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Posted to Subscribers on 23 October 2014

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This is the somewhat overdue sequel to the post on Immune Defense. Today, I would like to reiterate a bit and add a lot more. Some hospitals have been employing an allegedly new "technology" involving misting with 35% hydrogen peroxide. This is food grade hydrogen peroxide that is sometimes taken internally or used in some intravenous therapies, and while it is probably absolutely forbidden to suggest that it has value when used internally, it is being used externally to disinfect areas that have possibly been exposed to the Ebola virus. The method used involves misting so there you have a simple technology and one that will probably reap millions or more for Bioquell.

The fact that this method is being used in mainstream situations suggests that the underlying concept of disinfection through mist or vapor or fogging has merit. In theory, then, many substances have equivalent potential to disinfect so hypothetically, we could compare them even though not in a position to run on-site tests to measure the effectiveness. For me, colloidal silver would have benefits similar to hydrogen peroxide; and it would potentially be better long-term because hydrogen peroxide would presumably dry quickly and have no long-term benefits. Short-term, of course, it would probably disinfect, but there would be no benefit once the area was dry. However, with colloidal silver, there would likely be a fine residue with some longer-term benefits that are perhaps similar to those of essential oils except that I think essential oils can act much longer if the surfaces are not wiped down with something that removes the oils.

Now, we can try to be practical. Hydrogen peroxide is not a very friendly substance so it would be hard on certain pieces of equipment and other objects in any space being disinfected. Obviously, with a virulent epidemic, that damage has to be tolerated, but I doubt colloidal silver is nearly as harmful and many essential oils would also be more thorough and lasting in effect. All I am saying is that we have many options, including what I am sure I mentioned previously, ultraviolet gadgets such as the highly portable clam shell ones I have had online for several years. These can be used in public areas such as restrooms as well as with anything that might potentially have been exposed to germs.

I am not suggesting that people become obsessive, but if I were flying to West Africa at this time, I am sure I would want to have more than one back up plan for safety.

The Immune System

Next, I would like to discuss the immune system. This is probably repetitious but there are new subscribers as well as those who didn't assimilate the previous posts. Besides, Mercury is still retrograde, but just for a few more days.

Most people do not really understand how the immune system works. White blood cells are extremely fragile. You know I am on a first name basis with these amazing cells. They are vulnerable to just about everything from radiation and chemicals, including fumes, to toxins and free radicals, to antibiotics and many kinds of water treatments such as fluoridation and chlorination, to tobacco smoke and residues like tar, to bacteria, viruses, and mold, and, I firmly believe, to mushrooms and perhaps also some other foods when eaten in excess. When they die, whether due to toxic metals or some other cause, the dead cells can cause havoc, but for all intents and purposes, there is no functional immune system for those whose white blood cells have been wiped out by adversity. This is very easy to demonstrate in darkfield microscopy, but it is also easy for individuals to observe once they are tuned in to the phenomenon of death of white blood cells.

I am telling this because out of everyone we know, there are only a few who have had all their amalgams removed and even fewer who have done some kind of chelation after removing the amalgams. Let's say you happen to be one of those who did have the amalgams removed and who did chelate afterwards. Have you inhaled chemtrails? Do you use aluminum in any form? Do you use any tools that create vapor such as when working with stained glass or welding something large or small? Are there toxic metals used as preservatives in your vaccines and medications? We live in a dangerous world and very few people are really totally safe.

Immune Enhancer

So, now we need to consider the difference between an immune enhancer and an antimicrobial substance. For instance, when we read textbooks, we are somehow led to believe that a specific substance will enhance our immunity. The question is how does this work?

If we are careful in the choice of words, we might define an immune builder as a substance that helps the body to create healthy white blood cells. This is highly important following something like chemotherapy or perhaps any other incident that causes a rapid loss of white blood cells. For example, I had multiple spider bites back in 1995 as well as 1983. In 1983, I did not know anyone with a darkfield microscope so I took a combination of detoxifying herbs and echinacea. On the second occasion, I was truly horrified when I saw how vanquished my blood looked. The venom had evidently caused such a dramatic loss of both red and white blood cells that there were only some microcytes (miniature red blood cells) present and the few white blood cells that had survived were overwhelmed by the task of cleaning up the debris in the plasma. They looked sickened. I took many blood boosting herbs as well as quite a lot of astragalus. Later, I took detoxifying herbs, but at the height of the crisis, the job was to build replacement cells and roll them out as fast as possible.

Now, let's think about the white blood cells that are gorging themselves on toxic debris. I described them to a friend as belching and burping polar bears, well, microscopic polar bears. You can imagine if you were foraging in a stagnant pond that you would be pretty nauseous. I am not saying I was nauseous; I am saying the white blood cells looked disgusted so I naturally wanted to give them something delicious and cleansing. Astragalus is about the most delicious immune herb. Many herbs are very bitter, but astragalus can be quite tasty. You can use the strips in soups and casseroles and teas and even pies. White blood cells just love astragalus. However, when they are so sick that they are ready to die, they need stronger herbs.

One experiment I ran was to take a blood sample and see how long it took for the white blood cells to die. In a really sick person, hardly any viable cells can be found after 15 minutes. In someone with a mouthful of amalgams, the life expectancy on the slide is usually no more than 45 minutes. However, I found that a single dose of a really good immune formula will increase this to three hours. A second dose increases the life expectancy to six hours. I am not sure exactly how often one can do this, but I have kept the blood alive for more than two months so the textbooks are completely wrong. The cells will remain viable for much, much longer than imagined if they are given what they need to survive. They might, as some theorize, be immortal, but immortality would depend on good nutrition and perfect harmony.

To reiterate a bit, I think that some "immune herbs" work by detoxifying the white blood cells and some by nourishing them. It's so logical. It makes perfect sense to anyone who has studied Ayurveda. Watery substances nourish, especially those that are demulcent. These are usually bland tasting but mucilaginous and therefore a bit slimy. Think oatmeal instead of amaranth or cornmeal. Think sticky rather than crumbly. Of course, any extreme is too extreme so some kinds of stickiness aggravate the problems whereas moist foods that are nourishing give strength not only to the patient but also to the white blood cells upon which we depend to handle a multitude of tasks.


Now, since Mercury is retrograde, we can try to fit a few more pieces together. Remember the series of essays I wrote on the dhatus? These are components of the body that depend on one another in a more or less sequential manner. We are used to thinking that blood is red. Well, it isn't exactly true that it is red. The blood consists of cells that are floating in a plasma that is actually straw-colored. Just to add a touch of drama to this statement, we can cite the Hildegard of Bingen therapy that involved a special kind of bloodletting just before the full moon. Venous blood was drawn and the first blood to come out was usually black. A doctor I know who interned at a Hildegard hospital said that the first 50 milliliters might be black or 500 milliliters could be black. This is not because the blood is lacking oxygen but because it is in terribly bad shape. I have seen blood that produced massive fungal growth in just a few hours, blood that was like sludge, tarry and dark, and blood cells that were so misshapen that it was hard to imagine how they could roll.


Blood cells swim in plasma and the nutrients to regenerate them have to be present in the plasma or the blood cells will not get better. So, healing begins in the plasma and huge improvements are possible in one day and even greater improvements can occur over longer periods of time. This is why juice fasting is so effective. It is almost as if we are not only providing needed nutrients but we are somehow filtering by doing so. The benefits are very easy to prove to any patient who is fortunate enough to have access to a darkfield microscopist. There are many kinds of juice fasts so people with more serious health concerns should get a good book, like the one by Heinerman, and put together a fast that is specific to one's own needs.


When the diet fails to supply the nutrients needed, the blood cells are unable to function optimally. They might do some work but not nearly enough. Red blood cells transport nutrients, not just oxygen. They are like couriers who deliver vital nutrients and oxygen where needed, but they go one step further and collect carbon dioxide and toxins and release them, mainly in the lungs which then have to disgorge themselves of this foul stuff and inhale something better than they exhale. There is a lot of bad karma here. Tibetans who have taken vows of compassion deliberately inhale pain and suffering, transmute it in their own bodies, and exhale benevolence and blessings. It works, but can be a very painful undertaking. Most of us don't care enough about our garbage so others have to deal with rubbish we have not handled responsibly. I try to do my best by making sure I send out more good energy than bad and that I recycle as much as possible, even taking care of the little red wigglies to make sure they get some nice nutrients as well as some that does not appeal to me at all. It's not that hard: give them some egg shells, green leaves, and even some dried flowers so they can pick and choose what they like best.

I try to do this with everything: phone calls, e-mails, and even things like empty cardboard boxes. I like it that I send out good books and healing herbs, but then when it comes to empty boxes, I try to compost them with layering, like a layer of cardboard and then some leaves and more cardboard. In one season, they are broken down and the landfills are spared rubbish.

Now, we take these same concepts and apply them to our bodies. I read a few days ago that 92% of food that is labeled organic still had some residues of GMO components. This is horrifying so we need to grow as much of our own food as possible and give our bodies wholesome nutrients. Then, in a matter of days, the plasma is transformed into a beautiful oasis full of savory morsels. The red and white blood cells both feast and thrive in this plasma, and they are then stronger and transport excellent nutrients to the muscles and other tissues. We start to feel stronger and more energized. Little by little, over a period of some months, all tissues can be revitalized and most can also be regenerated, but there is a sequence so we do not expect everything to improve instantly. Basically, everything depends on the plasma and regeneration proceeds step by step.

When we take care in this manner, we can handle a problem here and there, but if we are in a run down state, our margins might not be good enough in a crisis. So, this is what you can do to be in a better position in case there is a situation requiring you to have better coping capacity.

I'm going to continue this series of essays but interspersed with other subjects that are also gestating.





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