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Posted to Subscribers on 14 March 2009


Dear Subscribers,

Strange as it may sound to some of you, I think like an astrologer.  We have our unique vocabulary, symbolism, and more importantly sense of Divine Order.  I am sure we could argue endlessly, but if I tried to define astrology, I would probably have to pick from the reservoirs that are already filled:  "Astrology is the science of manifestation in time."  Think about it for a moment. 

Our Earth turns on its axis and gives us night and day and we divide this time into hours.  The Moon orbits the Earth and gives us a month or thereabouts, not very tidy mathematics.  The Earth rotates around the Sun and defines a year.  The Sun orbits around, we think, Alcyone in the Pleiades which in turn rotates around Sirius A, we believe.  These are all "times" and they define cycles.

When I was little, all the handwriting was already on the wall.  I used to have pen pals, more or less similar to my present internet relationships, but the unique feature of my letters was how complete I was when writing the return address.  I never stopped at the name of the state or even USA but rather included:  Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy.  I think I needed to do this to remind me where I was since the likelihood that the post office needed this information was obviously very small.  With hindsight, I can only believe that my parents were more or less oblivious to my eccentricities as they clearly had their own lives and their fair share of challenges.

I had visions, lots and lots and lots of visions.  I firmly believed that all children remember who they are and are stymied by how unclear their parents are.  As I got older, I had more visions, wider focus, different details. I saw the collapse of the infrastructure of civilization as we know it, and I saw how the new realities would be built.  Then, I matured a little more and visited a few other planets, not very difficult actually, and could see we are not alone.  Our plight has been recognized but we are a planet on which an experiment in free will is occurring.  Similar experiments on other planets were terminated because they were failing badly.

Free will is the only force that can pit us against the Creator and Divine Law.  Many people who think they are exercising freedom of choice or using will are just following their instincts and/or the propaganda that is dished out constantly.  This is hard for most people to see but if information comes from a central source and one does not question either the source or what is spewed out, one is not thinking much less acting independently.  In fact, there is huge risk that what passes for free will is actually conformity to a program -- and we are doing exactly what the authors of the program want us to do.  We can be stubborn, willful, opinionated, etc., etc., etc., but none of this is actually evidence of thinking if the behavior is based on misinformation, disinformation, and/or suggestion.

Free will is expressed on a much higher and more manipulative level which is why we attribute the negative consequences of it to Lucifer and his cohorts.  Our mythology is full of warnings about pacts with the devil but really, the issue is neither fallen angels or devils but our own alignment with our souls.  If this alignment occurs and is accepted by the personality, there is no free will because the ego is merged with the soul and obedient to it and this challenges those who have their own agendas and motivations for violating Divine Law.

Astrology is about finding one's alignment and figuring out the timing for things to happen.  So, I have been excited about 2012 for a long, long time.  In my visions, I saw tremendous chaos before sanctity and peace manifested but the level of chaos is almost always proportionate to the preparation or lack thereof. 

Let's take a for instance. I can look at a horoscope and see a Uranus influence years hence, but it is almost pointless to discuss this until closer to the approaching date.  Then, seeds can be planted to help people approach change.  For instance, many people have always wanted to do something more personally significant and fulfilling but they stick it out in jobs they hate because they don't want to make a change until the children graduate or until their medical bills are paid or until their retirement funds are available to them.  They let a year pass, a decade pass, and eventually opportunity itself passes.  If, however, it were nearly certain that on a specific date, change would occur and one could make the changes gracefully or awkwardly, the process of letting go and realigning might be just a tad easier, meaning there is less stress, less health risk, and less panic over the unknown.

I have often likened certain changes to a party crasher who is extroverted, eccentric, and just a tad elegant.  He says lots of things that make you uncomfortable but deep down inside, you know he is telling the truth so much as you try to banish the ideas, they won't go away.  Therefore, exiling the party crasher doesn't work because he already succeeded in making you uneasy about your resistance to Truth.

One can try to escape Truth, go into oblivion, delusion, trance, whatever but the Truth just won't go away.  One may even subscribe to platitudes and mesmerizing speeches just to convince oneself that annoying as the Truth is, it somehow isn't really important, at least not important enough to force one to change.

One can stay in that ostrich state for a long time, but eventually, Truth prevails and forces changes and realignment.  This is happening on a colossal scale now with some people way ahead with all the wonderful solutions to the current problems and some with their heads buried in the sand and some who have not tuned in to the right channel yet. 

When I went to the Bioneers Conference in 2000, I looked around and realized that our generation has spent a lifetime preparing for the alternative to 20th century madness.  I went to various talks, gave my own talk, visited the exhibits, and decided to give up the words "complementary" and "integrative" because "alternative" is what is needed.  It's really mushy-minded to think that there is some congenial way to interface systems and technologies that are dangerous and dare we also say predatory with those that are sustainable and harmonious.  So, the reason I have yet to post the commentary on the testimony of the MDs before the Senate is that I do not think MDs have the right training to get far enough outside the box to create an alternative to the health care debacle we currently face.  We can clamor about the uninsured and so on and so forth but if we foist an obsolete system of health care on those who for one reason or another are not inside the system, we might not be doing anyone a favor.  Besides, has anyone noticed that there is no way to pay for more fiascos and lame-brained government programs?

It's not only about healthcare, it's about the assumptions we make as citizens on Planet Earth.  We have, most of us unwittingly or involuntarily, subscribed to exploitation, pollution, destruction, and dislocation on a scale that is practically unimaginable.  We just have to face the reality and stop long enough to make the necessary changes.  We do this one individual at a time because we awaken to ourselves one at a time and then we reorganize and then we manifest.  Many of us are caught up in the reorganization now and the manifestation is next.  I think it will be exciting.




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