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They say energy follows thought. Here are examples from yesterday. There were some glitch reports. I worked until a bit after 3:00 am and then turned the task over to Gina who worked tirelessly until it was her bedtime. She lives in the Philippines. All prices should now be visible, but we discovered a lot of other issues. I have about 50-55 web sites online, four or five thousand pages, and lots of links, nearly all of which have to be updated. Bear with us. There were a few orders. Thank you so much! Recovery is obviously critical to survival so this is a win-win. You get the best herbs possible, clinical quality, not commercial formulas for aggressive marketers who cut corners. I survive the challenges of keeping body and soul together.

The most interesting energy follows thought was however on youtube. So, I want to continue the story. My career in healing really began in another lifetime, but in this, it started in 1972 although I had an infirmary for wounded birds in my bedroom going back to age seven. My psychism was also born in 1972 and nearly all I came to understand about health realities was based on what one might call x-ray vision. I could see through the body and explore in any amount of detail with a sort of zoom lens. In addition, I saw a lot of little figures in the aura, and they were very active and eager to communicate. They also sometimes contradicted what clients were saying by gesticulating wildly and flagging the inaccuracies. It goes without saying that this necessitated a great deal of diplomacy on my part since I was trying to piece together a believable account of cause and effect.

Besides the mundane, I read a lot of books, including many on esoteric subjects. The story I started on the Lords of Karma actually has an immense context. According to what I was reading, Lemurians were the third "human" race to live on Earth. In early Lemurian times, the body was more etheric than dense and the method of procreation involved extrusion of etheric substance. In my sometimes facetious moments, I figured this explained Adam's left rib since the exudation emerged from the area around the spleen, an energy point that is peculiarly sensitive to sunlight, something we all need to remember.

As the story goes, and this is all from memory, evolution was proceeding slowly because people were in essence cloning themselves. This of course resulted in more and more of the same rather than change. We can ask what was evolving, and the broad answer was the capacity to express spirit in matter. This entailed a process of involution and a turning point in the densest form, mid-Atlantis, towards evolution. In short, what is evolving is our conscious awareness of our inherent divinity. The form — by which I mean the size, shape, design, color, etc. — is largely irrelevant but not isolated. In many ancient petroglyphs, we see illustrations of stick figures with antennae. This is how I visualize early Lemurians, before what is called the division of the sexes.

What happened at a certain point was that humans sacrificed half of their sexuality in order to evolve faster. The distinction between male and female was initially not very precise and this is worth considering in light of the gender issues we are facing today. However, as time went on, the ability to create via extrusion or budding ceased and procreation depended on two people who then created an offspring that was not a precise replica of either parent. This resulted in more diversity and faster evolution. To achieve this, an immense sacrifice was made that resulted in a loss of immortality because if we cannot clone ourselves, we cannot generate the continuity we associate with immortality. I am racing through a story that ought to be told in much more detail, but that can be another time.

What happened was that as people experienced their new bodies and interaction with other bodies, they found new delights and there was some abuse of opportunity. This was allegedly when the Lords of Karma convened to explore how to manage the crisis. According to the esoteric accounts, this is when syphilis was created so it explains why there is a stigma attached to it, what its purpose was, and why we have inherited quaint theories about original sin.

The Biblical account is totally confusing since Eve was Adam's second wife and not much is known about how Lilith came into being, merely that the alleged cause of divorce was bedroom quarreling. Eve is depicted as a young adult and the issue of the rib is not clarified to my satisfaction. . . but then I have all this Virgo and a need for the dots to connect. Ironically, with the emerging technology of our times, females might be able to be clone themselves, with a bit of laboratory help, but men seem to be missing whatever Adam gave up in order to have a companion.

Let's just say that there is a long history to why sex and death are related and syphilis is supposedly not a disease of the last few hundred years but rather the oldest disease in history.

Now, I promise to connect more dots. When Lyme disease appeared, it took a long time to figure out what it was but if you go on a quest, you find it is a sordid tale of criminally irresponsible bioweapons research with demonic minds employed by secretive agencies that defy international law. Why? I mean why a spirochete?

The reason is that syphilis in Europe was invariably fatal in the first 70 years or so of its post-Columbus rampage. Medical historians had argued that it did not exist in Europe before the voyages of Columbus, but the question of who transmitted the disease to whom has always involved a finger pointing at someone else. I spent a lot of time researching this when trying to find the history of the herbs used to cure syphilis because that would be the starting point for finding an herbal cure for Lyme disease.

During the time that I was laying the foundation for my later work, I lived in Kona and was well aware that the decimation of the Hawaiian population was due to syphilis, not smallpox as claimed by missionary editors. Brilliant as the kahunas were, they never had a cure for either syphilis or leprosy. Captain Cook was murdered because of the diseases his crew brought to Hawaii. However, this took place after the same story, more or less, had played out in the Caribbean where there are very few survivors of the Carib people themselves. The Caribs used guaiacum to treat the disease. It is currently on the endangered species list, and I have spent many years urging people to plant thousands and thousands of trees throughout the Caribbean so as to guarantee a continual source of this important tree.' For the record, it will grow in Florida but the species one finds at this time in Florida is a bit different from the Caribbean one.

There was a serious attempt at Harvard to determine the origin of syphilis. The study was inconclusive, but in Europe, it was assumed that Columbus and his crew brought it to Europe. Obviously, most islanders believed Europeans brought the scourge to them. As one would expect of a sexually transmissible disease, syphilis spread very rapidly, especially in war torn areas and ports. This is the link that shows research has finally determined what I knew all along would eventually emerge, i.e., that syphilis is an ancient disease and therefore will be found in most parts of the world. The film is exceptionally fair, not edifying but balanced.


Okay, so what is the point? The point is that interaction between individuals can be deeply rewarding and bonding or it can be risky, even fatal. We know this with AIDS, but sinister forces exploit this potential in many lurid ways, biological warfare being one of the most heinous.

Image Credit: Lyme Diisease © Designua | Dreamstime License

Pathologists tend to refer to the spirochetes that cause syphilis and Lyme disease as bacteria, but when I ask them if they really think spirochetes are bacterial in nature, they pause. I say, "They look and behave like parasites." They are not used to making this distinction but what is a bit different about spirochetes and parasites is their corkscrew appearance. This is very clear in smaller spirochetes, like the ones that are associated with Lyme disease, objects that are usually no more than 18-20 microns in length, i.e. three times longer than the diameter of a red blood cell. Larger twisted invaders might be a few hundred microns and the corkscrew is then less conspicuous, more like a twisted rope than a corkscrew. The twist is allegedly what aids in boring through tissue, including the brain and bones. Both syphilis and Lyme disease are really nasty, but there are many kinds of spirochetes and they are ubiquitous. My work in darkfield suggests that they respond to anthelmintic herbs in the same way that parasites respond. I have seen them in battle with bacteria and the methods of warfare differ as does the relationship with white blood cells.

What is typical of science gone amuck is that the creators of nightmares try to camouflage their misdeeds by mixing and matching, usually with multiple purposes: hide the trail, increase the virulence, and confuse other researchers who are looking for both causes and cures. This has been the case with Lyme disease and the spirochete itself has a sordid history of exploitation by deviant minds.

This intensifies my resolve because the randomness of distribution, level of suffering, deficit of hope and relief, and many other factors make this crime particularly despicable. The vast majority of sufferers are really decent people whose lives have been turned upsidedown by challenges that are overwhelming.

Rewinding quite a few years, when Lyme disease was as yet unnamed, children began suffering from arthritis. I thought our diet had deteriorated so much that five-year olds would have the types of crippling pains that otherwise rarely occurred except in old age. Little did anyone suspect what would unfold.

If there are still naïve people in the world, I hope they do not read this. I would like them to enjoy their innocence, but if you are as impassioned as I am, you have to do something to halt the spread. Knowing what I know, I suspect the usual strategies would involve dangerous pesticides and profitable drugs. I would prefer that people grow their own cures and share them with others.

Image Credit: Lignum vitae © Elise Pearlstine | Dreamstime License

Lyme disease is an epidemic but the symptoms are often mistaken for something else. When I look back, I had a dear friend in Santa Fe whose body was in constant pain. Ultimately, she was diagnosed with a rare, almost unheard of, form of Parkinson's, but with what we now know, I am sure it was Lyme disease. She spent a lot of time in New England and was outdoors much of that time.





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