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This email is going to be rather on the esoteric side. It is about seeing with the third eye . . .

There is a theory in astrology as well as some metaphysical circles that Saturn and His orbit around the Sun more or less define the limits of what is known.  Venturing beyond this can be hazardous to your sanity and credibility.  Saturn also represents authority and rules, you might say the letter of the law since mercy and forgiveness are not attributes associated with Saturn.  Since rebelling against authority or conventional wisdom is generally regarded as undesirable, great pressure is put upon us to conform and stay within the boundaries marked by Saturn.

In ancient times, Saturn was the farthest "wanderer" that could sometimes be seen with the naked eye and what we don't see, we might be inclined to presume doesn't exist.  Obviously, in astronomy, as elsewhere, this assumption is erroneous. It is nearly always a mistake to believe that there is nothing more than what we have been told or taught.  Accepting everything as it is presented tends not only to support conformity but adjustment to the world as it seems. Whether or not adjustment can be construed to mean comfortable with the status quo is another matter. I suspect we would not have so much alcoholism and brutality if people were generally happy with their lives.

How We Think

Accepting what we are told obviates the need for original thought as toeing the line tends to promote reiteration of points on which there is inordinate consensus. Moreover, the more successful one is in "correctly" regurgitating information, the more the tendency to focus on random tidbits of facts and pseudo facts -- which, in turn, gives rise to exaggerated confidence in massively limiting thoughts.  Adherence to the line can aid careers and material well-being because those who are reliable instruments of the status quo are usually rewarded and elevated for their mastery of the curriculum of the consensus world. Success in that world can sometimes aggravate a kind of latent Narcissism, fascination with what the mind projects and how it is mirrored back.

It is apparently quite wonderful to be rational, but is it really proof of sanity?

The Mythology: Olympic Mayhem

The mythological Cronus (Saturn) was a Titan, the son of Gaia (Earth) and Ouranos (Sky), ruler of the Universe. Trapped between his own ambition and the bidding of his mother, he castrated Ouranos (Uranus) and tossed his parts. One fell to the Earth and became the progenitor of the Furies and the other fell into the sea and spawned Aphrodite.  The scythe wielded by Cronus has, however, repercussions: his violence caused the separation of Heaven and Earth. It is not however impossible to argue also that Gaia is where the children who might rebel against Uranus are imprisoned.

Astrological literature does not do justice to the myth. In Greece, Cronus was a minor deity, destined to lead the Titans by virtue of a series of mishaps with his older siblings. Cronus was not elevated to a place of great significance until Roman civilization enthroned him as Saturn. He is actually a rather pathetic character, sort of a cross between Macbeth, Hamlet, and some troubled individual who has fallen from grace and is desperately in need of Freudian analysis.

Cronus is surrounded by women, all of whom prevail on and over him. His mother goads him into committing the crime against his father. Temporarily, he enjoys very high status, but he must have been having really bad dreams because he ate his own children. His wife and sister, Rhea, reached her limit so when Zeus (Jupiter) was born, Rhea tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock dressed in baby clothes. Never mind that Saturn doesn't appear to have been too bright, paranoia can do a number on anyone. When Zeus grew up, he slipped his father an emetic and up came all his siblings, but then the worst fears of the troubled father did come to pass because Zeus inherited a strange gene and waged war on Cronus whose next home was in Tartarus where he continues to brandish his sickle.

Okay, mythology might seem irrelevant but if you are interested, you can obviously read a more erudite account that is free of my Mercury/Mars barbs.

The point is really that archetypes sometimes help us to understand where we are or even where we might or should be. In this tale, we are told that once upon a time, Heaven and Earth were married but their youngest son slashed his father's privates and effectively put an end to our relationship with Heaven. In reality, from this point on, it's all spin because the manipulation of facts and events emanates from consciousness that is isolated from spiritual influence and thus the consensus world has become a power struggle between incomplete individuals who occupy center stage for a season, a season on the stage of Lila.


Astrologically, Uranus is not just the first trans-Saturnian planet, but the first planet outside the spin zone. It is always associated with Truth but also sometimes dubbed the Magician. Properly understood, a magician is someone who coordinates the expression of Spirit in Matter. In terms of the chakras, Uranus usually functions through whichever chakra is undergoing the most reorganization. Usually, it is in the root chakra when the coordination of the incarnation is underway, i.e., when the soul is preparing to incarnate in a physical vehicle. From that point on, it could move about, often to the second chakra where its own original woundedness occurred, sometimes to the heart, and eventually to the third eye. At that stage, it begins the real task of coordinating the expression of Spirit in Matter. No wonder the Saturnian forces of the status quo are apprehensive when people start moving beyond the spin zone!

Wherever Uranus is expressed, there is temporary turbulence as well as a fair amount of instability. This is caused by the accumulation of the air energy required to reorganize. In Vedic philosophy, Uranus is called Vayu Deva, God of the Wind. When the wind is strong enough, there are vata derangements that are "groundless". In other words, the anxiety is not based on reality but rather apprehensions that are not rooted in the real. Coping with the tremors is sometimes difficult, but the best medicines are faith and elasticity coupled with a genuine desire for Truth and realignment with Spirit.

Uranus was discovered — or more correctly, confirmed to be a planet — in 1781, a time when revolutions, social change, and innovations were beginning to transform the known world. My present guess is that people were emerging from the gloominess of the Inquisition and Plague, rediscovering humanity, and trying to free themselves from the shackles of doom and gloom. It has crossed my mind that we lost momentum or experienced another castrating event that restored authority to Saturn. The consciousness movement and the attempts made to marginalize the realizations of those who are beyond what David Icke calls the "hassle free zone" are basically re-enactments of the proverbial struggle between Saturn and Uranus, the Ring-Pass-Not and the zone of spiritual awareness. In recent years, I have also come to believe that the incarceration of so many people who have experienced shifts in consciousness has nothing to do with ! substance abuse and everything to do with suppression of the influence of those who no longer accept the matrix within the ring.

If it were otherwise, alcoholics would be incarcerated, but, in reality, they may or may not go through rehab, but they seldom suffer the same loss of freedom as those who dared to monkey about with their psyches using substances. If you work this through your mind, you will quickly see that the policies are completely irrational so what are we really seeing here?

For the record, I never did drugs, but the longer I study the consciousness movement, the more I realize that the people who have escaped the Ring-Pass-Not have seen the world differently. They have thus become the antiwar protestors and pacifists, environmentalists, and back to Nature and harmony with Nature advocates. Obviously, one can get there without drugs — I did — but I attribute my ability to pass into the Uranus zone to my insatiable curiosity and love of Truth. If something doesn't make sense, I don't accept it.

Saturn is also usually referred to as the Lord of Karma. Well, he ought to know because he was just following orders when he slashed up his father, but he did this because he was blinded by his own ambition and allowed this to cut him off from other realities.

Seeing with the Third Eye

In theory, it would be relatively easy to see beyond the veil. Some years ago, I realized that horses easily see their own past lives as well as spirit beings. More recently, it has become clear that nearly all animals have this ability. The question then is what happened to us humans? Clearly, we are wounded and incomplete. Moreover, I am increasingly coming to believe that pressure to get us to think in linear terms is partially to blame for the destruction of our normal vision . . . and that this is intentional. As a child, I used to wonder what was so serious about translating the Bible into the vernacular that we had to fight over the question. If authority insists on being beyond question, it makes sense. Otherwise, it doesn't but what concerns me most about the interference with how we perceive is that it undermines our ability to trust our own perceptions.

Some months ago, I said facetiously that if a report has 500 footnotes, pitch it. Why? It means that the author is relying on consensus to prove something "new" and remarkable and probably patentable. Let's say I have an herb and someone takes it and feels better. Another person takes it and also feels better. If to believe this or report to others that I have observed this the opinions of 500 people who were not witness to the event are necessary, it very much limits the movement of information. This is control by the status quo. Nothing will change if so much consensus is required.

However, it's more serious yet when you don't know whether to believe what you see with your own eyes because no one will validate your experience. This is the dilemma so many face. They go to psychotherapists to unearth the past and make sense of it, and they go to gurus to recover links to their own souls. The fact is: once you are connected you need neither therapists or gurus and this is not Chaos but a true Reunion of Heaven and Earth.




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