Dark Night of the Soul

Posted to Subscribers on 12 January 2011


Dear Subscribers,

As many continue to process the precariousness of life, there are just a few thoughts that I would like to interject.

Believe me: even very good astrologers can rarely predict the moment of death. There are those who claim otherwise but when put to the test, they are usually wrong. However, there is one exception to this assertion. If you have the horoscopes of partners and family members and there is a crisis such as diagnosis of a serious illness or accident or coma, one can predict the outcome with almost perfect certainty IF the astrologer possesses the requisite skills and if the birth times of the other persons are correct. I will maintain that very few astrologers have these skills and there are two reasons for this. First, emphasis in the last few decades has been on psychological interpretations of the horoscope so the highly technical skills required in predictional astrology are so lacking as to be almost non-existent; and, secondly, the advent of computers has rendered the mechanics of astrology a mystery to most people. Loosely translated into more ordinary language, this means that the mathematics and astronomy behind the chart are not necessary in order to interpret personal dynamics . . . and so these subjects are not studied very deeply if at all. Before you pass judgment on this state of affairs, keep in mind that most astrologers know what they know and what they don't know so they stay within their limits. However, what is worth contemplating is that when the requisite skills do exist, a good astrologer is not only phenomenally accurate, but the fact that he or she is accurate suggests that we all exist as part of a highly complex matrix in which our roles are tightly interwoven with those of others.

Everyone will approach this knowledge with a slightly different philosophy, one that probably exhibits the influence of religion, philosophy, and perhaps some cutting edge science. What, however, seems even more crucial is that prior to incarnating, each of us agreed to the terms and conditions of our births. A lot of people have absolutely immense resistance to such thoughts. Most Westerners want to believe they are in charge of their destinies and can use their will power to change anything they want. This might be true IF the will power itself were capable of operating outside the influence of Time which is itself a major determinant of what happens in Space. If we had these skills, we would also be interdimensional and perhaps even capable of time travel, but to the extent that most of our "ideas" are just recapitulations of thoughts embedded by others, we are very much operating within the confines of the here and now.

So, don't ask me to predict the outcome of Rep. Giffords crisis because I do not have the charts of the people closest to her . . . moreover, there are very few situations in which I would personally want to know the outcome. However, there is a video I have been meaning to share and the time now might be right:


Many years ago, there was a memorable film by the famous death and dying researcher Raymond Moody. It is called Life After Life. I loaned it out one too many times, but anyone who has had a near death experience or taken the time to look into the accounts of others who have had them knows that life is not only never the same again but infinitely better than it was.

In the accounts in the linked film as well as the more detailed stories in Life After Life (which I highly, highly recommend), the cogent point has nothing to do with the incident causing the near death experience nor the details of the vital signs but rather the fact that if someone decides to come back (or is sent back), he or she often returns with full recall not only of what happened in the accident or illness but how the various medical personnel attempted to manage the crisis as well as what the consciousness experienced while disconnected from the body. It has occurred to me that Rep. Giffords will be no exception to this rule and her life will therefore be entirely reshaped by events.

By outer appearances, it would appear that she will have a long and perhaps challenging journey to recovery. This obviously is one possible scenario. Another would be that a point comes when she has not only a spontaneous remission but a complete healing of the body. There is no one in a position to predict what will happen next except her own soul.

However, if we take the conventional route, we would accept that she has considerable rehabilitation ahead. I am not one for betting on such matters. It would be equally possible in my mind that she astonishes everyone. Neither actually matters nearly as much as the fact that every crisis is both a turning point and opportunity. We can at any moment focus on the crisis or the opportunity and they often jockey for supremacy since it is very hard to maintain the momentum of either optimism or despondency. Ironically, I get the feeling that spiritually, Rep. Giffords is in a good place now. Physically, well, the days ahead will tell, but I will repeat something I have said before, we never have experiences larger than we can handle. That goes for challenges as well. Moreover, even if we sink into the darkest night the soul, there is light after darkness and both darkness and light have life. To maximize the benefit, one should not rush.

Sometimes I think the Cosmos has a sense of humor because after traversing the roughest road possible, we often get a ride on a magic carpet and something out of the world wonderful happens. Perhaps it is true that in this world, darkness and light are balanced. They share dominion over the Earth and our psyches but they never seem to share the throne. Rather they are rivals for dominance who occasionally exchange seats.

If you can take the time to watch the video on surviving death, take the time to allow it to slither around in your psyche. If you can obtain a copy of Life After Life, you will never regret the money or time invested in watching it.

Many blessings,



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