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Posted to Subscribers on 23 January 2009


This is an email I have wanted to write for some time, but I haven't known where to start.  I look back on 2008, not as the year of nearly futile political activism but rather as an immense awakening to the world of animals and their awareness.

It all started when I adopted Savika (this is what I named her but have not referred to her by this name in posts) and realized she had some traumas that we needed to address.  I know that a trauma damages the aura and the wounds tend to reinfect, one lifetime after another and another, unless something happens to change the reality.  This something normally has to come in the form of an experience that bears some resemblance to the unfortunate one but somehow has a happier ending.  With people, progress is often very slow because the potential for relapses is very real and those landmines are absolutely everywhere so it's easy to step on one.

I was hopeful that it wouldn't be quite as difficult with a dog but Kathrin of Fox Mountain Flower Essence fame recommended an animal communicator who happens to be rather extraordinary.  Given that I am the "consumer" here rather than the communicator, I have hesitated to write much lest it include projections or misunderstandings about the work that are due to my inexperience.  For one, I do not think the communicator is actually a psychic or channel but rather more like a translator who just happens to work with a language we don't study in school.  Again, I am not sure this is absolutely correct but it seems like it.

Perhaps the best way to start would be with this morning's session, a teleconference in which we were 3000 miles apart.  We talked first about the dogs but then I asked if the others had anything to say.  Celeste, a Goffin cockatoo, said she was a little concerned because I was hobbling.  I didn't quite understand and she said, "you aren't walking properly on your right foot."  A few days ago, I had a loose piece of skin, like a cut and a flap, very small, and it hurt just a tiny bit if the flap rubbed a certain direction.  She obviously noticed and was relieved it was nothing serious.  Sky, her partner, said he was fascinated by the experiments I was doing with light.  Again, I was a little caught off guard.  Then, I realized he was referring to some tests we were doing with lanterns and flashlights for the Congo.  They have constant power outages and this is interferring a lot with their productivity so I got various flashlights that have rechargeable batteries that work with solar or cranks.  I had used them when taking Tundra for a walk and Sky obviously noticed.  He then mentioned a book with pictures of the sun and suggested that I dig it out because there was information in there that would be useful at this time.  I was still stumped; he was evidently referring to something I read over 15 years ago in New Mexico.  He absolutely astonished me.  He described the pictures very well and then added, "You shouldn't be surprised if we have the same interests.  We are very much alike."  Yes, well, he is like a soul mate but truthfully, I am so embarrassed that I was so unaware of the extent of his interests.

Okay, so I am crazy or something else is happening here but to say this is transforming my life is a vast understatement.

I will give one other example and then we can leave this for now though I absolutely know many of you are going to want more, more, more. . . . like me.

There was evidence of mice in my garage and this has never happened before.  I asked the communicator if we could discuss this because it's not all right for them to stay.  They said they used to live near the compost bin but I moved it last summer and didn't tell them where it went.  They didn't want to stay where they had been because without the compost bin for protection, the squirrels were a nuisance.  They said, they went inside because they couldn't figure out what else to do.  The communicator said they would have to leave.  Two of them argued a bit, said there was plenty of space and not many of them and they weren't doing any harm.  She said that it wasn't all right to live there.  These same two gave her some flak so she told them I would catch them one by one and take them on long drives so if they wanted to stay together, they had to leave as a group.   Meanwhile, I was prepared to tell them where the old compost bin is, to get a new compost bin and put near where the other one used to be, and to build a mouse motel.  Today, they said the motel was very nice.  It has a good roof and doesn't leak and is dry inside.  In short, they are quite pleased.  The motel consists of some bales of straw with a piece of rigid plastic from the box in which the greenhouse was packed.

I was so interested in the mice and their stories that I asked how they perceived themselves.  They said they are quite important because they communicate with grubs and flowers and they often help move the seeds for the flowers so the flowers can grow in other places.  In short, the world's ecosystem depends on them and they were eager for me to know this so I would be kind to them.

The animals have been so sweet.  They tell me what foods they like and even what music.  Fiesta, for instance, loves a certain piece of harp music and wants to hear it more often.  For the record, it is on a CD album called Music for the Soul which I had not had in stock for a long time until writing Sarajane Williams about Fiesta's enthusiasm.  She just sent me some more copies so it's now in the store. It is not amazing for me that a South American conure likes El Coco but rather that he could describe it so accurately that out of thousands of pieces of music, I could figure out which one he missed. Though this might not seem odd to someone with a canary, Fiesta does not sing so I truly didn't know how much he likes music.

Okay, I wrote it.  Hope you enjoy it.




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