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Posted to Subscribers on 22 May 2007


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The bee problem is not simply domestic, it affects most of the world and the issues are making headlines in many countries.  Some people are quoting authorities, allegedly Einstein, that survival would be brief if the bees ceased to pollinate the crops upon which we depend for our food.  My inbox was deluged by responses and commentary on the bees, everything from "I knew it" to links to sites with solutions.  The following article was the most interesting to me:

lemongrassThe reason it is interesting is that I had just done some research on essential oil and concluded that lemongrass is one of the most valuable oils to use in food preservation.  A few days later, I was invited to dinner and succumbed to temptation for a dessert because the cheesecake contained essential oil of lavender.  Not only was the taste exotic and interesting, it made a heavy food marvelously digestible.  We know, of course, that peppermint is often used to aid digestion and relieve stomach gas so the strategies discussed in the above article are worth considering.

This said, I really urge people not to panic but rather to become proactive.  Support organic farmers, grow small patches of organic food in your own gardens or create community gardens.  This can be done everywhere from elementary schools to retirement homes, from institutions for the homeless to research foundations.  Biodiversity is important and I would even go so far as to challenge readers to view the attempted seed monopolies of demons like Monsanto as contributing to a dangerous and insidious mindset:  my way is better than your way.  This is a big issue and while I am sorry we have the problem, it is not surprising.  We absolutely cannot disturb Nature without suffering the consequences of this folly.

So, I urge people to celebrate the diversity of Nature. Learn to recognize the plants that are local to your area, eat the produce of local growers, and make respect for Nature rather than conquest of Nature the cornerstone of your bioethics.  It goes without saying that if we succeed on the local level, we are much more likely to succeed on the international level where half the countries of the world are trying to impose their wills on others, my own country being the most egregious in these times.

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary is completely devoted to sustainable agriculture as well as human relations.  We have an incredible line of essential oils, including lemongrass.  We also just added bilberry extract to help people who are suffering from the consequences of estrogen surfeit due to our contamination of the environment.

Not a day goes by that I do not personally exert myself on behalf on the Planet, this whether through economic activism, consciousness awakening, or prayer.  I hope everyone realizes that the keys to survival are in our hands and we all need to take the challenges seriously.

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