viruses don't jump species" so consternation was pervasive.  As time went on, it became clear that a sociopath with the right lab can induce a virus to do what viruses don't "do".

In any event, it's no longer conspiracy theory because the exact batches that were contaminated have been identified, and a lot of people have died as a result of something that never would have happened without the misogyny of a few misguided excuses for human beings.

Now, of course, there are newer theories, including that the deaths were more attributable to the ill-conceived protocols than the crash of the immune system caused by the vaccines. 

When I realized what was happening, I said to a few colleagues, "Now we have a virus bigger than a bomb."  Based on what I had seen in my clinic, I believed that a lethal sexually transmitted disease had the potential for more harm than any other microorganism.  Put it this way, even if penicillin were a cure for the "older" STDs (which I do not think it is), herpes and chlamydia were epidemic; therefore, AIDS would probably decimate the world population UNLESS, as some theorized, a point would come when the communities sacrificing the most members to the illness had reached some hypothetical number at which the losses would mystically stop.  There were sociological treatises of this type that ignored "pure science" and speculated on thresholds beyond which no more members would succumb.

The larger picture is so complicated that it does not fit neatly into any one book, but the point I wanted to make is that I had been working on cancer since the early 70s and a new disease was in the spotlight that for me was the energetic opposite of cancer.  However, because immunity became the place where cutting edge scientists were exploring most intensely, it was common to hear AIDS and cancer in the same sentence . . . and this triggered something in me.

As the Chinese suggested, a yin deficiency means that there is more energy than can be grounded.  For those who have not thought about this before, let me describe a few very typical behavioral patterns with the first AIDS patients I was seeing.  Off the record, I have say that I found the patients delightful.  The reason that comment is sort of bracketed is that it's not very professional to find one's patients entertaining, but I found the patients to be fascinating individuals.  They were lively, curious, sociable, alert, open, and spontaneous.  If I asked a question, I got an answer that was quick and honest and sometimes shocking.  If I made a suggestion, it always appeared that it was appreciated and accepted, but then something strange happened and I discovered a huge gulf between acknowledgment of an idea and implementation of the solution.

Let me try to be very concrete.  If I wrote something down on paper, the paper would somehow remain on my desk and not find its way into the pocket of the patient.  If I suggested something, it went in one ear and out the other, with all the right gestures and conversation but the information got lost in a vast void where no benefit accrued to the patient.  As I observed this phenomenon longer, I realized that similar things were happening on an even broader level.  For instance, if I asked someone to shake his hands and then hold them up, all the fingers were separated with large empty spaces between them.  These people seemed to have money slipping through their fingers and a tremendous deficiency in the areas required to live in a stable manner:  constantly changing relationships or sometimes relationships that were just stimulation and did not involve any bonding or commitment.  They often went from one job to another or had no permanent place to live.  In short, all the infrastructure that supports steady existence was shattered to a point where dysfunctional acquired a new meaning as well.

Ayurveda has a term for the water energy that includes a concept of at least some stickiness.  Ideal water should be smooth and viscuous but, in reality, there has to be some tenacity as well.  You might think of water as having the capacity to accumulate as well as integrate.  With the acute yin deficiency, accumulation was not occurring so the reserves were exhausted and there was nothing upon which someone could rely if a shortfall arose. 

There were many symbolic levels, ranging from something as simple or complex as memory to sexuality and libido.  We have two types of memory, short-term and long-term.  The air type, which is the predominant type found with AIDS patients, has very active short-term memory and fantastic cognitive ability but they don't save their perceptions.  You can compare memory to a computer.  You have RAM where the short-term memory is functioning, but nothing occurring in RAM is available the next time you boot unless you saved it in a file on the hard drive.  This is where long-term memory is stored.  Our minds and memories have comparable activities and there is a complete difference between cognition and retention.  I found the AIDS patients were exceptionally quick to engage their minds with mine but then nothing happened once the words and thoughts were bandied around.

However, it went much deeper.  I developed a special concern for a particular patient whose mother was a friend of mine.  I made herbal jams with astragalus and honey and pumpkin seeds, quite delicious actually, but he would put them in the refrigerator and forget they were there.  In short, the lids never came off the jars.  If we discussed this, he expressed immense gratitude and made all the right promises; but as soon as he put the phone down, the conversation as well as the intent behind it vanished in the ethers.

Sexually, it was more or less the same story:  the fluids were dissipated in a frenzy of exhilariating short-term interaction and the measures necessary to replenish the loss were not undertaken.  Maybe it was more tragic than this because in superficial relationships, there is very little exchange of energy so a loss tends to occur that must be absorbed by something or someone, but perhaps not by either participant.  If that sounds a little complex, I am merely postulating that everything is immortal and eternal so even if "lost", the energy is not "gone".

This, then, is a mini-portrait of yin deficiency.

On the other end of the spectrum, there was cancer.  In my mind, the two conditions are very, very different so hearing others speak about them as immune disorders made almost no therapeutic sense to me.  I came to view cancer as a condition of yin surfeit, something with too much stickiness and too much tendency to accumulate.  Most of what I just described with AIDS patients would be almost the opposite with cancer patients.  The long-term memory is generally fantastic and the RAM usually needs a few more megabytes and updated processor.  I do not mean to sound critical but rather to exaggerate so that the true nature of the imbalance is shown.  Once the imbalance is understood, the disease is much less scary because one can see clearly how to manage the symptoms and promote a lasting cure.

Because one person has a quick processor and more RAM and another has big hard drive with a slower processor does not mean that one or the other is better or worse.  It means that the equipment isn't very well matched and some upgrades might be necessary so as to function with more predictability and safety. How can I put this?  I love the speedy processor with all the RAM, but I want a big hard drive, too.  I'm not greedy, but life on Earth is very complicated and you need vast points of reference to steer yourself properly through the labyrinth in which we find ourselves.

Perhaps more important even than memory is the capacity to regenerate as measured by the reproductive system.  As superficial as many liaisons within the promiscuous community are, many cancer patients expressed a deep dissatisfaction in their usually much more conventional partnerships.  Sometimes, the wounds were very old and went back to childhood experiences or even past lives so the picture that emerged for me was that a force and a function that was intended to be bonding and mutually supportive was actually often lethal.  The two extremes were dissipation and congestion or blockage. This realization was practically crushing so I began to explore what keeps us incarnate and what precipitates a premature separation of Spirit from Matter.

Now I have to rewind quite a bit.  I will explain this in much more detail in a future post, but I had completely satisfied myself that we are all immortal beings except for the fact that we have not managed to demonstrate this truth in this dimension in these particular types of human bodies.  Moreover, no one else in other types of bodies has done it either.  In short, the problem is not unique to humans on Earth because it affects our pets and animals in the wild as well as plants, but the divine spark is in each of us and it cannot be extinguished or destroyed.

The question was then how to live and what being alive means.  On a simple level, if one rushes to the bottom line without taking the decades to reflect that I have, one would say that if a patient dies of yin deficiency, it means he or she was unable to amass and organize sufficient substance to support the spark.  This is like lightning on its way down (not visible) and thus not yet grounded.  One cures this condition by providing grounding, but it means that all the resources needed have to be available, including both emotional and material yin substance.  To die of want is so tearful that it should not be permitted anywhere on the Planet.

On the other extreme, there is such much density that even a strong stimulus does not create movement so a point comes when that quickening energy gives up and withdraws and this is the deeper cause of death of the form.  In my heart of hearts, I believe a time comes when we need our visa for Earth existence renewed and sometimes we have to go back to the main issuer and ask our souls or God for new documents.  It's possible that these documents will not be provided without some review courses so we have to attend some classes before the new contracts will be approved. 

We live in a third dimensional reality (most of the time but not always) and in this realm, there are a lot of polarities.  If we are incited by the polarities, we go into an extreme that is potentially so destabilizing that we cannot sustain the position we have taken.  The faster we realize this, the sooner we can restore balance and hence longevity.  Some people do not see any of these dynamics so they will deny they exist, but there are many "things" that are more or less real that we do not perceive.  We deduce their existence because our sensory perceptions allow us to see consequences and the effects always have a cause because nothing happens in an absolute void.

When I was a child, I met children who were not sure that they have souls or that there is a God or Creator.  I was astonished, but if one cannot feel this, it means there is a defect in perception, not that the soul is missing or non-existent.  The soul organizes the expression of the incarnate individual and it has a fairly comprehensive master plan that we can access if we devote time and attention to this exploration.  If we do not create the space for this, we sink into a kind of density in which we are trapped by events orchestrated by others who may or may not treat us as the unique individuals we are.

. . . oh, oh, this needs to be continued as there have been too many interruptions.


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