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Posted to Subscribers on 17 November 2009


Dear Subscribers,

There is a lot and a little to say before posting my next essay, which for those who are trying to guess, will be on memory.


First of all, I would like you to read this article:


After you have had time to read it, I will post my commentary.


On the H1N1 media pandemic, I would suggest you read two articles, the official latest from the WHO:


and one from a source that appears to be credible:


If you are able to read Russian, try this link:



This morning, I watched a brief video by the Polish minister of health. She is refusing to use her signature to buy the vaccine at government expense, but you can imagine that all eyes are now on the Ukraine. My former web technician is Ukrainian. He does not feel that this year is any different from any other election year. I.e., we are seeing political issues, not medical issues. As the Polish MD stated, fatalities remain lower than with "normal" seasonal flu. You can try youtube.

I am concerned about several issues, both political and medical, but I want to think a bit longer on this. Meanwhile, I have a few common sense suggestions. First, if you don't have to be in a crowd, don't put yourself in a situation where you are rubbing shoulders with many others. Second, stop shaking hands. It's a filthy and archaic custom anyway. There are far more pleasant ways to greet people. My mother used to say the custom started by showing your palm to prove you were not concealing a weapon. Then, you shook hands to prove that you accept there is no risk of danger. Right now, there is more danger associated with germs than weapons so let's smile or curtsy or bow or clasp our hands together and say, "Blessings!"

Third, you really need to consider your air quality. How successful am I in getting my message across? I think I have received 20-30 times more emails about MMS than orders for essential oil. Obviously, I don't know how to shout, but misting your air space is positively brilliant and it is your first line of defense. You don't even have to be in that space when you are misting but inhaling a very small amount of volatile oil makes a huge amount of sense.

This morning, I had two emails about ravensara essential oil. I used to carry it but stopped because I am more convinced of the efficacy of wild oregano, thyme, cinnamon, clove, and countless others. Challenged, I looked up the aromatogram studies on many, many oils, but it is just what I have been telling you all along. Certain oils are more potent than hospital disinfectants, 30 times more potent.


You do not want "more" because "more" is not better than less. "More" kills white blood cells and I will bet my reputation that nearly everything recommended is destructive to white blood cells so very careful use is all you really want.

If I were seeing infected patients, I would be wearing a mask with oil on the mask, but I am not seeing patients. Those who are can increase their first line of defense by improving the efficiency of the mask.

I have referred to various methods of protection. Death on contact is actually quite primitive compared to having a healthy immune system. You will note that Prof. Bachinsky said, "If a person’s immune system is strong, they will overcome it."

How do you know if you have a healthy immune system?

Once more: if you have amalgams or other sources of toxic metals in your body, you probably do not have an effective immune system. If you drink fluoridated water, you don't have a healthy system. If you are taking antibiotics or ingesting them by eating non-organic animal products, you do not have a healthy immune system. If you have been exposed to radiation, you also need to be very concerned. As I have been saying, this leaves you no choice but to use a "death on contact" method because the white blood cells are toast. Actually, they are disintegrated or disintegrating and leaving fibrous debris in their wake.

If, however, you have a viable immune system, you can strengthen it with herbs. The herbs will work somewhat even if your immune system is compromised, but "somewhat" is an immensely vague term upon which certain lives depend. Taking immune herbs nourishes the white blood cells and improves their capacity to survive toxins. Since this is what Prof. Bachinsky felt was the actual cause of death, there are many people who are in a position to detoxify now so that the margins are better in the event of exposure. Then, one can increase the dependence on whichever protocol you choose if and when the need should arise which hopefully it won't. Probably, this will fizzle.

We actually need to use our creative thought to invoke the assistance of all guardians of life and ask them to use their skills to shift the risk. If all of us simply asked for the highest good for everyone, it would have an amazing transformative effect because fear is usually baseless whereas faith is powerful. If every person on this list contacted everyone on his or her list and asked each person to commit one minute a day to praying for the highest good of all life on Earth, it would indeed be powerful, beyond your wildest imagination. One minute is not much to offer such a serious issue and it beats watching commercials on TV. You can even do this while driving your car or tucking yourself into bed at night. Just ask for the highest good and let the higher powers decide how to interpret the request.

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Last weekend, most of the web sites were moved to a new server and a few things were overlooked but have since been corrected. I thank all the thoughtful people who called my attention to the issues. Our ZenCarts were immediately "exploited" and we have since reverted to the previous server where they were quirky but not in danger. My technician is working on this and I hope to hear good news later tonight. There is no risk to you. The problem was simply that everything was timing out before transactions could be completed. This is hugely irritating, especially if you are a computer newbie or ill. I apologize, but these things happen on the web.

This was intended to be brief so I will sign off now and post my commentary tomorrow or the next day.



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