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It was a week ago that I recommended a film called Time of the Sixth Sun. Everyone who wrote me after watching the film felt the movie had a profound effect. It is not appropriate, I think, to approach this film, with one's mind. Likewise, it does not feel right for me to use my Virgoan razors in the manner I sometimes do. This is billed as a film about integrating dream time with our reality. I am using my words, not adhering to the exact manner in which the film is being promoted.

The concept of "Time" is itself a gauntlet but not an indigenous concept. I personally believe there is an architecture not just to manifestation but to Creation itself. That said, the idea is essentially that civilization has cycles and that events take place that are unique to the cycles. Therefore, the "Time" of the Sixth Sun is an epoch in history so it is linear or spiral, not an illusion in the 3D realm. I suppose I could make this clearer: "Time" is real, but only in the manifest world. In all other states of awareness, it ceases to exist so it is not an absolute but rather a feature of manifestation. Dream time is actually an odd term, but it is a state of awareness that exists outside of calendrical time but has a vault in which memories of historical time are retained. That is a complex sentence. Even I had to read it and rewrite a couple of times.

The Buddha spoke on impermanence in the Sermon on the Seven Suns. Basically, in the world of appearances, there is change. This involves becoming, being, and ending. The sermon addresses how each cycle will end. At the end of the cycle of the fifth sun, there will be aridity, so severe that survival is in peril. The sixth sun would seem to birth after many volcanic eruptions.

The first question that arises is the origin of the concepts of these cycles in indigenous traditions, and there is no clear answer but rather some important observations, the first being that the Mayans clearly had a more profound understanding of the Cosmos than modern astronomers. The Mayan calendar began over 5000 years ago but it was based on pre-Colombian knowledge. I had the great privilege of being able to examine some pre-Colombian artifacts. They were very delicate and surpassed what can today be made with modern tools. This ought not to surprise us when we look at construction in the Andes. The point is simply to note that civilizations come and go. There may be some survivors that preserve ancient knowledge and help to restart society after calamities.

When I was researching smallpox in relationship to vaccines and herbs, I read that 168 Spaniards "conquered" the vast Incan Empire. This was not quite straight fact. The Incans believed that it was the end of their stay on Earth and that they were to return to the Pleiades. Though they vastly outnumbered the Conquistadors, they did not fight back and allowed themselves to be slaughtered. As we know, the victor writes the history so putting together the pieces of a vanquished civilization is difficult.

What connects the dots for me is that I have always felt a deep connection to the Incans and surely was one in a past life. I believe this is a pattern for me: incarnations in different cultures so that the bridges can eventually be built. In an ideal society, people feel very close to spirit and reverent towards Earth. This is actually the foundation of many indigenous communities; and if the members of such communities try to understand or communicate with outsiders, there may be many misunderstandings. That said, there can be no doubt but that Pizarro and his troops were pirates who imposed an entirely foreign language, religion, and approach to life on the survivors of their conquests.

This is the invisible backdrop for much of the current unrest in the world. It is time for genuine spirituality and for this to succeed, vast numbers of people need to awaken, not only to dream time but to divine inspiration. I think that the film had a profound effect in promoting this realignment. For me personally, it was very moving because I had just returned from Mexico where certain contrasts were very obvious, including the juxtapositioning of traditional reverence for the land and the rapid assimilation of corporate culture. Though I covered hundreds of miles by road and by air, I saw almost only desert. If one thinks of the eleven acres supplying organic food, it was really a tiny oasis surrounded by exposed earth and agave, not enough to support more than a tiny hotel and restaurant. If we multiply that by a hundred or a thousand, we easily see the danger of failure to exercise proper trusteeship for the land. Therefore, the idea that a job in industry will allow people to live more comfortably is a short-term possibility with longer term risks. There should be red flags everywhere.

With respect to the environmental movement, the press has power and has been ruthless in its mockery of protecting spotted owls over building pipelines and other short-term solutions to long-term problems. To awaken to a new understanding is the first step in reversing the plunder that has characterized the last thousands of years, the epoch of the Fifth Sun. Whether we are talking about surrounding countries attacking Egypt simply to replenish their granaries or conquests by Greeks and Romans and Mongolians and European monarchies and corporations, we are talking about solving problems through sword and theft rather than wise policies that address self-sufficiency and sustainability. Naturally, there will be a collapse when all coveted resources have been captured and resold as part of a consumer-based economic model.

The Sixth Sun

One of the first home runs in the Time of the Sixth Sun was the transfer of indigenous wisdom to the awakening modern society. We have all heard about a consciousness movement. It did not really start with the Flower Children but rather much earlier. However, it spread wildly with the resistance to an utterly insane and unconscionable war. Then, it was nurtured by wisdom from Asia and the shifts in consciousness that arise when we meditate and/or have direct insights into reality. This was, however, still mainly an impress of a hierarchical system on Western minds, but the softer approaches to basics like eating and working were seeding what we see now, which is a birthing of a more integrated consciousness that is more responsible. Even our language reflects this to some extent. The Flower Children were young so even if dissident, they were not taking over the reins of society. They did, however, discover power in numbers. If the number of draft dodgers and drop outs had been small, the war would have perhaps gone on as it has in Afghanistan. That fighting is sustained by wild propaganda that was lacking during the Vietnam War. Nevertheless, I see a turning point. After two world wars, there was Korean War, but society hardly balked. Maybe it did and I was too young to note it, but I think the challenges to abuse of power were not as great as with Vietnam.

Why am I harping on about this? Well, one realization that dawns on us when we awaken is our essential oneness. Concepts of karma and understanding of karma come later, especially if the initial shredding of the veils occurs through use of entheogens rather than study and practice. So, there is a lag time. There is also a lack of scaffolding to support the new understanding so it takes time to build the mental structures to contain the new appreciation for more holistic approaches to life. Once these are erected, the "children" are ready to assume adult roles, perhaps not to lead but to function consciously within the new structures.

For me, this is not about aging hippies but the second and third generations of the original Flower Children. Alas, I cannot exactly count myself as one of them because I chose to oppose the Vietnam War from within the system rather than from outside. At the time, I felt it was more effective, but I was feeding the press stories that they used to make the War as unpopular as possible. That is not happening now. What I see is that just as people are awakening, the powers that be have also learned a few lessons, including how to control the press. So, in a way, the tensions are escalating; and this ultimately will lead to collapse, just as I was shown in visions in the early 1970s.

Collapse for me does not translate to "crisis" but rather the birth of the next civilization, the sixth. In the material I was absorbing both through studies and meditation, it was shown that this wave would emerge in Latin America. If you watch carefully, you will see a migration of philosophical and metaphysical sophistication, probably, I am guessing, to Brazil since it is at least a couple of generations ahead of whatever we are seeing in North America and Europe. However, that would be the center and there would be pulsing that sends the messages far and wide . . . eventually, not all on the first day.


Characteristics of the Sixth Sun

In the film, emphasis was placed on the divine feminine. It must be totally obvious to everyone that our present civilization is extremely patriarchal. As you know, I have supported a goal of balance, not one that favors one side against the other. For me, yin and yang are not exactly genders. They refer to deeper principles such as receptivity and action, inclusiveness and initiation. By this, I mean that we absorb, and to succeed, we have to magnetize what we need to nourish our bodies, minds, and souls. If we can also attract what feels good to us emotionally, that would be a major accomplishment and demonstrate mastery of the feminine principles in Nature. Once our cups are full, we can share and this is a giving action that is outgoing so it is able to nourish others. We move from infant to adult very slowly and carefully over many lifetimes. As adults, we can parent.

If you have been a subscriber for a while, you know that I have referenced the destruction of Lyran civilization by emphasis on what is mind-made and devoid of both organic substance and divine inspiration. I believe we are perilously close to that danger now so the shock waves are loud and reverberating. This will awaken some long forgotten fears. When I read about space exploration and moving to Mars, I see spiritually immature survivalists reliving their Lyran nightmares. They are so shielded from the truth that they are just replaying old tapes, thinking they can invent something to keep them alive after ruining yet another place.

Thankfully, a few people are wiser and more awake. Before exploring this, I would like to address matriarchy. In my mind, the feminine is rounder, more inclusive, more protective, and more in touch with feelings. Mothers put their egos aside to bond with children, they make sacrifices for their children, and they cooperate with others. I have long advocated for a new business model based on cooperation rather than competition, community involvement instead of wealth accumulation, and long-term security over vanity and success. Also, looking at the U.S. horoscope, I always felt that this country will turn around when it has the right female president. However, this is perhaps less about gender than the parts that are expressed. I do not think that just any woman would fulfill this role, but I confess, I voted for Jill Stein in the last election because I felt her motivations and platform made the more sense than the other options. I still think so, but I could also strongly support Cynthia McKinney. Everyone sees in these disclosures whatever he or she understands about the Green Party or the individuals in question. For me, whatever the shortcomings, those shortcomings are less critical than the passions underlying their candidacies, past and present.

Among the Democratic candidates, I think Andrew Yang is underestimated, and he has vowed to have a woman as a running mate. Why? He is the only one with his eyes on the future and the only one who sees clearly where technology is heading and what a powerful grassroots movement would do to shift the trajectory so that his children and grandchildren will have a future. One can be decent, patriotic, experienced, etc., etc., but if one cannot address the conflict between technology and sustainability, one cannot steer the ship of state. In short, the cause of collapse will be the myopia of people repeating the Lyran drama on a Planet that is not their true home.


In the awakening to dream time, we see the patterns from our past. There is a film that tries to portray this. I have not actually seen Cloud Atlas. Rather, I have seen analyses of segments of the film. It felt like the story telling could be improved, but the points were clear. Dream time is actually independent of Time. There is no Time unless there is motion so Space and Time are partners. If we plunge into the sea of emotions, we feel, and through feeling, we recognize details of events that are part of our written history. One of the striking scenes in Time of the Sixth Sun was the Aboriginal man explaining how he climbs a web like a spider to connect to a part of himself he cannot reach or feel except in dream time. For me, this was poignant and straight fact. It is essentially how I have been facilitating past life recall, but I had no idea about the Aboriginal practice until seeing that scene. The technique I have used involves the imagination of a sun and ascending on a ray to the sun. Once reaching the sun, one sees many rays and can descend on another, explore, and then return to the sun and so on and so forth. People can explore 2-3 rays in each session.

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So, it spoke to me very directly and makes me wonder how I evolved this method. The answer will, of course, be interesting. However, what is absolutely clear is that tendencies remain essentially the same until there is an experience that is so important that reality itself shifts. That opens the potential for a new trajectory which is how we differentiate a pattern from genuine progress. Moving from the fifth to the sixth sun involves realignment of yin and yang. The angel in San Miguel de Allendes gave me that message, and I felt it was for everyone, i.e., meant to be shared. I could feel this happening throughout the viewing of Sixth Sun. This is why I felt the film is powerful even if sometimes my Virgo stuff had to be throttled a bit.

Several of the concepts underlying the Sixth Sun are worth discussing. As I wrote some months ago, I believe that there are some language issues in the theological tenets of Western civilization. This does not mean that similar issues do not exist elsewhere, but, just to make it clear, I was obsessing over words like "heaven" and "angels" and "firmament." If we could consider changing heaven to sky, I think we would look up and see sky and look inwards to find heaven. If we look up to find heaven, we will tend to think it is a place that we can find if we are good whereas heaven is really an inner state of bliss and not a geographical location.

I agree with von Däniken on angels. They seem to be very advanced beings who might have reached their state in another part of the Universe so they are perhaps alien emissaries with a particular interest in our Planet. Wings are part of the heart chakra so we realize they are earned. Firmament is mind boggling and might take 20 posts to address so all I can do is tease at this point. Bible thumpers and flat earthers are both a bit confused about where fundamentalism and science appear to be on a collision course. As you might have suspected, I have a found a middle path that is neither dogmatic nor speculative in the scientific sense. By this, I mean that creation myths and changes in what is "understood" and "accepted" are attempts by mortals to explain something that completely exceeds their theoretical expertise. That said, I am going to weigh in a bit and suggest that there is a lot of subterfuge where astronomy is concerned so what we "know" today will probably be overwritten in the future, most likely the near future. This can happen if there is an authentic alien contact and disclosure, whistle blowing, or honest report of a space program from any country. If I were betting, I would be counting on a mixture of the three and favoring India over the other players where space exploration is concerned.

The language used in astrology, which is a very old discipline, is probably consistent with very early understanding which has to date back to before recorded history. Why? We cannot explain artefacts from past civilizations that defy modern technological prowess unless there were prior civilizations. How did the Mayans know about the Galactic Center? Why do the Giza pyramids point to Orion? When were they built? I think the answer was that some pyramids were built to survive the flood. What caused the flood? It rained and rained. Why did it rain? Where did the water come from? How and why did the rain stop? How was the Ark built?

Enoch studied, apparently on a space ship. He entrusted the designs to his descendents, one of whom was Noah. Who was Noah? Who did Enoch meet when he was lifted up in the sky? I am going to suggest this was a delegation from Arcturus that trained some emissaries in preserving life on an endangered planet of special interest because of its free will.

Why do I think this? These are past life recalls shared with me. There are guardians watching over us. It's simple if you can think like a modern being. Speaking for myself, I visited Antares some years ago and have decided it is time to share more details. Lady Gaia spent endless time training on Antares. It's very close. I think we can say with the technology used, it is no more than eight minutes away. I could be wrong, but it's very close. I was shown a sort of beach with about a hundred space ships. I didn't count, but there were lots of these ships and I went inside a couple of them to view the cargo. One had materials for repairing the ozone layer and another had seeds for plants to clean up superfunds. The plants had small white flowers and matured within three months. So, let's say it was a relief mission ready to take off on a moment's notice.

For me, this is not grounds for complacency but rather a nudge to get ready to live in a world without the current problems. I see so much fear all around me. People are frightened, and behind this fear, there are menacing forces that want to distract us from our true natures. We have to awaken to the Truth . . . and you know what happens next!

I have been saying for years that we have solutions, but we have lacked the will — on a planetary basis — to bring our solutions into actuality. There are very simple strategies for everything we fear: hunger, pain, dislocation, poverty, and so on. The solutions however involve shifts in attitude. We delay the manifestation of potential by denial and/or lack of information, by feelings of insignificance or futility, by limited access to inspiration. I have created formulas to help remove obstacles to insight, and the rest also needs impetus.

If I compare today's world to the sixties or seventies, I feel that the pervasiveness of modern technology makes it possible to change the entire trajectory in a few minutes of air time. If there is a new alien broadcasting site, the entire world would support change in a matter of days. Truth is very powerful, and when we hear it and know it is the truth, we will be powerless to resist the implications.

We do have to be careful of psyops so not everything we see and hear can be trusted, but the aliens are benevolent and that should carry in any authentic announcement. There is no problem that cannot be solved, but a very large group effort is needed. It will have to spring from those who are awakened because others have not seen around the corner yet.

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