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Posted to Subscribers on 7 June 2020


Dear Subscribers,

There was very little response to the last e-mail about the eclipse cycle we have just entered. I had a lot of server issues and the hosting company wants to migrate to a new machine. This is but one of the potential issues that can arise during an eclipse involving the two main signs of communications: Gemini and Sagittarius. So, that is one mirror but there have been many, many more.

Sometimes the issue of what to write is very challenging, especially where astrology is concerned. There are subscribers who are professional astrologers as well as those who know almost nothing about astrology. I try to put the emphasis where I think there is wiggle room for directing attention to what is prominent . . . without necessarily repeating what hundreds of others are posting on their networks. It's actually quite difficult to figure out where to draw certain lines, but I would like to demystify astrology for those who are not already initiated and make some observations that are hopefully of general interest.

The Horoscope

The natal chart is drawn for the exact time and place of birth, and you can think about it as a circuit board with a particular design. Whatever is there can be activated under certain circumstances, but if the original plan does not include certain features, a cycle affecting others will not act out in the lives of those who lack the relevant preconditions. Likewise, what is shown will potentially be triggered during specific times that can actually be easily predicted from birth. This is the simplest part of astrology to teach, but interpretation obviously is very different from timing. For some, this statement is probably a bit trite, but it is right over the heads of others. Basically, the bottom line is that what is not shown will not happen, and what can happen would occur when a pattern is triggered . . . and this is very easy to plot if one has even quite basic skills.

Therefore, let's assume that a person has one of more placements in the middle of mutable signs. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. As mentioned, these are the signs associated with perceptions, but I would like to make this much clearer for those who are new to astrology. There are three crosses in astrology and they relate very closely to many teachings that are familiar to us. For instance, in Christianity, there were three crosses on Calgary, Golgatha, when Jesus was crucified: unrepentant thief, repentant thief, and Christ Himself. In Eastern philosophy, there are gunas called tamas, rajas, and sattva. I tried to find neutral language to express these concepts by referring to magnetic, radiatory, and harmonized energies. What does this mean? In any given situation, there is a time of building in which success depends on the ability to magnetize the resources necessary for development and stability. This is a very yin process that depends on attraction, meaning the capacity to draw attention to the potential of the situation in the making. There is a romantic side to this so the fixed signs all express love in different ways because the bonds that hold the attention depend on becoming the idol or object of attention.

At some point, there is enough energy that some pressure needs to be released and this leads to radiation or projection. It usually therefore involves movement and action. This relates to the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. We can say that to the extent that goals are involved, this is idea seeking to manifest itself. Cardinal signs are therefore characterized by expression of an outer nature.

Out of the interaction of idea and its idol, the ideal is born. This is the highest potential of the mutable signs. Mutable types can be reflective, communicative, and insightful, but they do not necessarily express outwardly — but they can. Gemini is an information gatherer. Virgo is analytical and can dissect the positions with laser-like focus. Sagittarius represents knowledge or understanding. It has taken the information, processed it, organized it, and developed it into a matrix for containing a myriad of observations that, in turn, form a body of understanding that is coherent and usually comprehensive enough to be free of the loose ends and criticism that constituted the earlier part of the learning process. Most people would probably agree that Sagittarius is the happiest of all the signs because it has become a sort of melting pot for diverse approaches to complex issues and resolved enough details to be inclusive. Pisces takes this process up a notch by putting the emphasis on wisdom and its partner compassion. All the mutable signs have a foundation in duality because they are the result of a union between yin and yang. The symbols for Gemini and Pisces make this very clear, but Virgo and Sagittarius also have duality and can sometimes go from one extreme to another.

The Implications

So, these last paragraphs hopefully establish a sort of blueprint for containing the implications and ramifications for this cycle. It would help some people, the newbies, to understand what a cycle is. The simplest, of course, is day and night, We also have seasons. These are all due to motions that appear circular to us, but they are probably spiral and therefore do not repeat exactly, but there will be similarities. For example, day is light and night is dark. It does not mean that all days are alike but they share certain particulars such as being warmer than nights. We have cycles within cycles within cycles and patterns repeat. Being very musically sensitive, I might take some great composition and show how a melody, for example, may be transferred from one instrument to another. We hear a theme and then an echo perhaps from a wind instrument or a voice. The basic notes are the same but they may be in another octave or played just slightly differently but with enough similarity that we are reminded of the motif. Maybe with simpler compositions, the repetition does not have the same variations, and this can happen with astrological cycles also.

Taking these concepts forward a bit, I would like to make a few broad statements about the current eclipse cycle. Normally, eclipses occur in cycles of 19 years with every 57th year being the most similar to each other. There are three eclipses in the current cycle, but interestingly, the one a few days ago was an exception. We can go back to 2001, not a happy year for sure; but there was no eclipse on June 5th that year. The rest of the eclipses will actually repeat so what is different?

The amount of effort to control our access to information has spun out of control. We have had numerous such cycles throughout history. People have been persecuted for their beliefs, books have been burned, plays have been censored . . . and even if we come to more contemporary times, mail has been censored or destroyed, facts have been twisted, and dossiers have been built containing information on individuals that goes well beyond anyone's need to know. Somewhere a line must be drawn.

Who needs the information? What are they going to do with it? Why?

The natural duality of the mutable signs can be exploited to separate liberals from conservatives, rational individuals from conspiracy theorists, conformists from rebellious trouble makers, and so on and so forth. It can also be used as a wedge to accentuate the differences between individuals based on socioeconomic factors, skin color, religious beliefs, or any other "ism" that defines a group. There is a reason, however, that enlightened constitutions guarantee the right to freedom of speech, the right to assembly, the right to privacy, and much more. Who would have the audacity to try to take away such rights? It would be those who wish to control and impose their own agendas on others.

Which planet symbolizes this kind of control? It would be Pluto. Though Pluto had not been discovered at the time Machiavelli wrote "The Prince" (1513), he captured the essence of politics by suggesting that the prince should always appear to be what the people would condone, i.e. virtuous, kind, charitable, etc. In actuality, of course, the ruler is often anything but what is held to be ideal. They are usually at minimum crafty and can often be cruel and ruthless . . . and therefore, I would argue, prone to paranoia . . . which is the psychologically corrective "disease" for those who have caused fear in others and thus have the karma of experiencing the reaction to their abuses.

The higher the stakes, the more this demonic energy tends to spin out of control. This appears to be where we are now, and it is not the first time in history, but perhaps, if we are wise, it will be the last time. What is Pluto doing now? It is in Capricorn, conjunct Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and co-ruler of Pisces. Both planets are retrograde, meaning they are revisiting places and positions that have already been activated. Saturn is in very early Aquarius, also retrograde, and it will go back into Capricorn next month, tightening, so to speak, the noose around Jupiter.

If one wants to ask what the signs might be of this stranglehold position, it might be the threats of a second wave of what could arguably be deemed a hoax. Though I have not used this term myself, preferring to refer to the three ring circus or lockstep, it is perfectly clear that certain parties still want to squeeze some mileage out of their scare scenario. After all, there are still billions to be made by insisting there is a need for a vaccine. They may give up on lockdown, but probably not on a vaccine. After all, that belongs to a slightly different agenda. Meanwhile, I think it is time to turn on the lights at the circus. First, we have had the central ring with the plandemic. It is an act, theater masquerading as reality, and while the entertainment value is close to nil, people are still watching that ring of the circus.

In the second ring is the vaccine agenda, in this case, it is another ridiculously scripted show which can never have the promised outcome. There are two reasons for this. There are too many strains of the virus, and the virus itself is actually not that dangerous. So, what is going on in the third ring? It is another act, this one involving 5G. The script is also lame, but the danger is real and thus the reason for keeping the lights out: lockdown, censorship, and secrecy.

What I would like to suggest at this time is that the many ultimately have the numbers it takes to effect change. I would like to take this opportunity to propose to everyone that they seriously distance themselves from the primary sources of mind control. The eclipse took place with the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius. We have already had an epidemic of data harvesting, security breaches, back doors in software, and now massive censorship on the part of mainstream media and its partners in social media. As most people realize. not only are our communications collected and stored, but they are often blocked for reasons of violations of policy. What exactly are those policies? I have been urging people to use secure e-mail communications. I tried numerous of the options and still use two of them: and They are not quite the same and there are pros and cons, but I believe it is time for everyone to think seriously about what is put in your digital communications.

Obviously, there have been serious security breaches with financial information, but every detail of our lives is being tracked, and the ramifications are quite serious if information is misused. The odds of misuse are high since the extremes are so far apart. Let me give an example that will clearly make some people uncomfortable and perhaps induce a few to take a position.

On the one hand, we see a very strong grassroots movement towards sustainability. People want to feel connected to Nature, to rely on old-fashioned values like responsibility to family and community, and peace. On the other end of the spectrum are those whose passion for personal development embraces what is being called transhumanism in some quarters, particularly in parts of Europe, and sometimes singularity. The fantasies of alleged geniuses would seem to support a thesis that nothing could possibly go wrong if people were part mechanical and part organic. Behind this view, there is a desire for power and control and often little or no concept of Creation as a process involving divine intent and interaction with life forms with purposes.


Everything is made of elements. I have proposed — in writing — on numerous occasions that when all is said and done, the four types of nucleotide subunits of DNA will perhaps turn out to be simply the elements of ancient times: air, fire, water, and earth. Ether would, of course, not be recognized as the matrix holding these together, and this is a serious blind spot in science since most likely the damage to DNA begins in the etheric and precipitates into the physical. Why do I believe this? For one, there have been times in my life when I was exceedingly clairvoyant and had not only what we would call etheric vision but also a capacity to see through matter, like an extended x-ray capacity. Also, I spent many years with Kirlian photography so the dissipation of energy or amplification of energy could be quantified by reference to the capacity of the aura to retain a blast of current. With the threat of 5G, we should all be concerned about our adaptive capacity because escape will be very difficult since the installations will be not only on the ground but in tens of thousands of satellites. This is proceeding without safety studies, without consent from local authorities, and without regard to what might be called the will of the people. It will facilitate not just tracking and facial recognition, but the collating of data on every activity of the individual. When did the person leave home, what did he or she buy online, which web sites were visited. Some of this data has been captured for years, but not on the same scale. If 5G is also connected to microchips with nanoparticles, it will facilitate a global digital currency that can literally be turned on or off at the flip of a switch. Whose finger is on the button and why? Has anyone actually asked what would happen in the event of a massive electrical storm? a power outage? a manufacturing defect? Asking about liability is a bit moot if the persons are thrust into oblivion as has already happened with bees and colony collapse disorder and with thousands of birds who fell from the sky. Is 5G really something we want and need?

As an adventurer, I have no objection whatsoever to space exploration nor to interaction with aliens. I would no doubt enjoy learning from more advanced beings and being assisted in my own quest for understanding by those who can answer my thousands of questions. For me, space exploration is however like any other discovery mission in that the goal should be curiosity, not conquest. The ethical precept behind this is very clear and simple for me: no one has the right to interfere in the destiny of any other individual. We do not have the right to kill for personal or political reasons. We do not have the right to force another individual against that person's will. Maybe this is the Sagittarian Moon: you can lead a horse to water . . . but . . . the horse gets to decide whether or not to drink the water. I will not allow implants in my body nor mind control to succeed. I will exercise my discernment and decide on my own what is acceptable. I will not be forced or bullied nor terrified into submission. These are very challenging times, but I made my choice to cultivate what is natural and sustainable. What about you?


Blessings to everyone!


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