Wuhan Virus and 5G

Posted to Subscribers on 5 March 2020

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On February 4th, I posted my speculation that there is a connection between the crisis in Wuhan and 5G. There were several reasons for suggesting a link.

1. The deployment of 5G began in late October 2019 and the first reported cases of a new coronavirus came shortly thereafter.

2. One report of infection centered on a family of six, each of them infected but with a slightly different mutations of the virus. My theory was that mutations would be random since the particular manner in which a frequency affects someone will depend on opportunity rather than some distinct preference for a particular spectrum of DNA.

3. The emergency hospital that was assembled in a week was 5G ready from the start so patients could not actually escape from the interference of waves that function in a specific biologically sensitive frequency.

4. The fatality rate among evacuees was practically nil, suggesting that freedom from intrusion of strong electromagnetic fields would foster recovery for most individuals.

Since the 4th, many more researchers and bloggers have added to the speculation by noting that the cruise ship quarantined in Japan is equipped with Medallion Net for state of the art Wi-Fi connectivity at sea. There are six enormous egg-shaped towers . . . plus radar and miles of cable throughout the ship so as to deliver movies and more to passengers and crew.


Unique Symptoms

The coronavirus has many forms, but in theory the symptoms would fall within the normal range of influenza symptoms. What is unique about the Wuhan virus is that it is characterized by a dry cough, meaning there is no expectoration. Also, it seems that the breathing issues are atypical as are the hemorrhages and seizures, some of which are very sudden. For example, a person may be standing or walking and simply fall over. With flu, as we know, it is more usual to feel tired and achy and eventually to want to stay in bed, but there are video clips online of people who are out and about, who are apparently walking normally, and then they suddenly drop and shake. Some die instantly.

Korea has also reported cases of the virus, and it is also 5G enabled. It seems obvious enough that if there is a connection between 5G and the epidemic — or even a connection between technology and the capacity it might have to trigger a latest virus that the step in treatment would be to isolate patients from intrusive technology.

To be honest, I do not see this happening. Because enormous amounts of money are involved, I would not expect that serious studies of the risks posed by technology will take place. In the meantime, the question is what will happen to those who cannot escape the influence?

Keep in mind, I am merely speculating since direct evidence to support one theory or another is lacking.

Precautionary Steps

Both practitioners and those who are not health care professionals have written asking what types of protective measures people can take to avoid this virus. Countless people, qualified and dubiously positioned to advise, have given their opinions so it is anyone's guess if I can add anything to what is already out there, but here are some of the things I am doing. I did buy face masks though I do not place all that much faith in them. Viruses are tiny so if I can breathe, what's to say that viruses cannot penetrate the mask? Some of the frontline workers in China are wearing three layers of masks or even full protective gear.

I am avoiding crowds. That is actually easy because I rarely go out anyway. I bought an air filter with an essential oil disperser feature that I think can be useful. I am putting my faith in thuja and davana essential oil.

Because of the hemorrhaging, I am making sure that the dragon's blood is not more than a few feet away at any given time. Usually, a few drops taken internally will stop bleeding, but if anticoagulants are present, it may take a significantly larger dose. I am going to put a special on for Dragon's Blood with a significant discount for four bottles or more. The purpose is to make sure there are bottles in handbags, glove compartments of cars, and wherever else they may be needed.

I am using liquid soap with tea tree to wash my hands. Beyond this, I am not doing anything extraordinary, but I am networking with others who are contributing their ideas of how to stay healthy during the times ahead. I believe everyone should be taking immune enhancing herbs and keeping enough on hand to weather domestic quarantine if necessary.

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