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Donna Gates has been hosting a Healthy Gut Summit this week. Quite frankly, it is overwhelming, but she has drawn together experts who each have a piece of the puzzle. She has done her homework and produced a staggering number of interviews, each about an hour. Well, I have only watched a few, but the information she elicits in a short period of time is monumental. I liked all the interviews watched so far, but I have a lot on my plate and will have to save some for later.

This said, I always like Jeffrey Smith. He is the wits behind the film "Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives" which I have recommended in past posts. Besides being a tireless investigator and speaker, he has organized very serious movements to replace genetically modified food with natural food. Even some of the big players are on board which says that activism, when well focused and tenacious, can work for the betterment of all. It is people like Jeffrey Smith who inspire hope that once in possession of the facts, we will be able to make more intelligent and, dare we add, correct decisions. As you know, I tip my hat for champions such as he and today is no exception.

By now, if we have been paying attention, we realize that there are enormous risks associated with genetic modifications of our food. Jeffrey Smith is a tough act to follow, but let me borrow from his research and set the stage a bit for some deeper discussions. First, the technology for harvesting a gene has been more or less reliable for a while already but the same is not true of splicing a gene into something. This is where the "roulette" comes into play since all genes are basically fired at a target and end up wherever they may. This obviously leads to a situation in which the variety of anomalies can be immense.

Just think for a second or two about how many diseases today are associated with one particular gene, or think of the less scary genetic research that has determined, for example, that all people with blue eyes are the descendent of a single ancestor who — for reasons yet to be determined — suffered a mutation. Oh, and for the record, many who are involved in this research believe that we mutants (since I have blue eyes) are heading for extinction. We know that survival requires adaptation, and there are some intriguing theories that support the idea that there really is only one species and all the variations we see are just adaptations. An adaptation is however different from a mutation in that it is more or less intentional or subintentional and can be more consistent.

An adaptation allows fins to develop into wings so that one can escape the jaws of a predator who cannot fly. Where eyes are concerned, we know a bit about eyelids and why some people have single fold eyelids and narrow slits whereas others may have rounder and more visible eyes. Ironically, what is visible to others is evidently not a clue to what people can see with these different types of eyes. In any event, the default color for eyes is brown and because of one single incident, there are now millions of people with blue eyes who are facing extinction, presumably not because of the color of their eyes but other factors that are more sociological such as the failure to produce progeny.

Well, Nature has its laws so generally a species goes to seed when endangered. For instance, politically correct or not, one could hypothesize that the very high birth rate in the Moslem world is due to the wars that are, consciously or not, triggering the survival mechanism of others, especially those living in Europe where the risks are not as high as in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, to name but a few countries that are suffering a high mortality rate entirely due to human interventions.

In those countries, children are being born with heart breaking birth defects due to radioactivity and probably other factors such as extremely high stress levels that set the stage for accidents to happen to genes. Seeing a deformed child is however completely different from the mutation that caused blue eyes. These weapons-related or war-related mutations are also different from the roulette discussed by Jeffrey Smith.

I have been interested in this problem for a long time. Truth be told, I think I was born with an interest in genetics because I can remember asking a lot of annoying questions at the breakfast table when I was little. Later, I got into cancer work and read books that emphasized the waywardness of the cancer cell and presented theories of mutations, often attributed to an event 15-20 or more years before diagnosis. It goes without saying that these theories lack proof, but they made their way into textbooks and are accepted by many. Bear with me a bit. As a healer, I am more concerned with what cures than with what causes illness. Of course, it helps to understand the full spectrum here, but as I studied herbs, especially the ones with the capacity to correct mutations, I asked the question just how far this would go.

Okay, this is really a fascinating question.

The first personal test was sort of coincidental. As you know, I am fascinated by kaya kalpa. Anti-aging does not interest me at all, but regeneration does. Hang on a moment. I used to look like a typical Scandinavian, and I am guessing that if blue eyes are a result of a mutation that blonde hair is also mutation. The herbs I took to prepare for kaya kalpa have not, so far as I can tell, affected the color of my eyes, but my hair is every which color now. I am not telling you this for no reason at all. I am trying to explain something and am using myself as an example. We know there is a yellow-red pigment and brown-black pigment that determine the color of hair. For the first time in my life, I have some red hair and some black hair and some blonde and some white. This is fine. I am very experimental and know that I will learn something. Clearly, the herbs are allowing the body to produce more pigment because I have much less white hair now than two years ago.

Now, you understand a tiny bit of what I am saying when I ask how far the correction of the mutations will go? Let's be ridiculous for a moment. What if I corrected every single genetic mutation and therefore eliminated all risk of cancer, all white hair, the blue eyes, and, hey, what about the left rib? Do I have to give it back to Adam? How do I know my particular ancestral gene pool? Will I become hairy like an ape (no such signs of this at this point) or will I become a bird or a fish?

Now, we return to Jeffrey Smith and the roulette. We do not know what sorts of mutations the spliced genes will cause, but we have a plethora of diseases that are genetic although perhaps not hereditary; and even if we find cures for these diseases, we have no idea how the corrections are going to play out. The problem is that with more impinging on our energy fields and even our internal chemistry, there are more risks of potentially harmful changes, one being that the Bt toxin might still be producing pesticides in our gut even though we have gone 100% organic. I doubt there is anyone who has completely managed to escape genetically modified food. Well, perhaps there are some tribal people somewhere, but in the modern world, it is not likely that our exposure has been nil.

Now, whatever we do to correct the problems, the reality is that it will correct more than we expect. I know, this post may sound really airy-fairy to some people, but if we look at how Nature is addressing GMO crops, we see that amaranth is challenging the farming practices of the main contenders in this diabolical agrochemical world. The first time I read about this, I could not stop laughing because millions and millions and millions of acres had to weeded by hand since the pigweed was destroying expensive equipment. This is "Back to Nature" in real time. Amaranth produces gazillions of seeds and we are never going to find them all so "tee hee"!

Likewise, when we catalogue all the herbs that are useful in treatment of all the diseases that are caused by mutations and all the diseases that are due to nasty chemicals and all the diseases that are due to havoc caused by industrial intervention, we really have no idea who and what we will become after healing. Now, you sort of see the point?

In the meantime, if you are suffering from leaky gut, candida, parasites, memory loss, or countless other problems, you may want to tune in and find out what is being said at the Healthy Gut Summit.

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