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Today's post will differ a bit from recent ones, but I want to start by reiterating what I said about eclipses. The effects of a solar eclipse could last several years. I wrote that the effects of what you do will be intensified. On the day of the eclipse, I had another nosebleed, maybe the third worst of the many I have had since Fukushima. The dragon's blood was upstairs and it took tremendous will power just to climb the stairs and then a few drops stopped the bleeding instantly. It has never required more than a few drops and one video I watched of South American shaman told viewers that only three drops are needed. I might have taken five.

The bleeds are painless but I feel tired afterwards so on the Fourth of July, I did a few domestic chores, a little editing, and watched videos. Several people contacted me about Lyme disease so the point is simply that energy follows thought and there are psychic mirrors everywhere.

Some of the questions pertained to my own efforts to relocate. This is a good point because eclipses go in 19-year cycles, and during the previous cycle, I moved from Santa Fe to the Pacific Northwest, but there is no reason at all to stay here. I shared a small part of my vision for how to create freedom of choice in health care. Regardless of what people think, such freedom might exist in a very remote area where there are no hospitals, but the laws pertaining to herbs vary from country to country. I did consult attorneys in Ecuador and they were certain that "indigenous medicine" refers exclusively to Ecuadorian traditions, mainly Quechua (Andes) and secondarily Amazonian medicine. What this means is that the constitution protects local traditions including medicinal use of herbs, entheogens used in religious ceremonies, and various forms of exorcism and chanting. Once herbs are blended or extracted, they have to be registered and this would cost about $1200-1500 per formula. Nothing in the constitution really granted freedom to gringos, but homeopathy is recognized by the medical board. Chiropractic medicine is not recognized and therefore not regulated, meaning no license is required. Ayurvedic medicine was not recognized but procedures were initiated to give it status equivalent to homeopathy.

A clinic cannot function without the herbs needed so as we talked to more and more people, other suggestions were made and I have been following up on these for more than two years. There are about five options at this time and I desperately want to determine the best one and get started. The quickest start would seem to favor Mexico. I still love the Andes so I looking very hard at Peru.

Yin and Yang

Yesterday, I did watch a few interviews of the candidates. The Mars-Mercury part of me was thinking of a essay on Lotus and Holy Basil since Kamala means lotus and Tulsi is, of course, Holy Basil. If I do write a post with such a title, you will know what to expect. I very much like Tulsi Gabbard. She exudes leadership and despite her passion and fire, she has control of herself and her agenda. Obviously, her foreign relations positions are very appealing, but it does not mean I am endorsing her, not that it matters at this stage. The person I did want to mention today in Andrew Yang, another dark horse candidate whose thinking is out of the box. Keep in mind, almost by definition, it is far easy to spew a message that is easy to understand than something that is new and almost boggles our minds. His emphasis is however very interesting because he is really promising a subsidy that is sufficiently large that it will enable some people to explore their innate creativity and talents. I think the idea is ingenious and he needs to be allowed air time to explain how this would work . . . just as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard needs time to explain how Medicare for All would be funded. I do not actually believe that either of these interesting candidates is a one-trick pony but they are ahead of their times and this will require voters to think harder. Otherwise, they will vote for the candidate with the best slogan.

Lest we forget, "Yes, we can" went nowhere in particular and "Make America Great Again" is starting to look like a euphemism for might makes right. The idea behind Yang's proposal is however what ultimately created the Renaissance. Everyone is born with talent, purpose, and therefore also potential. However, as many have noted, we do not come with a manual. I do not agree completely, but it takes a very, very good astrologer to create a manual for parenting specific children who are gifted and anxious to unfold those gifts. I used to do a lot of conception charts and then 21-year parenting plans that were divided into seven-year segments.

When schools are boring and distractions are boundless, it is easy to become addicted to our devices and eventually most of us forget who we are. This is a tragedy, but every now and then, someone emerges who had an idea and ran with it. We see many environmental initiatives, interesting start up companies, and sometimes incredible artistic creativity which is what I want to share today. Not all of us are artists. We have different talents, but I seriously doubt anyone's goal in life is to drag items over a barcode reader. The job then becomes a means to an end, but it takes up a lot of time and that time is robbed from the years that could be much more creative.

I'm a perfectionist, readily admit it. Being a perfectionist does not guarantee perfection, it just sets the bar very high. I get my batteries recharged by watching others who have mastered themselves and I want to share two videos today. They are just for pleasure, but they are inspiring . . . at least for me.

Golden Buzzer

Click on the images if you see them.

How do these dots connect? They will connect if you try hard enough! That said, there is always a relationship between the soul and destiny. It would be fair to say that the ascendant represents the soul and the soul enters from the east and leave to the west. It has a "flavor" and provides clues to the motivation for incarnating. It is in relationship to the midheaven of the horoscope which shows the destiny and how we are perceived by others. That is worth keeping in mind because what is lower in the chart might be hidden. Other parts of the horoscope show our families, partners in life, friends, finances, and so on and so forth, but we are literally born as souls so the idea of making our educational systems more creative and interesting as well as giving everyone enough leisure to find purpose in life is very appealing so I hope the idea catches on.

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