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Posted to Subscribers on 31 March 2016


Dear Subscribers,

This morning, a customer asked a question about my Phoenix Rising formula. It is the third formula of a trio that I developed for parasite cleansing.

A little background will be helpful before answering a question that was so important that I decided to share the response with everyone who subscribes to my posts.

First, in all the time I was in Europe, I only saw two patients who did not have blood parasites. Both patients who were parasite-free had very heavy loads of toxic metals. One had been shot from a helicopter while riding in a car with his family. The bullet went into his spine and could not be removed. He was in a wheelchair and was only able to cope due to the support of family members. The other had Lou Gehrig's disease and mouthful of amalgams.

Blood parasites come in countless descriptions and as I think back on some of the slides I studied, I am convinced that at least some of the patients had babesia, one of the co-infections associated with Lyme disease. The epidemic was not well understood when I was flying back and forth, but many people who had not traveled to Africa had what looked like malaria. When I tried to discuss this with doctors, they were quite skeptical because tropical diseases are not supposed to occur so far north. In some cases, people had, of course, traveled to places where they could have picked up malaria, but many had not been anywhere close to the tropics.

So, given what I was seeing, I developed formulas that would clean up the blood. It was surprisingly easy to kill parasites, but I had some guilt now and then. As you know, I am a devout pacifist and have thoroughly embraced the doctrine of ahimsa so killing parasites seemed like a violation of my core beliefs; but if we left the parasites inside the body, my responsibility to patients would not be fulfilled. I wrestled with this and finally remembered the advice that Krishna gave to Arjuna. Krishna explained that Arjuna belonged to the warrior caste and his duty was to defeat evil. I did not really believe that the parasites were evil so I actually booked a session with our animal communicator to see if she could talk to some parasites and ask them if they knew a way to be relocated without dying. I have to say that the animal communicator is very tolerant of my questions, but the answer came more or less in the form that the parasites were not afraid of dying. I asked if they could be coaxed to leave and captured and put somewhere else that would support their longevity. This was apparently possible for some parasites in other parts of the body but less probable with blood parasites.

Truth be told, this was actually an important issue since there were statements in books that parasites could live fifty years and grow to immense lengths. Obviously, this thought makes one thoroughly uncomfortable. In any event, in terms of the blood parasites, I found they could be destroyed with half an ounce of what was provisionally called Para #1 (in German). One day, I decided to name the formula Arjuna's Arrows as it would appease my conscience just a little. Arjuna is usually depicted with a bow and arrows so death comes from the arrows. To tell you the truth, I have never been perfectly at peace with this strategy, perhaps because I do not belong to the warrior caste and would have preferred other strategies for defeating evil.

What I observed is that the blood parasites die when half an ounce of Arjuna's Arrows has been consumed within 36 hours or less. This means, one can gulp it or stretch it out so long as one takes half an ounce. It's pretty spicy so gulping is a little difficult for most people.What happens next is that the plasma is full of dead parasites. Here is the critical point. The natural way that the corpses would be handled is that bacteria would munch on them until only some tough structures are left. I jokingly call these "the bones" but, of course, I know they are not bones, just something too tough to chew. It takes the bacteria about five days to clean up the mess. You can think of this as an invisible hazmat situation. The white blood cells stay out of the way. In the early stages of clean up, they tend to go as far away as possible but as the days progress, they move closer and closer to the disappearing corpses. The patient tends to feel a little achy, almost like having the flu but hardly ever serious enough to stay in bed. The patient tends to assume that the problem is an adverse reaction to the herbs in Arjuna's Arrows but actually, it is just that the bacteria are doing their job.

To aid in this work, I created a second formula, with the provisional name, you guessed, Para #2. Patients complained of strange dreams and we eventually named this formula Dragon Dreams. This formula has a few antiparasitic herbs as well as herbs that support immunity.

Here is the hitch. If people are taking antibiotics, intentionally or subintentionally, there will not be any bacteria dining on dead parasites. Likewise, certain chemicals, medications, toxic metals, and so on and so forth interfere with normal bacteria. In this case, the dead parasites dissolve through a process of fermentation which is quite ugly to watch. You see blisters and bubbles on the membranes of the parasites and slime in the plasma. It's pretty unpleasant, not macabre but definitely not good for the appetite.

Either way, patients tend to feel better by day six or seven and this is where Phoenix Rising comes into play. In the "normal" scenario, white blood cells will move in on the bacteria and gulp them up starting around day five. I imagine the white blood cells are pretty sick to their stomachs because the bacteria have been eating fairly nasty corpses. So, to help out, I created a formula to restore health to the white blood cells as well as to reduce the burden of fungi since most people will not actually know whether the corpses are being eaten or decomposed.

What the customer asked in the e-mail was whether anything in Phoenix Rising would affect candida. The answer, of course, is "yes" and now you know why I formulated it the way I did.

Phoenix Rising is, of course, the successor name to Para #3 and there is a story that relieved my ailing conscience. Obviously, I did not want any of the parasites to rise from the fire and reoccupy the patient, but we used fire to terminate them and so we are still praying for a place in heaven for them. I know I could sell a lot more herbs if I gave less obscure names to the formulas, but once people understand the stories behind the names, they will appreciate the names and attune to the vibrations of the formulas.

The formulas are best taken starting at the full moon, but one can also start at the new moon. The sequence of the three formulas takes two weeks. One then stops until the next lunar cycle. Depending on the exposure and risks of reinfection, most people will need to consider repeating the process for four months. For some two months will be enough and once in a while, it will take a lot longer, even two years. One has to think of life style and history to understand this clearly. Some people spend a lot of time outdoors and get lots of insect bites, some eat in restaurants where raw fish and vegetables are cut with the same knives on the same cutting surfaces, and some are around animals more than others. There are many additional risk factors but life style makes a huge difference. Also, some people take more medications or have more chemicals in the drinking water so one cannot just assume that the same protocol will work exactly the same way for everyone.

One set of three bottles lasts for two cycles. It obviously helps a lot if everyone in the family does a cleanse at the same time. That includes the pets. We saw horrendous parasite infections with the puppies in Ecuador, but I have seen parasites in dogs in the U.S. also. For people with horses, I suggest planting antiparasitic herbs in the meadows and letting the horses graze on herbs as well as grass and whatever else catches their fancy.

In my opinion, let's call it a relatively educated guess, the two formulas taken after Arjuna's Arrows are important because some parasites are toxic so the clean up can be quite stressful. On one occasion, a patient complained to the doctor about her symptoms and he asked me if we could cut the dose. I asked if we could determine a dose that killed only half the parasites? He got the point and hopefully you did also: a lower dose will fail to do the job, but to do the job, one may have a lot to clean up in the plasma.

There is a video on my site as well as on YouTube with slides from my adventures with blood parasites.

Many blessings,




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