The American Eclipse of August 2017, Part I

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Wow! Time is warped!

I promised to write more about the eclipse, about the third eye, and about the webinars, but the twin distractions of a new companion and sleep deprivation plus Internet outage, and blah, blah, blah, and, well, here it is Monday and there is finally an installment!

So far as the eclipse goes, it is one of the most publicized in history. If I were at an astrological convention with a small number of astrologers sitting in the corner and talking quietly, I suspect a particular kind of humor would add some levity to the otherwise mostly intense prophesizing, some of which starts to look like a scene from "Annie Get Your Gun."

Let me try a little of the secret language of astrology to see if it works in a post. During an eclipse, the light is hidden so we do not really see what is going on with the most powerful forces in our world, i.e., the Sun and the Moon and all they represent.

We do, of course, see what the puppeteers want us to see, all the rhetoric about war, economic collapse, climate change. What are we seeing? Russia, North Korea, China, shuffling in the White House. Don't go where the lights are shining! Go where it is dark because even if it is much harder to see in the dark, that is where the power is during an eclipse.

In short, while many people are making predictions, they are often just making noise. YouTube is a very good example of sensational titles with a dearth of genuine content.

Anyway, at this juncture, we have two horoscopes for Donald Trump; however, he has published his birth certificate and it looks genuine to me.'s-official-birth-certificate-and-chart/

Of course, the irony here is that while many, Mr. Trump included, were very interested Barack Obama's birth certificate, hardly anyone is interested in Donald Trump's birth certificate. They want to see his tax returns. Since we know he is red, white, and blue, the issue of whether or not he is natural born does not exist.

Birth certificates are not always correct, but when there is war time or daylight savings time, we do need to check the procedures used for recording the time. This could, of course, lead to a third chart.

Interestingly, the U.S. also has more than one chart. The chart is based on the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and historians do not agree about the time. I use the Gemini rising chart with Uranus exactly on the Ascendant, but many people use the upside version, i.e., Sagittarius rising. Since we seem to be an essentially xenophobic country with very poor international relations and foreign policies, Pluto in the ninth house makes more sense to me. The reason for mentioning this is that many predictions are based on the house in which the eclipse occurs, which, of course, depends on the chart one is using. That said, if in doubt, send the Marines or drop a bomb seems Plutonian to me. Dialogue, discussion, negotiation, treaties are much more elusive than the intimidation associated with insistence on doing things the American way.


Take a little detour. Where is the real battle these days? Mr. Trump has been at war with the press. The nonsense over Russia and the elections is widely believed because the media spins its tales whether or not they are factual. Likewise, the climate change mafia has had the upper hand for a long time. Well, one can say that lots of power has been used to manipulate the news so an eclipse in the house of news is important. It goes well beyond this. Mercury is opposite Pluto in the U.S. horoscope, both the right side up and upsidedown charts, so the "fake news" drama can be seen in either chart. We ought to take this issue one step further and mention all the listening devices in the White House. No president had as many leaks or communications issues as Mr. Trump. Moreover, the retorts hardly put to rest the issues since tweeting about good guys and bad guys is not quite the same as facts and dialogue.

Some people see what is closer to home and some see what is less personal. So, if we look at Buckingham Palace, we might more readily see that succession and time lines are not necessarily predictable. Well, perhaps they are, but only a few voices are likely to be correct and they are not always the voices that get the most press. Whoever makes the most outlandish statements usually gets reported because part of the profitability of the press relates to ratings so facts can be sacrificed when sensationalism benefits the bottom line.

Anyway, look in the darkness, not the light.

Every heir to a throne, including the temporary thrones of elected officials, has to put the kingdom in order. Courts are treacherous places and traitors are in every corridor. After all, ambition tends to aim for the top and loyalty can be quite fickle. When pinch comes to shove, most people will know which side of the bread is buttered, and most will try to keep their own ships afloat. In any event, Mr. Trump has had more trouble than most faced with organizing their kingdoms. Part of the issue, of course, is what he inherited, and part is a shakedown process because his agenda is unpopular in certain quarters.

In any event, we cannot make any predictions without reference to patterns. Eclipse cycles are however very complex so there are many different cycles and we can hang an argument more on one cycle than another. Since the upcoming eclipse is being hailed as the Great American Eclipse, we can take the cycles that perhaps best explain the significance of August 2017 in that particular context.

The two dates that were given in the Washington Post and elsewhere were 1492 and 1776. Let's start there. In 1492, Columbus set sail. We are told he was looking for a western route to India. Though that is the "official" version of the historical event, it is highly unlikely that he was not in possession of some very rare maps describing lands to the west. If however he had fallen off the face of the Earth, there probably never would have been a Copernican Revolution, and perhaps fewer people would have been burned at the stake for embracing — or failing to embrace — the globe earth theory. Now, of course, the ridicule goes the other direction, and it is the flat earthers who are mocked but not burned alive.

Then, In 1776, Captain Cook set forth on his third and last voyage. He was murdered in Hawaii, very close to where I lived for many years. Obviously, there were other journeys: Vikings, Magellan, etc.; but what do the voyages of Columbus and Cook have in common?

We see two huge oceans and a significant spread of empires following the voyages. The fact that Columbus found the Americas, not India, is not particularly relevant. What is relevant is that two continents were added to the known world, and they were, of course, thoroughly plundered. So as not to wrestle too hard with conscience, heathens were converted to Christianity. The Inquisition gained in power and influence, and wealth was transferred in vast sums to Europe.

Colonization also occurred on a tremendous scale. As is often the case, those who seek fortune abroad might have various motives for migrating: fear being one motive. One can be afraid of persecution, plague, just about anything.

In 1776, America experienced a revolution and declared its independence from Great Britain. This was however mainly a paper victory since most wealth and power continued to reside in Europe. In fact, the European empires were continually expanding, not so much by discovery as by exploitation and conquest. In reality, the known world was carved up into areas of control, aka colonies, each of which eventually sought independence from the imperialists.


What can we explore and conquer today? What instincts for plunder might we have outgrown and which remain the shameful stains they actually are? Admiral Byrd described continents beyond the "South Pole" with vast resources. Was he telling the truth? Who lives there? Can they be conquered? Why have so many dignitaries visited there?

Before relegating this to the absurd, think of how absolutely convinced people must have been in the 15th century that nothing existed beyond Asia and how illogical it must have seemed to sail west to get to the East. Who knew what at that time? Who knows what today? Surely, not you nor I, but someone knows a great deal more than we do and the secret is hidden in the dark.

Personally, I believe that big investments are usually backed by mountains of paperwork so even if we imagine that Columbus was just a stubborn man who was able to convince Ferdinand and Isabella to fund a voyage, we do not know what documents he had in his possession to present a compelling case. We do know he collected maps — very expensive maps — and that it took many years to assemble a strong enough case to get the funding. So, now, take all the visits to Antarctica and tell me who knows what?

I want to take this many steps further. Ostensibly, it was because Columbus did not sail off the edge of the Earth that we accepted a theory of a globe earth. We have however zero proof of a globe earth, meaning nothing holds up to scrutiny. The challenge I would like to present is that just as, before Copernicus, absolutely every sensible and educated person knew the Earth is flat, people today believe it is a sphere. Five hundred years ago, everyone knew the world was created by a Superior Being. Moreover, the Earth was stationary. The planets wandered but the Earth stood still. Now, of course, every rational person believes in the globe earth theory, and many also believe in the Big Bang theory, one that presupposes random events based on the behavior of atoms rather than purpose.

With hindsight, we might suggest that the purpose of the new model was to reduce the role of faith because this shifted power from church to state, rather to those who control and manipulate all the royal societies and other institutions where science is sanctified in the name of rationality.

I want to come back to this idea, but first, I need to insert a comment about the Piri Ries maps. It took less than a quarter of a century to go from Columbus to Piri Ries:


Now, I want to return to science and God. In certain classical theories, the concept of chaos was associated with demonic forces whereas Cosmos was divine. Each sphere of influence had their lords and devotees. From my perspective, just one perspective, i.e., that of a humble pilgrim in quest of knowledge, science errs by suggesting that consciousness does not exist in everything that is. If the language is not clear, the meaning is that we have very few ways of determining who and what are conscious since we invariably refer to ourselves, i.e., if the being or object does not share my awareness, it probably is not conscious. It goes without saying that such yardsticks can be ethnocentric and even egocentric. In any event, if an assumption is incorrect, the conclusions based on the assumptions are probably also erroneous.

To tidy up this post, let me rewind a bit. Admiral Byrd was exceedingly well funded but precious little has been added to our knowledge of Antarctica even though travel technology has advanced significantly. He described immense continents and treaties were immediately signed making exploration almost impossible. Why?

For a moment, assume each civilization lives more or less in seclusion. Yes, Marco Polo made it to China, but just how many other Europeans knew about China? What did China know about Europe? Who, besides perhaps the Vikings, knew about North America? What was involved in finding the source of the Nile? My point is simply that we cannot be sure of anything unless we explore.

Now, what does it mean when popes and prelates visit Antarctica? Whatever is there must be potentially threatening to the control system of the Earth and there is no doubt a plan for retaining control, probably a plan that that keeps the same elite in power. The plan can include manipulation of the psyches of humanity through disinformation, but clearly whatever is in Antarctica, it is hugely important and literally probably Earth shaking, at least in the sense that our understanding of our home is incomplete and perhaps totally incorrect.

The parallels to the past are (1) geophysical discoveries, (2) cosmological and theological repercussions, and (3) elaborate efforts to control knowledge and interests.

This is becoming so long that I will post another installment tomorrow.

Many blessings,


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