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Posted to Subscribers on 7 January 2012


Dear Subscribers,

This is the year when I will turn 70 and also the year in which I hope to do kaya kalpa. It's therefore special for a number of reasons and I spent a few hours here and there over the holidays indulging in reflections and trying to get a glimpse of the future.

As you might expect, there was some zigzagging.

Today, a correspondent sent a link to a Tibetan prophecy published four years ago:


Most of you realize that I spent a great deal of time with the Tibetan community in exile, in India, Hawaii, and Santa Fe. My interest in all things Tibetan goes back to my teens if not also previous incarnations. There are a few subscribers who share my appreciation so they as well as some others may enjoy a film about Tibetan medicine. Keep in mind that much of the film was shot in Mongolia, not Tibet. Let us pray that Mongolia does not accept the radioactive waste that certain forces want to dump there.


The paintings mentioned in the film can be found here:


Unfortunately, for those who do not accept the need for a separation of church and state, the political incidents shown in the film are a dreadful reminder of what can happen when the distinction between what is private and what the proper role of government is become blurred.



Today, I do not want want to editorialize, just share some links because I think it is very important that we focus on what we were born to do rather than the obstacles that seem to be arising in all sorts of areas of human endeavor. This said, my understanding of what will happen on Earth is more or less similar to that expressed in the published prophecies, i.e., we will not make it on our own. We know right from wrong but we do not always choose wisely. Therefore, at the 11th hour, it is probable that intervention will occur in a way that averts a worst case scenario and adjusts the trajectory for the future.

Meanwhile, sightings continue, lots of them in China and Mexico, but practically everywhere in Latin America. Personally, I think we should stop worrying about hostile ETs. This fear seems to be a hoax, sort of like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or nuclear threat of Iran. I look at it as kind of a masquerade. However, my argument is a bit unusual in that my reason for thinking this is that dimensionality implies mastery of the attributes associated with higher chakras whereas power plays, exploitation, and so on and so forth are part of the ego structure of some misguided individuals who have a private agenda. So, my sense is that if we are greeted one night on television by some really far out news that is terrifying, turn off the TV and do something useful with your time. It's the swan song of folks who are running out of trumps.



I did review a few of the statistics on the Iowa voting and realize that voters are by no means on the same page, but the irony is that Truth is always Truth and there are not actually multiple versions of it. Therefore, the versions occur in our own minds due to the biases that push us to view the world through particular lenses. Put away those biases and the Truth is obvious. I actually believe this is what Jesus meant when referring to the eye as singular — both Matthew and Luke — and yes, once upon a time, I knew these verses well. A couple of more esoteric verses escaped the censors. In any event, the reference appears to be to the third eye. We have two eyes that are physical and one more that is metaphysical.

There are some subscribers nudging me to write much more on these subjects but I have an audio cassette you can order, several actually, The Third Eye and Miasms of the Moon.


What is biased by personal experiences tints our lenses. We look through our glasses, often without realizing that others have lenses with different tints. We also seldom see without any lenses at all. So, depending on how we perceive ourselves, we may find others who share our views, a few or perhaps millions . . . or perhaps hardly anyone else. Obviously, huge investments are made to convince others to view the world and its issues in a particular manner.

One friend of mine with a much better sense of humor than I have but also a more caustic tongue referred to those who repeat what is broadcast as Xeroxes. I was a bit slow on the uptake but when not actually doing anything independently, thoughts are copies, not authentic. Our handlers want us to conform to the propaganda they disseminate. It's how they maintain the Ring-Pass-Not. It also prevents most people from ever realizing who they are. In my most facetious moments years ago, I said that Madison Avenue has replaced incantations over frogs with jingo and jargon.

The aliens must be quite bewildered about our delusions but hopefully they have pity on us and will become our teachers. This is my expectation. When there are true teachers, not the goofs that pass themselves off as whatever, people can align. When the input is irrelevant, manipulative, lacking validity, all it can do is muck us up. At best, we use some of our energy to deflect the intrusive input, but at worst, we swallow it hook, line, and sinker and end up lost or, worse yet, dead in some unconscionable foreign war.

Years and years ago, I had a sort of period of respite from the world for which I will always be grateful. When I think about it, the timing could not have been better because I was old enough to question the idea of conforming and young enough to still have a future. However, sooner or later, we pay for everything so now I have been working seven days a week without a vacation since 1993.

Anyway, I know I can't please everyone. I hope, however, not to annoy anyone. I am trying to put out ideas and provide links that some of you will find interesting, helpful, or even inspiring. It is clear that each of you responds more to some material and less to other. This is to be expected. So, that said, I would like to mention Marie Corelli again. She authored many books. The first one I read is entitled "Soul of Lilith" and, at the time, I found it extraordinary. Like many of my books, it went missing under bizarre circumstances. What happened was so odd that probably no one would believe it. Morrnah had taken us to the top of Mauna Kea where there is an observatory. It is a very special observatory because of the extremely high elevation and thus excellent conditions for viewing. It is utterly free of light pollution from civilization and Mauna Kea is an interesting mountain, tallest in the world if you measure from the ocean floor instead of sea level. It is snow-capped so as one ascends, the changes from tropical paradise to cold and barren to cosmic are dramatic.

There were extraterrestrials present on that night. On the way back to our retreat on the southern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, there was a light show in the sky, like lasers. One of those lights slashed my rear tire, just like it had been cut with a machete, huge diagonal gash. My car was full but we were all safe. Honestly, I can't explain it. We changed the tire in the dark. The book had been in the trunk and it vanished.

Marie Corelli books were collector's items in those days but you can find them online now. She had a sort of formula in which the two main characters were a mystic with all the properties one associates with mystics: wise, insightful, compassionate, inclusive, and tender. Then, there would be an occultist who was trying to uncover mysteries through experimentation, study, and a sort of mad Faustian laboratory with symbols of the explorations. I read the book at least 35 years ago. It was a gift from a student at a seminar in Chicago. If you read a book like this, maybe if you read it at just the right time in your own quest, lots of new possibilities begin to sneak onto your horizon. After that novel, I read "Master Christian" which I found totally phenomenal. I dare say Santorum might not agree, but it ought to be required reading for everyone living in Christendom . . . which, come to think of it, might not exist yet on this Earth.

Now, one more pet subject. The subscriber who bought new speakers, the Soundsticks, wrote a rave review. She immediately realized that she was "lost in sound" for what seemed like a unique experience for her. She did go to the flamenco guitar audiophile recording I had suggested. It's from an album called Flamenco Mystico by the late Gino d'Auri. She compared what she could hear using the new speakers with what she could hear using less sophisticated devices and was blown away. Here's the link for those who missed that post:


In the News

Lastly, a news items. In the ongoing struggle for survival, Zimbabwe has joined the list of countries that will refuse to allow GMO crops to be planted in its soil. In the official statement by Dr. Joseph Made, Minister of Agriculture Mechanisation and Irrigation Development, the reason cited was, "Scientific research shows that GMOs contain toxic substances, are less nutritious than non-GMOs and have negative effects on humans and the environment."


In a world with inordinate corporate influence, we can appreciate that Zimbabwe did not come to its decision easily nor is the decision apt to be free of repercussions so let's send a prayer to this courageous country.

Many blessings,



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