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Posted to Subscribers on 23 December 2011


Dear Subscribers,

In the spirit of these last hours in the tomb, I would like to share one of my favorite ballets with you. The first part is a gorgeous scene, done ever so artistically in this production. The second link, for those who become interested is the complete ballet.

Meanwhile, the two new mold herbs have arrived and the pre-orders have been shipped. I like the taste of Guduchi. It has character. I plan to take it for three years, as suggested by the ancients.

As a few of you may remember, I have had a long-term correspondence with a Taoist master in China. Obviously we share many interests, including what he calls "immortality". In India, the most educated scholars of ancient literature believe that Lao Tzu was a siddhar who went to China. He is known in India as Bogar or Bogarnatha. This view is not shared by he Chinese, but recently I have met a few Chinese who are intrigued by the possibility that perhaps the Indians have it right.

In any event, my friend has been investigating immortality for years and more recently added the paranormal to his pursuit for insight and understanding. I am blessed that he shares so much with me, including the work of a woman who is in all respects "normal" except that she works with aliens who have allowed her to demonstrate another kind of immortality. I will ask him for permission to post some pictures online, but he has sent me photos of cooked peanuts that she has reversed so that they are viable plants. She has also taken boiled eggs and reversed the fate of the embryos by reverting them to fertile eggs, sometimes to add to the wonder, she changes the color or size of the shell. In a few cases, she has brought deceased persons back to life.

Now my friend is involved with highly psychic children who can not only see into the future, but they claim to have found underground civilizations as well as replicas of the Earth in what we might refer to as "there". Keep in mind that the Chinese write with characters and these are then translated into English where the meaning might not be quite the same. I am inclined to call this some upper realm, like a heaven. The children are able to move between these realms, more or less as we see in this ballet.


Complete Ballet, Bolshoi

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