Long Nights: The Winter Solstice

Posted to Subscribers on 20 December 2010


Dear Subscribers,

Yes, the nights are very long now but the sun was so low over the weekend that when I first came down the stairs, I thought I had left the lights on throughout the night. The brilliance lasted about two hours and then the solemnity took over and kicked off my propensity to brood. It occurred to me that darkness is defenseless against light. Even a little bit of light diminishes the power of darkness but darkness can never conquer light because it is an "absence" not a reality. One can block the light, cover it, try to hide it, but it only seems to disappear. It re-emerges in all its splendor the moment the intrusive forces vanish.

In just a few hours, there will be a total lunar eclipse To see the eclipse path, click here:


There have been some dire predictions for the Pacific Coast area, but we'll just have to wait and see, won't we! The exact moment of the winter solstice is slightly after the eclipse, less than a day. The drama is actually very high: the Sun has just passed Mercury which is retrograde and is heading for the ominous conjunction of Mars and Pluto while squaring the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that I wrote about in June:


All of this is occurring more or less on the Galactic Center so I don't think we should underestimate the intensity of this moment in time.


Many of you probably heard already that the Senate passed the Food Safety bill last night. There was no notice, all rather secretive, and the vote was unanimous. Ironically, the "safety" covered in this bill does not apply to meat, poultry, or most eggs:


On the Julian Assange issues, I am not going to be baited into further discussions because everyone and his uncle are already commenting, everyone from Hillary Clinton to Ralph Nader and Ron Paul and every journalist, blogger, and you name it. However, if you remember, on October 21, 2009, I posted a prediction to this list:

"The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction next year will not be the end of the civilization as we know it, just the end of gagging of the press."

The momentum will be even stronger once this moves from secretive Pisces to daring Aries. What we are seeing now is the tension, not the outcome. However, Uranus loves the Truth and will not settle for less. How disruptive the Truth will be depends on the willingness to accept the Truth. Sometimes when we hear the Truth, our reaction is one of discomfort so we try to banish it, but Truth has an annoying way of engraving itself on the psyche so eventually one accepts it.

After some deliberation, I have decided to make this issue very personal because the process of discussing issues with specific details is usually more pentrating than vague abstractions.

The Truth is that the military-industrial complex and its allies in government are involved in projects that are illegal and immoral. This includes wars, biological weapons, horrific testing of weapons on innocents from tribal people to cetaceans. This will make some people cry their hearts out:


When I worked for the State Department, I heard terms like "national interests" but when this language was invoked, the context was usually vague and sweeping. Worse than the failure to define precisely what these interests might be was the rationalization that national interests supercede international relationships. We can't actually win the hearts and minds of anyone with bullets or bombs much less viruses or spirochetes. At best, we extort involuntary submission that is temporary, but we fuel animosity that can be long-term and dangerous. What we ought to be realizing by now is that weapons manufacture and sale is an industry and has objectives like other industries. Manufacturers need customers so in and of itself, the desire for markets can operate at the expense of sustainable and lasting relationships. If we don't break the pattern, it will go on and on.

In the present scenario, I do not see the elite yielding to either public opinion or environmental sanity. The short video above makes this statement loudly, but it doesn't matter exactly which direction one looks, the elite are not just self-serving but reckless.

Gulf Issues

After the Gulf Oil incident, I went a tad silent. My conclusion was that the event had been anticipated because rather too many shares of stock changed hands just prior to the explosion. I figured we were not hearing the truth, but a bit more information is now in focus. It was circulating last summer but the facts were hard to determine. It appears that the wanton use of Corexit is impacting the Gulf Stream and threatening at least parts of Europe with an ice age. I first heard this theory some years back but the problem with a theory is that if it is accepted, there is a temptation to experiment with it. By changing the course of currents, it was alleged that climate would change, not exactly randomly but rather predictably. The problem is that if Scandinavia becomes warmer but Central Europe becomes colder, all of Nature is impacted because what grows in one place will not necessarily thrive in another. It's very cold here this winter and besides the discomfort, I stand to lose rather a lot of plants. Some of course will become hardier but many will not make it, especially the younger ones. Have I used the word "diversity" yet today?

Jesse Ventura did a piece on this subject so while lacking scholarly input, he stirred the pot. This video will also challenge complacency:


The larger problem is that we have nothing resembling a credible scientific international body. By amassing so much power in the hands of a few, those who seek position and promotion end up toeing the line and those who refuse are marginalized. I believe the risks are now so great that we are indeed facing critical mass. In the history of man, we have almost never seen voluntary abdication of power. People with immense power tend to live a long time and hold onto their power until death. However, faced with a superior power, such types surrender. My hope was that the people themselves would become the superior power, but I have to confess to doubts even while keeping my fingers crossed. In my heart of hearts, I think the only surrender will be to an off-planet force and this is why I have risked my reputation for so long urging the recognition and welcoming of such a force.

We can save the Planet, but the elite appear not to care about what happens. This has to be the ultimate folly.

Now the Personal

It seems I have been the victim of credit card abuse. Usually, these scams are obvious. Someone orders 2000 tubes of toothpaste at retail and demands immediate shipment to a country with an notorious record for scams. The credit cards used are accepted but they leave a trail in which one can see what appear to be random attempts to process cards using dozens and dozens of different numbers. On my end, I void the order and purge it from the system.

This case was different. A woman wrote about her HIV infection and then her husband wrote when she was hospitalized. All-in-all, there were probably 50 emails. The credit card used was immediately accepted, no trail of multiple attempts, but there were several orders and because of the high cost of shipping and so on and so forth, this is going to cause quite a bit of damage on my end. I don't know what happens on the other end, but the reason I am discussing this is I feel this is but one indirect way in which we are ultimately all involved in ramifications of bad leadership.

First of all, AIDS is a man-made disease that has been exported with horrific consequences for countless populations. In the West, we made it look like AIDS was unique to homosexuals, intravenous drug users who shared needles, and people who depend on blood transfusions. No sexually transmitted disease ever has such neat boundaries so when I first heard about AIDS I thought, "Oh, gosh, now we have a virus bigger than a bomb." I read every book available — which was possible when the disease was new and there was not so much literature available. Obviously, AIDS is a big issue, but even early in the epidemic, I noticed that while we were trying to stigmatize people with AIDS as somehow morally debauched, in China, the same condition was referred to as a yin deficiency condition. In Africa, AIDS was called the slimming disease. My shipments went to Africa.

In truth, I send things to Africa all the time but in amounts that do not jeopardize my ability to feed myself and my critters. I try as hard as I can to help because, to tell the truth, I am ashamed of what we are doing with phony vaccines and population reduction schemes that are carried out in secret. What I am saying is that this is my microcosm of the macrocosm and if you look into your life issues, you will see that what is done without consent and in secrecy can be very dangerous. It can be debilitating or life threatening or bankrupting or any combination of these factors.

In the meantime, I am brooding because like others who have a strong Uranus in their horoscopes, I like Truth. However, what we hear is not always the Truth so when we are told one thing and act upon this as if it were fact, we lose our grips on ourselves and our destinies. This is all that I am saying. These problems are pervasive and by rewarding those who will do the bidding of the masters instead of those who act from the position of conscience, we are undermining the fabric of civilization. In fact, the fabric is so badly torn now that it will take a very powerful shift to correct the trajectory. However, returning to where I began, light cannot be snuffed out. Darkness diminishes in the presence of Light and now as we struggle through the three darkest days of the year, we are approaching the turning point in which Light increases in strength . . . which is why we celebrate the holidays that are upon us.

Many blessings,


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