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Very late last night, Gail and I were talking and I asked if she realized how much stress we are mirroring from the Heavens?

Besides Mercury being retrograde, there is a "huge" Cardinal cross. For those who are not quite on terra firma with astrology, the Zodiac is a projection of the Earth's Equator into Space and what we see along the apparent path of the Sun is the backdrop for measuring movement. I think I might have to rewind and start that sentence over again, but even if some of what we consider important is technically not so, it is not exactly an illusion much less unimportant because we react to things as they appear to be rather than as they are, that is, unless we were to function in an intuitive or "higher" state of consciousness as opposed to a state of consciousness that is conditioned by habitual beliefs.

Cardinal Cross

Whew! This is all relevant and the pieces will soon start fitting together. Meanwhile, we have a very tight "T' square with Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn and squaring Uranus in Aries. The Moon just passed over Pluto (Zodiacally) and is approaching a square to Saturn that might be exact before you even read this. All of these are "in orb" meaning that there is actually what is called a grand cross.

In my system of astrology, I divide the planets into three groups: dynamic, passive, and neutral. Three of the four dynamic planets are involved in this configuration and both the Moon and Uranus can act as triggers to a configuration that solves problems through action.

To give deeper context to this statement, there are in Vedic philosophy three states of being: tamasic, rajasic, and sattvic. These are usually interpreted to mean that tamasic energies have inertia, rajasic are active, and sattvic are in balance and harmonious. Some people equate these to the three crosses of Calvary: unrepentant thief, repentant thief, and the Christ. If you want to go with this metaphor, then there might be hope for reform, but there is definitely hope for change.


In personal situations, people under cardinal influences tend to solve their problems by making changes: quit one job and start another, divorce one person and partner with another, leave one house or city or country and relocate to a new environment. It is safe to suggest that this will happen on a large scale in the immediate future. What really is crucial here is that whatever changes are made are for the better, not leaps from the frying pan into the fire. With Mercury retrograde, there could be some hesitation and re-evaluation before final decisions are reached.

It is not tempting at all for me to predict what might happen in the larger world arena, but what is worth discussing is how to wrestle with all these energies seeking fuller expression. We are seeing wars and riots and explosive tempers and abuse of power on a scale that is mind boggling so let's try to improve our personal grip on the challenges by recognizing them for what they are and empowering ourselves in meaningful ways. The cardinal cross is about balancing relationships. Simply put, Aries is about me, numero uno, self, and self interest; Libra is about we, partnership, and mutual interests. Cancer is about home and family and Capricorn is about status, prerogatives, and the public image. All of us are always juggling how much time and attention to put into each of these areas, but if dominated by cardinal energies, the number of adjustments that are made tends to be much greater than when cardinal signs are less prominent.

For instance, at the moment, there are no planets transiting mutable signs, meaning that if someone were born right now, he or she would not have any natal planets in mutable signs. Likewise, there have been times in the past in which there were no planets in cardinal signs and times when there were even more than there are now. Those who have sensitive natal placements in cardinal signs will feel the present challenges more acutely than people like me with only Jupiter in Cancer and everything else feeling different sorts of pressures and tensions.

What I would like to acknowledge is that letting off steam may release energy but what is really needed is proper balance and harmony.

Actions and Reactions

Now, I want to bring this discussion to another level and frame the notion that we are responsible for how we choose to act and the repercussions of whatever actions we take. We can be reckless and impulsive or deliberative and purposeful, but the temptation is to do just about anything to release pressure.

Next, even though this seems like a total digression, I want to tie this idea into a number of current events and recent posts. I use the Gemini rising chart for the U.S. with three luxuriously rich planets in the second house of finances: Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun. These are getting whacked by Mars and we have a Saturn return to boot. Unskillful use of Mars will entail drastic "cuts" and "slashes" as well as probably more "stimulus plans" and wars to "revive the economy." However, it is obviously time to grow up and find another way to conduct "business as usual." Skillful use of Mars would put innovative ideas into action to revitalize the economy and the value system that underlies the economy. The second house is also energy. For a person, it is where we measure prana and we could translate this loosely into the national and international arena by suggesting that our broader energy policies will be challenged. Clearly there are forces that are scheming to solve problems through bloodshed and piracy but there are also highly advanced technologies that could totally replace everything on which we are currently dependent.

Raw Milk

Two more examples. You know about the raw milk raid(s). I mentioned Ron Paul, but it might have fallen on deaf ears. There were several raids and after the one before this most recent one, here is what Dr. Paul said:


"Most Americans understand that if you don't want to drink unpasteurized milk you simply do not buy it. But the federal government solution is pre-dawn raids which destroy the livelihoods of honest, hardworking families in this time of continued economic hardship.

I am outraged by [the April 2011 FDA armed] raid [on a peaceable Raw Milk producer] and the many others like it, and that is why last week I introduced HR 1830, a bill to allow the shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption across state lines. This legislation removes the unconstitutional restraint on farmers who wish to sell or otherwise distribute, and people who wish to consume, unpasteurized milk and milk products.

Many Americans have done their own research and come to the conclusion that unpasteurized milk is healthier than pasteurized milk. These Americans have the right to consume these products without having the federal government second-guess their judgment or thwart their wishes.  If there are legitimate concerns about the safety of unpasteurized milk, those concerns should be addressed at the state and local level.

I am hoping my colleagues in the House will join me in promoting individual rights, the original intent of the Constitution, and federalism by cosponsoring this legislation to allow the interstate shipment of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption.

If we are not even free anymore to decide something as basic as what we wish to eat or drink, how much freedom do we really have left?"


In this context, it is entirely appropriate for you to push the envelope a bit by contacting your elected representative and press for support of this utterly sane bill.



On the last item for today, there were two responses to my post called "Casual and Complicated" which is now online with images.

One person thanked me for posting links to the images which I called "hidden in plain sight" and the other wanted to know more about the green laser used in the Russian DNA experiments. As I said, this is something I have been wanting to revisit. Here is an interesting link:


Not surprisingly, I did not inspire people to watch the video. David Wilcock is someone I have observed from a distance for some years. He is still young and many of his ideas have yet to mature, but I don't think we can write him off just because he is only 37 years old. What I was attempting in that post was to begin laying a foundation for the introductory thought, which was that there are many in Japan — some of them elderly survivors of the Hiroshima bombing whose anniversary was on Saturday when I was gestating the post — who truly believe that whatever we believe about radiation is what will make it either lethal or harmless. Survivors of Chernobyl tell a similar story so the question is whether or not to trust them. Bringing in Dr. Pjotr Garjajev was relevant to the bigger picture.

These are patterns created by sound waves and can be understood with reference to the study of Cymatics.



The Context

Dr. Hans Jenny studied sound and started what he called Cymatics. Basically, to keep it really simple, we start with the notion that sound creates a field that entrains the substances in range of the sound. Jenny used music and noted how sand rearranges itself or iron filings march to certain passages of music. I have used this as a foundational principle in my system of thought which guarantees our "salvation" and immortality because there is no stronger sound than that of the Creator so in the long run, we are all entrained to that sound. To the extent that we are not entrained, we are swamped in din.

The older I get, the more convinced I am that the din is intentional: do anything at all to distract people from the truth and then enslave them with inferior missions in life, missions like wealth, popularity, or conquest. The moment we know who we truly are, the more childish these other pursuits appear and then we are free to create a new reality. This explains why I don't have a television, why I never read newspapers or magazines or listen to paid advertisements or canned speeches. However, there are attempts to entrain on subtle levels involving abhorrent technologies and there is the deliberate dumbing down through medications, practically meaningless educational systems and jobs, and so on and so forth. In the end, all this is just noise from which we struggle to extricate ourselves, something we must do to reach what I think is correctly named the "next heaven". When this happens, our energies are reorganized and can no doubt partner safely with the untamed emissions of radioactive materials. Meanwhile, of course, the Japanese are hiding the reactors under enormous "tents" that will only make satellite imagery harder to interpret but not solve the short-term problem for those who are still in this dimension rather than the next.


Thought can apparently manifest in flashes, but usually there is preparation on the part of the persons who are receptive and this accounts for personal experiences of knowing things before they are common knowledge and bringing what is new to the attention of others. So, following Hans Jenny, there was a Czech born scientist who died in a plane crash, Itzhak Bentov. He wrote a book on entrainment called Stalking The Wild Pendulum. It was very popular in the late 70s.

Now, fast forward a bit to the genome project and the Russian experiments. Basically, what we did in the U.S. is divvy up the strands of DNA and allow each "possessor" to patent its particular segment. The patent office was so deluged that it was, at one point, three years behind in processing applications, some of which were so absurd that the claim to fame was that the segment might be useful in determining the usefulness of other segments (belonging to other entities). In our corrupt world of pseudo science, it's highly probable that the theory of junk DNA was directly related to the segments not owned by the U.S. To give this real impact and focus, we have to note that nearly all research is based on single hypotheses and single constituents so the whole really doesn't come into focus at all.

The Russians approached the whole and conducted various experiments to see if DNA could be transferred. In the case of the frog and salamander eggs, the transfer was allegedly achieved through the use of a green laser, but in such experiments, we never know for sure that the laser played any role at all because the mind or an invisible force in the Universe could have orchestrated the events that were attributed to the laser. I.e., I think I am a butterfly and if I think this strongly enough, I will become a butterfly . . . and then perhaps the butterfly will imagine that it was once a human and we no longer know who is dreaming? This is the point . . . or at least part of it.

Now, according to what we are reading, a lot of DNA is inactive, but if that DNA were activated, we would be running on all cylinders and reality would change very, very fast, faster than you can imagine. So, I urge you to avoid fear, avoid desperate and futile efforts to insulate yourselves from reality, and instead cultivate curiosity and a spirit of adventure. Perhaps what is even more valuable for this journey is "bliss" because to the extent that you are happy, enthusiastic, and interested in the potential that lies ahead, you will enjoy a peaceful heart and a much more interesting ride. I have no doubt that we can solve every problem in a very short time if we "activate" and this activation beats nonsense changes by many light years.





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