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Posted to Subscribers on 10 April 2019

Dear Subscribers,

Wow! Maybe I hit a home run for the first time in my life. The response was so overwhelming that I cannot really provide all the details required to help, but I do want to follow up and not leave you wondering what to do next.


Please keep in mind that I can only speak from my own knowledge base and experience so what I share has a context and that is only as strong as the foundation and experience.

So, I have been personally preparing to do kaya kalpa when there is someone else to hold the fort and my situation shifts, which I hope is soon. Meanwhile, I have been studying the kalpa material assiduously for more than a decade and have completed the preparations for kalpa several times, at least three, but probably five if some variations are permitted. Stress has been enormous and that is not good for anyone, but it took its toll.

The point is simply that that I was not in perfect shape and I have had rather a lot on my plate, but my kalpa preparations were deep. Regeneration, as I have mentioned, involves moving through the entire sequence of the seven dhatus. So, let's review this and really get a grip on what the implications are. Everything, of course, begins with what is ingested and this includes beautifully prepared, fresh organic juice as well as whatever medications and junk food slipped down the gullet. In my experience with darkfield, all conditions in the plasma, the first dhatu, can be improved in a single meal. Mind you, the word is "improved", not "perfected". This is because some of what we consume goes into the blood stream almost immediately. Let me give you a few really good examples.

The first would be alcohol. How quickly do we notice a little giddiness or relaxation or perhaps drowsiness? I like to use alcohol as a carrier for herbs. I know this is controversial, but I have seen absolutely remarkable changes in the blood within fifteen minutes of taking an herbal extract in either tincture or elixir form. The elixirs work extremely fast because they have both a sweetener and alcohol. People should not worry about the alcohol. How much alcohol do you think is in 15 drops of an elixir? It amounts to 3-5 drops. Even Fiesta, my little sun conure, was able to handle that much alcohol and it made him far more romantic and affectionate.

Next, let's take dragon's blood. It has saved my life several times now because I had such serious hemorrhages. Blood was gushing out of a nostril, not always the same side, but only one side at any given time. I probably had a window of opportunity of a few minutes to stop the bleeding and the sangre de grado worked instantly, not after five minutes, but instantly. I actually gave my dentist a bottle, saying it was an herbal styptic, and he attributed the action to the very high antioxidant rating, the highest I have ever seen for any food or herb tested. He said he likes to use it when hiking and getting scratched up with blackberries.

The third is juice. In the clinic where I did the most consulting in Europe, we put the patients in the worst shape on juice fasts immediately. By the next day, the fasting patients tended to be in better shape than those who were not fasting. This is not a starvation fast. Patients can have as much juice as they want. The plasma is then rich with nutrients and the condition of the blood cells, both red and white, improves with each sip. The nutrients are very easy to assimilate. The plasma is like a fish tank that got a much needed change of water.

However, the plasma cannot be tweaked when the constructive efforts patients make are sabotaged. For example, if a patient is on chemotherapy, I am sure that juice fasting helps, but the plasma is also severely affected by the toxicity of the chemotherapy so regeneration is essentially impossible. Europeans seem to understand this. They would commit to the chemotherapy but sign up to go to a "Kur Haus" when the entire series was completed. Their thinking was "kill the cancer" and then heal the body. These are two entirely independent strategies that really do not harmonize with each other.

I have generally been unable to perfect the plasma when people were on antibiotics or any other prescription medications, if they smoked, or if they were repeatedly exposed to strong odors. The first two examples are clear, but the odors might involve several different issues. The worst looking blood I saw was tell-tale. She owned a gas station and though she did not pump the gas, she was exposed to fumes every time she stepped out of her office, this on a daily basis for decades. Her blood did, in fact, look like an oil slick, and she had weird bluish-black parasites with claws, something that sounds fictional, but I took pictures since we always need evidence.

The operative word in that last paragraph was "perfect" because while improvements may be possible, perfection is not unless the obstructing factors are addressed.

Mushrooms need to be mentioned also. They do a number on the plasma but the effects are not lasting. I am not sure this is 100% true, but the plasma looks better even a day after eating mushrooms. It just looks terrible immediately after ingesting them and for several hours afterwards. I do not think they do anything to improve health, but the plasma reverts to normal after some time.

The bottom line is what Morrnah Simeona taught me: first we must remove the obstacles to cure.

Blood Cells

The second dhatu includes both red and white blood cells. These are "individuals" that swim in the plasma. The plasma is straw-colored but the red we associate with blood is due to the hemoglobin, not the plasma. Blood cells are not liquids. They are cells swimming in a liquid and some hate the liquid so much that they try to escape, which is possible on a microscope slide and I have seen it happen. Of all substances blood cells hate, I am pretty sure they hate fungi the most. White blood cells will attack certain toxins and red blood cells will attack some parasites, but both red and white blood cells try to escape fungi.

Perfecting the blood can take a few days of fasting or many months. It depends on the patient's history, medications, diet, and life style. Each dhatu ingests using a specific kind of fire unique to its type. It assimilates some nutrients and disposes of some so there are benefits and waste and all efforts require support and management. The refined essence is used to build the next dhatu which is muscles and adipose tissue comes next. Each dhatu has unique characteristics and needs, but now if you think that bones and teeth come after adipose tissue, you realize that the donation medha dhatu is making to asthi dhatu is viscous and a little slimy.


This is very important because the problems that affect bones and teeth — as well as hair and nails — are usually due to vata which is dry. Each dosha is made of two elements and vata is made of air and ether so it is light, cold, and dry. Only water is moist so some oil is given by medha dhatu to ease the stress of excess vata in asthi dhatu.

Think of the hardness and brittleness of tissues. Bones creak and fracture, nails may be soft and break easily, hair may be dry and have split ends. It may also fall out. Excess vata goes to the lower intestine for storage. There, it can make embarrassing noises, cause irritable bowels, or even sharp pains that may dart to other tissues of the body where they manifest as shooting pains and/or spasms. Vata symptoms tend to be mobile and therefore written off as psychosomatic, but they are not the by-product of wild imagination or phantom energies but rather of gases moving through tissues and causing spasms, pain, and dryness. To fix the bones and teeth, we have to fix the vata derangement and make sure that there is efficient elimination and minimal putrefaction in the bowels.

To make this even more clear, giving silica and calcium to the teeth and bones is a great idea, but it does not solve the problem of dryness. It provides minerals to increase density and strength, but not flexibility or viscosity.

Now, we can pause for a moment and ask what the real secret is behind oil pulling? Is it remoisturizing dry and brittle tissues? We know oil restores elasticity but can it do even more? In all the darkfield work I have done, the best membrane structure I have seen was associated with use of ghee so when I wanted to work on my teeth, I used ghee. Remember, I was using pumpkin oil quite extensively because the taste is excellent, and it does have some benefits for regeneration also, but ghee is the best I have seen. If you are a vegan, try pumpkin or poppy seed oil if you can find it. My suppliers have repeatedly announced it but never really gotten it in stock.

In addition, take triphala or use triphala ghee, a medicated ghee. I have also been using a little bit of Bulgarian yoghurt now and then, a tablespoon or so every three days. One can use some cultured vegetables but keep in mind that the teeth do not like acids. The irony of our mouths is what is good for the gums is not necessarily good for the teeth. For instance, vitamin C and vinegar may have desirable effects on the gums, but not on tooth enamel.


My Tooth

There were too many e-mails, nearly all with personal requests so I will ask Gina to add an appointment page to my site similar to what she did for Otherwise, I will not have time for anything else. I understand that each person wants guidance, but the starting points vary so I will try to work on the e-book this weekend and meanwhile explain what I am doing.

History can, of course, have started in another lifetime or at any point in this one. I will not try to find the beginning. Suffice it to say that one of the services I plan to offer when the Institute and clinic start is proper dentistry since so many problems start in the mouth. On the last trip to Ecuador, I visited a biological dentist and spent the next ten days or so in bed with a raging fever. This was followed by staying in a room with a ghastly odor that caused me to cough constantly. I came home feeling I had aged 30-40 years. A lot of hair fell out and I was weak. It was, to say the least, an awful trip. Each tooth is related to an organ and this actually correlates with chakras. The tooth in question, #13, is related to the lungs. The coughing was so bad that I occasionally coughed up a bit of blood.

I am now going to give you a visual history starting about a year ago. The first picture shows an accident waiting to happen. Despite having seen four dentists, no one mentioned the problem. The fracture happened the morning of March 18th when nibbling on pumpernickel bread. What you see on the left side of the images was attached only to the gum and the nerve was exposed. There was also some bleeding. I started treating the tooth immediately, and it looked better on the 20th but I could not keep the loose piece from moving so I went to the dentist on the 21st. You do see a major difference between the 18th and 20th but there was no stability. You can see a huge improvement by March 29 and amazing today.

13 April 2018

Accident Waiting to Happen

18 March 2019


20 March 2019

Two Days Later

29 March 2019

After Stabilization

8 April 2019


Last Night
9 April 2019

Bathing in Pearl Powder

10 April 2019

I have some pet peeves. One is how so many people repeat what others have said without providing any solid evidence for what they are saying. Then, they want support via their Patreon accounts. So, to keep it honest, I want to reiterate that this is an experiment, and the one thing of which I am certain is that to succeed, one will have to be very, very careful and diligent. However, if you want to experiment, I will give you the entire protocol from A to Z, but if you want personal guidance, I would like some compensation for my efforts since I am running in the red and need to have more balance in my life.

This is a long story, much longer than is hinted here. It is an e-book in the making, but what I would like to say is that the pictures were taken with the same model intraoral camera that I sell on None of the images are photoshopped in any manner, and all the originals before cropping are archived. All teeth have improved, not just the fractured one. Three other teeth have been particularly fascinating to watch. One is the tooth adjacent to the fractured tooth. It seemed to have internal damage and is just beautiful now. Keep in mind, I will be 77 soon so these teeth are not bad for my vintage. Another tooth had an onlay that fell off. It seems to be remineralizing. I will show images later. The third one is a front tooth, nothing especially wrong with it, but it is associated with the pineal gland and being thinner and in the front, I can aim the camera light through the tooth and actually see a milky fluid moving. There are two takeaways for this. One is that remineralization occurs both internally and externally so the topical treatments cannot receive the sole credit. The other is that tamarind seems to have worked wonders.

To make this accessible to everyone, I am uploading the posts. Yesterday's post can be found here.

I have two more requests to make. When you write, please do not include the original post as it clogs my inbox and causes my aging computer to display the blue screen we dread. The second request is that you do not copy my material. You can excerpt one or two sentences and then link to the page above .

I do understand the value of my material and the years that have gone into research, but I do not like the way so many people try to build up their audiences by taking material from other sources. It is an accident waiting to happen because they do not have the knowledge or experience to understand nuances, but they do seem to know how to market, something I might need to learn in order to stay afloat. The request is therefore to link back because only then can I provide all the adjunctive measures that are necessary. I have used about 15 different concoctions at different stages and developed a special diet. Not being able to chew properly resulted in a major weight loss, and I have now got that balanced as well, but it takes time to write out everything in a clear manner. That is why I am starting with the proof. I don't think anyone emulating my experience will find the methods useless. The question is simply whether or not there is partial or 100% success.

Blessings to all of you!


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