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Posted to Subscribers on 28 July 2007


I have spent the last hour or so looking for more material on Cerec dental restorations, part of a new paper I am writing for those doing oral chelation with cilantro.

In the process, I stumbled on this video from a Houston TV broadcast:


The technology was developed in Zurich quite some years ago and is a really good alternative for people with multiple chemical sensitivities or heightened responses to metals in the mouth.  I have had all my amalgams removed and replaced with Cerecs. I also got rid of all the composite fillings because they are so estrogenic that I sometimes didn't even "feel like myself" which is a strange feeling but I know others who have said similar things when put on very powerful medications. Composites are an indirect assault on the balance that the endocrine system is trying to maintain.

For those who are using cilantro, whether as a culinary garnish or pesto or herbal extract, I urge you to understand that cilantro causes metals that are deposited in tissues to mobilize so all kinds of wild symptoms are possible when the toxic metals are released from "sleeper tissues" into the blood stream.  Great caution needs to be exercised when using this seemingly innocuous herb.


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