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While scientists look for the God particle or spirit molecule, it might be interesting to continue our journey up the chakras. As mentioned with the woman who was compulsively washing her hands, there was a sort of re-enactment of a Cosmic drama on the microcosmic level, to be specific, a dark entity, grayish mist was pushing away a light object and this was having a profound effect on what we would call the personality. Perhaps a psychologist would label it differently, call it a behavioral change due to the capacity of some force or entity to modify synapses, but what Morrnah and I could see was a classic contest between dark and light.

To refresh your memories, when the gray cloud was over her head, she was phobic and not just suicidal but so recklessly suicidal that the probability was that if she acted on the impulse, others would suffer. There is an immense amount of information in that simple sentence because it suggests that when people "are not themselves" that they are truly not responsible for the behavior that occurs when, metaphorically speaking, someone else is at the helm. I think we ought to take a moment to process this. From the view that I had at the time, it appeared that we could compare the seventh chakra to an outlet and depending on what or who was plugged into that outlet, what we see would differ. I don't know if this is true. I am just putting an image there for you to consider. It suggests that the normal occupant could be evicted and the other entity could assume control.

For the moment, I am going to assume this is possible. At the time in question, I thought the contest for control might be ongoing with periods of lucidity and composure and epochs of severe paranoia and a potential for psychotic behavior. Interestingly, both church and state seem to recognize this phenomenon because there are religious rituals for exorcism and auric cleansing as well as legal verdicts that individuals can be not guilty by reason of insanity. Even more interesting is the fact that there is concurrence over the subject of extremely asocial behavior being due to some aberrant factor rather than normal human expression.

Now, to illustrate this, I am going to take a really huge leap and describe one small part of that altered state session in which we used opera. I truly do not want to go into all the details, but as I told you, I was incarnate in an Asian body, male. The setting was Polynesian and the other people were much bigger in comparison. There was a formal gathering and almost immediately, I began running a high fever. The traditional healers felt responsible for my welfare but the method of healing they were using involved a sort of merger of energies that allowed them to feel what the patient felt. All they could feel was extreme weakness because my vibration was so different from theirs. I could feel their thoughts but they began pumping prana into my body to make it stronger. I wanted them to stop because the feeling for me wasn't comfortable. After a while, I could not recognize my own energies any more so I lost interest in my body. Right at that moment, I saw an ape-like creature, pleasant but perhaps a bit opportunistic. He found this prana-rich body very attractive and wanted to use if I was checking out. I basically said, "Be my guest, I'm out of here." The person who was facilitating this was bored with the content and aborted the session. Professionally, this is a very serious no no. What it meant personally was that the opportunity to connect dots was delayed, significantly delayed.

However, around this time, there was a lot of literature appearing about walk-ins so the mechanics of transfer of possession seem accepted in some circles. Some years later, Morrnah visited me in Santa Fe. This was the occasion when she asked me to drive her to Albuquerque. I told you the story about her shouting not to hit the dinosaur (that I hadn't seen crossing the interstate) but I never told you the rest of the story about why she wanted to go to Albuquerque. She was connecting with Native American medicine men and in this particular instance, some of the walk-ins were from other planets. Keep in mind that I was just the chauffeur but had graciously been allowed to sit there as they went about their work. What was interesting for me was that the walk-ins from other systems of the Universe were perfectly able to control the physical bodies but they simply ignored the emotions. When we meet someone who is hyper-intellectual or dumbed down or numb to what we regard as normal social behavior, we still see enough that is familiar that we regard these people as people, just not very charismatic much less pheromonal. With what I saw on that day, I would say that the visitors found the emotional body useless so while able to access memory, they were basically not using the astral body at all. Instead what I saw was a phenomenal amount of electromagnetic activity, almost like being in a storm of currents. I will always be grateful to Morrnah for allowing me to be part of so many extraordinary experiences. You can imagine that the drive home and the conversations over dinner had an immense impact on my maturation.

What we mostly hear or heard about walk-ins is that the normal occupant of a physical body chose to surrender rights to that body. The reasons vary within quite a range. Often the body was traumatized by an accident or disease. We have heard of people who died on the operating table who were given a choice of returning or staying on the other side of the veil. There are fewer stories about people who were shown that if they chose not to return, the body would be used by someone else. The bodies I saw were fully functional, not wrecked, except for the astral energies that were not used.

For those who find this hard to follow, let me reintroduce some material on multiple personalities and propose that this is a variation of the above process except that the astral body is fragmented so the different personalities still "belong" to the same incarnating being but the memories are compartmentalized in a way that makes each personality work through one component of the whole. However, what we know is that healing involves integration of these personalities with the incarnate being and there are alters that do not want to surrender their identities as separate beings. I hope I am not boring anyone, but if we do not understand the principles involved, we will not understand the path to self.

Let's say there is a personality who is very angry over being left alone at age two. That personality talks baby talk and acts out the terrible twos big time. However, if it is one alter of many, it is still spilling milk at the table despite using a physical body that looks 35 years old. It may actually have a cousin alter who is angry about no one picking him up after school one day, but that one might have a bigger vocabulary and all the behavior we normally associate with a teenager. Okay, most of you get the point. In the case of multiples, the emotional body is fragmented but the same soul is working through all of them.

In the case of the walk-ins, the content of the emotional body is personal to the previous occupant and therefore of limited interest to the walk-in. In this case, there has been a swap of energies at the level of the seventh chakra and the previous soul is presumably fully present in the discarnate state that it chose over returning to the physical. To some extent, this idea is a variation of the Buddhist concept of nirmanakayas because the physical body does not die but the operator of the body has changed.

Just so people don't get too carried away or think I am too carried away, I want to emphasize that these phenomena are rare. They are not happening on a scale that suggests that the preponderance of incarnate beings is now tilting in favor of alien occupations. As for the aliens, they come in countless descriptions. You might say, there are those who are merely studying the human condition, apparently with a goal of working with future visitors so that the problems here can be resolved. Others are very serious teachers. No one seems to be on a joy ride . . . because, if the truth be known, this Planet is not much fun right now.

Okay, now we have some mental images and accept that the incarnate being is incarnating via a connection that has some parallels to currents. The soul is not exactly inside the body. It is "wired" to the pineal gland and that is why we paint halos around saints. Whew! I got there.

In my estimation, this energy is soul energy and it has similar relationships with spirit as the six chakras of the incarnate being have to the soul. That story obviously also has a sequel, in the queue. I just want as many people as possible to understand the mechanisms and to appreciate why it is absolutely damnable, sorry, but that is the right word, to thwart the functioning of the pineal gland. Now, I would suggest that if you haven't already listened to Dr. Mercola's interview of Dr. Don Huber that you do so. It is in two parts and formal as Dr. Huber is in Part I, he really shows passion in Part II. The way the videos are posted on youtube is a little confusing because the same introduction is used in both parts, but after that, the discussion is actually a continuation and heats up dramatically.

Here is Part II:

Then, if that doesn't put you totally over the top, try this for an encore:

This is another interview conducted by Dr. Mercola, this time with fluoride expert Jeff Green. As with Dr. Huber, he starts out cautiously and manages to be politically correct and then he says it like it is.

What I am trying to say is we cannot know who we are if the consciousness that is supposed to anchor in our beings is blocked by calcification and ossification of the organ that is supposed to function as our seventh sense. We are today functioning with five senses. This is not normal. We are supposed to have seven and we cannot actually express ourselves as purposeful and spiritual beings if these senses are blocked.

Okay, I plan to go on like this, more stories with twists and turns and detours of all sorts. What Dr. Huber and Jeff Green cover are sad developments like autism and Alzheimer's disease, but what the DMT people are addressing is bigger because they are telling us what the world would be like if we were not chemically shut down. It's big, it's important, and it's fitting to use the season in which we celebrate the triumph of light over darkness by devoting some time to recovering our light.

Finally, I want to share something a precious correspondent shared with me. For Christmas, she adopted an elephant in a sanctuary and she gave her son the adoption papers for a baby elephant. I was deeply touched by the gesture and originality. Countless environmental and rescue groups are in need of support. I would urge as many people as possible to consider emulating this act by giving the gift of hope to some other creature whose fate depends on our kindness. To help those who do not know where to start, I will once more mention one of my favorites:

and here is one that a subscriber mentioned:


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