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Posted to Subscribers on 9 April 2019

Dear Subscribers,

My apologies. I missed two Sundays in a row and have been remiss about posting. I will explain but there is one request that I have decided to honor. Many, many practitioners and activists have urged me to share information on 5G. Obviously, this is a big issue and rather long story that cannot be readily assimilated in one e-mail nor even an hour or two webinar. There are two videos.

Both Chy and I watched them in reverse order and I think this is also what might be recommended for others. I had actually watched Sacha Stone's documentary film before seeing the videos on Simon Parkes's web site. After watching those videos, I went back to the film and got more out of it than I had on the initial dive. To motivate you to watch these videos and become proactive, I would like to offer a few comments that are not original but rather summaries of my own tracking of information online

1. Unlike the enhancements that we saw when moving from 2G to 3G and then 3G to 4G, 5G will not do anything to improve Internet speed or features.

2. Testing of 5G in certain unlucky cities suggests that birds fall out of the sky by the hundreds or thousands and the soil itself is impacted in a way that seems to sterilize it. Pollinators will disappear so critics are referring to 5G as apocalyptic.

3. Genetic mutations will be inevitable and humanity, if it survives famine, would be infertile in five generations. Sperm and ovaries would be damaged "forever" meaning that the mutations would be passed along until humanity can not procreate.

4. The technology is based on military inventions to disperse crowds and target specific individuals. No one would be immune to the invasiveness or potential for abuse that comes with 5G. It combines spying with weapons capability that would be pervasive.

5. The number of towers in urban areas would increase astronomically, more or less 250 towers per square mile and towers could be in residential areas within a very short distance of your home. The monitoring capacity of 5G allows for observation through walls and even underground, and all electrical appliances from LED bulbs to your computer would be reporting data to the masters of this technology.

Finally, what I want to say is that tests have, in fact, been conducted. I have read about tests in Norway. It seems that Chicago and Minneapolis also have the capacity to flip a switch. A contact of mine recently sent e-mails from Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, all using 5G. Brussels, headquarters for the European Union, has opted out so what do they know that the rest of us need to know?

The Hiatus

Long story short, I was dealing with my tooth.

That is the short version, now the longer.

I wrote a very long essay for late March, but as it unfolded, I realized I had an e-book, not an e-mail. However, to write something formal is different from posting so I put off sending it for a week, and then the story just got bigger and bigger.

Tooth Enamel

The tooth split in half down the middle. One side was rooted, the other side was only attached to the gum. The nerve canal was completely exposed, and when I finally decided to go to the dentist, he, of course, said, "Let me have a look." I asked him if he had insurance on the ceiling because if he touched the tooth, I was probably going to damage his ceiling. Okay, even in the worst of times, we need some humor. Suffice it to say that he was misnamed. His name should have been Thomas because he touched the tooth and I was not wearing a seat belt. So, he injected a lot of anesthesia since the first injection did not numb me enough.

He, of course, viewed the situation as hopeless, but that is what dentists are trained to think. I told him I wanted to experiment. He shot down my theory of dental tubules and said that dentin will regenerate but not enamel. He is a friendly fellow, and we eventually brainstormed several possibilities and decided to run a very difficult experiment. From my side, it was important that there be no glue, no bonding agents, no interference with Nature. I mentioned to the dentist that if a bone were broken, we would make a cast. How do we do this for a tooth? It made him think but the fragility was a challenge.

I saw him on March 21st and am happy to report that things are going significantly better than anticipated. It is actually becoming so fascinating that instead of sending a post last Sunday, I spent almost the entire day creating documentation about the tooth history, protocol, and results.



As you know, everything is contextual, and I have been interested in dental issues ever since being invited to a seminar on oral toxicology hosted by a dentist who had consulted me about melanoma. It was an eye opener for me because teeth are so interconnected with everything and yet the working space for dentists is not just small but very awkwardly designed. What one can do with a clay model on a desk is very different than when one has to open wide just to get some instruments where they are needed.

So, that was one milestone. Another was when researching kaya kalpa and hearing that Tapaswiji Maharaj got new sets of teeth each time he did kalpa. He was around 100 during the first kalpa, probably practically toothless because of his austerities. Getting all new teeth is unusual and very different from remineralizing damaged teeth. In theory, we would have to reset biological clocks so that we got a replacement set of "permanent" teeth. Obviously, there would be specific nutrient requirements but there would also have to be some magic or alchemy. When researchers try to address such issues, they study alligators to see if anything in their anatomy has comparable human parts. Otherwise, we are talking about magic wands and wishful thinking. Yet, according to some, there might be a reset button but that is not what my dentist learned in his training.

So, we could emulate an in utero experience and see if we can activate something or other, but this is another approach entirely . . . and one that apparently worked for Tapaswiji. You see how obsessive this can get?


Asthi Dhatu

As you know, according to Ayurveda, regeneration must occur in a sequence: plasma, blood cells, muscle, adipose tissue, and then teeth and bones. There are seven steps and teeth are part of the fifth stage. Bones are critical and have first dibs on nutrients. Teeth and cartilage come next. Each derives its nutrients from the refined products of the previous dhatu and each has a waste product as well. In this case, unflattering as it sounds, the waste products are hair and nails. Taking something high in silica and calcium is not going to help unless the first four dhatus are in order.

The tendency towards weakness and fracture is what Ayurveda would classify as a vata derangement. I have written a lot about vata energy in the past. The vast majority of Americans are vata-deranged but anyone who is nervous, anxious, fearful, or just prone to multi-tasking is at risk of vata derangement. I confess my vata derangement comes mainly from being overextended and constantly interrupted though I admit to occasional panic attacks. None of us can completely avoid other bombardments such as Wi-Fi and other forms of radiation.

Anyway, I decided to commit to this experiment so I stole some time from posting to work on my protocol and documentation. Obviously, this is a cliffhanger. I do not like giving false encouragement so I am testing. However, if anyone else wants to test, pop me a note and I will share the protocol. Warning: this takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, and consistent work. I had gotten a little reckless and was slipping up in some areas but am back in the saddle.

On a positive note, I think all teeth have improved and the concoction for regeneration is delicious . . . something that cannot be said for the preparatory arrangements. There were even hurdles there because my 35-year old Vitamix started to leak . . . I installed the replacement part yesterday. Let's just say it was uphill but very much worth the effort. I do appreciate your notes when you miss hearing from me. I am sure my age is a concern for many of you, but I usually find a way to deal with the issues that arise. Moreover, I do love to share, but, to be honest, I watched some online videos about tooth regeneration and almost all lacked documentation and proof. I am therefore being cautious! More to follow, including pictures.

Blessings to all of you!



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