Metal Toxins and Excretion

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Toxic Metals

There are three main ways of testing for toxic metals: hair analysis, urine tests, and blood analyses. I will give a thumbnail sketch of each.

A colleague owns testing equipment used for hair analysis, but anything that can be incinerated can presumably be tested. He took gauze from a package containing two pieces and tapped one piece between teeth that had amalgam fillings. Then, he ran an analysis for both pieces, the one that was straight out of the package and the one he had tapped between his teeth. With such a simple exposure to amalgams, the one piece of gauze tested much higher for mercury than the other. This was without any excess heat in the mouth, no chelating agents, and no other extraneous factors that might have caused such an elevation of mercury given that amalgams are often alleged to be stable. Obviously, this is not straight fact.

When hair is analyzed, the hair is usually taken from the nape of the neck because the assumption is that this represents relatively more recent activity, i.e., growth within the previous six months, as compared to whatever one might find by testing split ends.

Urine testing is what led to the discovery of cilantro as a chelating agent. There are several details to consider. The first is that what is found in the urine passed through the bladder and kidneys, common sites of infections. The second is that the urine is presumed to provide a much closer insight into the current status and bodily chemistry. The third is that, like hair, what is being measured is excretion, not circulating or stored toxins.

Blood testing is a little different, but not quite as different as most people imagine. When there is a puncture, the body uses the opportunity to get rid of as much rubbish as possible. This concept became clear to me when I consulted at a Hildegard of Bingen practice where they did bloodletting just before the full moon. Those with high levels of mercury toxicity discharged black blood that gradually changed to a normal color as more blood was drawn. In some cases, only a few milliliters of black blood was discharged but some people had such poor blood that even when close to the limit, 500 ml., the blood was still not a normal color or consistency. Interestingly, they did not just draw the blood, but they observed it for a number of days and very thick mold grew on most of the samples. To say that this was disgusting would be a bit of an understatement.

One of the patients was very familiar with this practice. Her exposure must have been completely over the top because if she touched metal of any type, a door knob or cutlery, her hands and arms turned black. She said that they nearly always had to draw the full 500 ml. because so much of her blood was black.

The reason for this brief introduction is that there is a presumed correlation between both autism and Alzheimer's disease and toxic metals. I would add many more conditions to this short list: many neurological complaints. serious immunity issues, allergies, and fungal infections. Why? I will come to this.

When tests were run of autistic children, all of whom were presumed to have been inoculated according to the usual regimes ordered by pediatricians, the expectation was that high levels of mercury in the hair analysis tests would correlate to higher levels of autism. This assumption was incorrect and gave rise to considerable questioning. Ultimately, a theory of good excreters and bad excreters was hatched. To make this clear, the children had very similar levels of exposure to the adjuvants and preservatives in the vaccines but some children were excreting the mercury (and aluminum) whereas others were not. Those who are initiated into one or another type of energetic medicine would understand this immediately. People have different constitutional types so those who are fast metabolizers and more catabolic by nature can detoxify better than those with slower metabolisms and stronger anabolic physiological processes.

This is a very important distinction and should have opened the floodgates to restoring some medical concepts that had been demeaned with the advent of the germ theory. What is important to note is that, in a sense, each of the three tests is potentially somewhat biased by the constitutional types of the tested individuals, but the hope is that by understanding excretion, protocols could be developed that enhance excretion as this would obviously lower the toxic loads.

Preservatives and Adjuvants

The ostensible reason for adding numerous chemicals and metals to vaccines is that these adjuvants will inhibit the growth of contaminants, but they are, of course, themselves contaminants. Because of the germ theory, the chief concern is generally bacterial growth but fungal growth is also undesirable. The irony,of course, is that our hatred for bacteria is often addressed by fungal remedies that are, in my mind, usually more dangerous than the bacteria. Alexander Fleming actually recognized this and urged caution. I summarized the issues in a series of three essays that I archived here:

At the bottom of each page, there are links to the next pages.

A few points can be made before addressing the neurological and immune issues. First, vaccines target viral infections. Long before Edward Jenner, there was a procedure called variolation that was developed in Asia. Authorities are not certain whether the procedure spread from India to China or vice versa. Since nearly all Chinese medical texts as well as philosophical works state that the knowledge came from far away, it is very likely that India was the source. I have other reasons for believing this, but dating has been difficult. I suspect dating is going to become more difficult if Anatoly Fomenko is right about the issues with our calendars. That is a whole cans of worms in itself so I was excited that Trump wanted to create a new calendar. This is long overdue, but it is anyone's guess where the ship of state is sailing next.

Anyway, if we accept the currently used calendar, it would appear that variolation existed in China before India. However, if there are issues with the dating, the reverse could be true. Suffice it to say that the procedure involved fresh or dried infectious material that was either blown into the nostrils or placed into cuts on the skin. This method spread to the Ottoman Empire and was promoted by Lady Montagu whose husband was the British ambassador to Constantinople before Jenner and his experiments. In fact, Jenner was himself variolated as a child. Promoting vaccines as something very modern and cutting edge is hence a bit misleading. It is about as archaic a procedure as we know, but it seems to be true that once exposed to a virus, one is immune IF one survives.

The question is the price paid for this particular type of immunity. Historically, the process had risks. Variolation carried a 2-3% fatality rate so the elite chose their doctors very carefully since smallpox was terrifying and often fatal.

What is true for viruses is not necessarily true for bacteria, fungi, or parasites. To make this clear, one can have repeated bouts of malaria infection. I know one man who was hospitalized 42 times for malaria. He had a home in Kenya and seemed to contract malaria every time he visited. Malaria is however very easy to cure IF the treatment is available, which, in a sensible world, would be the case. The world is however not sensible much less in balance so malaria has been a major killer for centuries. Other parasitic infections are similar. One can get rid of an invader and then reinfect when reexposed. There is no immunity, just treatments. The treatments are effective when applied correctly . . . and obviously only when made available.

Fungal infections, both yeast and mold infections, are also potentially recurrent so exposure does not actually confer any immunity. It may, in fact, escalate the allergic responses. I am probably a case in point because I am highly allergic to mushrooms and mold, not to yeast. Where mushrooms are concerned, I am over the top allergic. This is part of the body's alarm mechanism. Allergic reactions involve the adrenals, and they, in turn, involve our survival instincts which are addressed through the fight or flight mechanism . . . to which I generally add fright. By this, we have the skittish rabbit type or ferocious tiger or the paralyzed canary that pretends to be dead to avoid being hunted.

Each of these types has distinct personality traits and, of course, this ties into the other constitutional factors, such as the ability to excrete or detoxify after exposure to insults and challenges.

As for bacteria, I am not going to take this on today because I want to hatch this story another time when I can prove my point without controversy. Suffice it to say that we have friendly as well as pathogenic bacteria but using bactericides tends to wipe out both types. Since more bacteria is friendly than pathogenic, this does not seem quite brilliant to me. That said, what we call infections can recur, i.e., there is no conferred immunity such as with viruses.

Neurological Impacts

Many of the adjuvants in vaccines are severely toxic and some are hormone disruptors and/or neurotoxic. In my work, what I have seen is that these substances also wipe out white blood cells. The body keeps producing replacements, but this is obviously very stressful on the body. I will go into this in much more depth at another time, but if one accepts the concepts of regeneration that I have been writing about for the last decades, then we see that the first huge catastrophe is at the plasma level itself. The truth is the white blood cells cannot survive in toxic plasma. If you are a long-term subscriber, you know that I have made comparisons between aquariums and plasma. If fish are trapped in an aquarium, even a very large aquarium, they are only viable within a range. If the chemistry and pH of the water change, they can adapt somewhat, but a point comes when they are unable to survive. The same is true of blood cells, but white blood cells are much more fragile than red ones so they suffer accordingly.

With proper herbs and diet, the plasma can be repaired very quickly. In terms of something like excretion, the spectrum goes from extremely sluggish to extremely reactive. Typically this correlates to chronic versus acute symptoms, the acute actually contributing to the cure of the chronic if allowed to run their course. This is a very ancient theory and applies to vaccines on multiple levels. The risk of an acute infection, such as a hemorrhagic fever, is very serious, but if managed successfully, the person will probably avoid chronic ill health. Whenever we go against nature, we risk complicating the condition which is what I believe many therapies today do. The quick fix is nearly always popular, but if the longer-term consequences are not addressed in an adequate way, old age will not be particularly enjoyable.

At present, the same might be said for the children who have adverse vaccine reactions. Many die and some become autistic. This is very much like variolation. A loving parent who is well informed knew of the risk of death but chose that risk over the danger of smallpox. If the method had been known in the New World, we would today have huge populations of Caribes, Aztecs, and Incans, not to mention Native Americans. Think about it. I am not advocating for either variolation or vaccines but I understand the arguments on both sides. That said, there can be no doubt but that flushing the adjuvants out of the body is important. The e-Book I am writing on this is taking longer than I expected but the extra effort will be worth it, I think.

Hopefully, this is not a cliffhanger. I am working until 2-3 am every night on various projects relating to cures but I don't want to spoil the suspense of what is coming!


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