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Posted to Subscribers on 20 December 2011


Dear Subscribers,

Comments have trickled down almost to the invisible line, but there are a couple more notes I would like to add to the "Review" and then back to mold and more familiar subjects.

Over the last few years, I have dropped little stories here and there. For instance, I mentioned that Morrnah shrieked when I nearly drove right through a dinosaur that she saw and I didn't. You know how it is when you are driving and someone yells, "Watch out"! I laugh because something like this probably doesn't happen in every lifetime, but then a thought flitted through my mind that perhaps the dinosaurs are like elephants in that they have their well-worn paths and are oblivious to the hazards of major highways and so on and so forth.

I will go on a bit because it helps us to take in the vastness of our true reality which includes the fact that time only exists in the third dimension. Think about it a moment. We measure time using the movements of astronomical bodies. If the bodies are not manifested in the third dimension, the concept of orbits and time dissolves.

Similarly, if we lose a physical body through the process we call death, then we would nevertheless still have most of our "equipment". I mentioned a story about the ghosts playing nose flutes that my mother explained were just passing through en route to a holy festival. She said they would return in the evening and thus it was, exactly as she said. What this also means is that mother was very good at appearing to be absolutely normal when, in fact, she was clearly very psychic.

In one post, I told you another story. We had a custom in our family of putting an extra coffee cup on the table for our ancestors. There was some Wedgwood china that had passed through many generations but that and much more had been stolen from the house between the time that my mother died (in Santa Fe) and my return to Hawaii with her ashes. One day in the animal communications, I asked Celeste, one of my cockatoos if she saw ghosts. Her response was indignant. She said she didn't see things that were not there. I explained that the question was not about her sanity but I wanted to know if she saw something or someone I wasn't seeing. She said there is a woman who looks a lot like me that is walking around with an empty blue coffee cup.

On a totally different occasion, I asked Celeste about another odd behavior. Celeste was chasing something (invisible) into a corner and beating this something with her wings. It was happening often and there was a lot of noise when she was on the attack. Well, my mother had reincarnated in Europe and was obsessed with everything about me and visited often, but as a curious and not too well behaved young child. Celeste didn't like her behavior at all. This story is beyond amazing because as a tiny child, she was singing Swedish folk songs when living in a country far from Sweden. The entire incident would not even have been reported to me save that a diplomat heard her singing and asked where she had learned the song. The family thought she was making up the tunes and the words. As he walked over, he said, "Oh, my word, she is singing in perfect Swedish." At that point, I send her sheet music and a few other odds and ends from her lifetime as my mother to her new family. She opened the little green book of folk songs to the exact page with the song she had been singing but then told her mother that her mother would not be able to play the other music, very old and brittle sheet music from my mother's boarding school days in Switzerland in the 1920s. Each piece of music was dated. Her mother was offended by the insinuation that she couldn't play the music. She retorted that the comment was rude. The little child said, "Well, your fingers aren't long enough." If there had been any other explanation, it would not have been relevant, but my mother used to squeeze a tennis ball to stretch her fingers and she could reach from C to G in the next octave. She had very long Piscean fingers, the true psychic type hands, but that was still an enormous reach for a woman.

These stories just go on and on and on and I have been sprinkling them here and there for a purpose. It was intentional that the thoughts were scattered over many years.

Now, I would like to propose to those who are ready to consider this that the light that I have described over the head with almost infinite rays is simultaneously incarnate in countless manifestations in different windows we call time. Don't jump or revolt, just allow the idea some space and you can flirt with it or reject it.

Keep in mind that I have been connecting dots for decades. The first regression technique that Isabel Hickey demonstrated dates back to the 70s, but what we have is a very consistent pattern of people traveling up one ray of light, merging with a far bigger and brighter light, and discovering while inside the light that there are other rays and they can explore the manifestations associated with those rays, one at a time, because they have to "descend" the ray into a place in time . . . from whence, they have access to everything else about their presence in that time.

Once you understand this, you will understand that all time travel, backwards or forwards, is not just possible, but it is a normal feature of the landscape of the soul. For the sake of convenience, we organize our events into linear time. In actuality, only the third dimension finds this useful. In the emotional and mental parts of ourselves, impressions are organized by categories, not time. Let's keep it as simple as possible for right now. If angry about something in particular, there is an emotional file with that fiery charge and related memories are linked to that file so once we start feeling the anger, a cascade of memories that are similar in vibration can unfurl. However, in those memories, there are no incidents of an entirely different vibration, such as grief or depression. Likewise, we tend to organize our knowledge into compartments and recall is greatly enhanced by using associations.

Once you realize that we are not simultaneously feeling both anger and grief much less thinking and feeling, it will not seem quite so far-fetched that we are not simultaneously remembering previous incarnations as well as this one.

It's almost the solstice so I will keep this brief, but my purpose today has been to come at the whole issue of acceleration of consciousness and ascension from another angle completely. We are not only simultaneously incarnate in multiple dimensions, but we are "simultaneously" incarnate in multiple epochs, depending, of course, on the vantage point. If only looking at the world from the third dimension, this is impossible, but when we integrate our third dimensional awareness with the awareness of the other dimensions, this no longer seems impossible. Likewise, there is no "place" to go if we leave the third dimension because places cease to exist as "there" when the consciousness is no longer "here".

For the sake of those who wonder why I am taking such huge leaps right now — and losing some people in the process — it is that I want to prepare the way for those who are going to experience intergalactic contact as well as those who are afraid of change. When we see a space ship and then we do not, we are basically expecting to see linear travel, travel in the third dimension that is similar to flight patterns of planes. However, if the travel is a mixture of third, fourth, sixth, seventh, and who knows what dimensions, none of the rules of the third dimension apply. I will close with one more Morrnah story.

Morrnah was visiting my mother and me in Kona. At the time, I had a guest staying in my little cottage and when I got up, I heard lovely music, like crystal clear sound. I thought my guest was using something very special for meditation so I was quiet. She heard the same but thought I was the one making the music. After hours of tiptoeing, we went over to my mother's house and asked Morrnah if she had been playing music. Morrnah immediately apologized, saying she hoped she hadn't disturbed anyone's sleep. We wanted to see the crystals. She said she had been to a shop in Austria and really loved the chimes but when she realized how fragile they were she decided not to buy them. In short, she simply created them when she wanted and then she allowed the creations to dissipate. I.e., there was nothing in her suitcase or the guest room and she was very sorry to disappoint us.

Just think about it. No one has to accept any new ideas until the ideas have stood the tests of their personal scrutiny, but if open to new perceptions, it's possible that something I have shared will be helpful.

Many blessings,


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