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Posted to Subscribers on 17 November 2011


Dear Subscribers,

Because of utterly unbelievable pressures, I didn't manage a Sunday post, but people have been writing about just how tense the times are. Though I only have theoretical solutions, I do have some perceptions to share.

First, Mars and Neptune cannot be active at the time, well, for most people this is true but not probably for absolutely everyone. They have been transiting in opposition to each other, Mars in late Leo, now Virgo, and Neptune in late Aquarius. The opposition was exact on/about November 7th (depending on your time zone). During the lead in to the exact opposition, the angle was particularly hard because both planets were moving towards the opposition (since Neptune is retrograde). Mars is currently only at three degrees of Virgo and is going to make it to 23 degrees two months from now and then it will retrograde and go all the way back to where it is now (mid-April). So, we need to keep this little piece of information filed somewhere even though the exact opposition is over — sort of — because in April, both planets will be in nearly exact opposition again, this time with Neptune in Pisces. In the meantime, we have half a year more or less of very slow movement.

If you ever got into esoteric astrology, you might have read something about Mars and Neptune being sixth ray planets, but here is another view of these two. Mars is, of course, the warrior and His behavior spans everything from the really primitive, rowdy, rough, rugged, and reckless to the noble and dignified knight, replete with honor, chivalry, and heroic ideals. Obviously, there is a vast span between the ugliest version and the loftiest one. Either way, Mars tends to have opinions and perhaps even ideologies and the courage of conviction to support whatever those beliefs are. So, Mars is prepared to take risks and even to gamble his fortunes and perhaps his life to create a future that conforms better to His concept of how things ought to be. This week, I have heard of everything from spousal abuse to the Occupy Movement and its cohort Anonymous. Hats off to the true heroes!

Neptune is the mystic, the dreamer, the sensitive, and the compassionate benefactor of the underdog. If you believe that energy follows thought and that thoughts are things, in a kind of a way, then we should not underestimate the immense power of millions of people intensely praying for the end of suffering, the end of injustice, the end of famine, the end of sickness, and the end of toxic ways of living in the world. If you are sensitive, as many truly are, then the toxicity is in and of itself an immense problem because those who are toxic are biased by the imbalances the toxins create. Toxicity can be mental, emotional, or physical and it can probably also be ideological if dogmas shape outlooks instead of genuine spiritual perception and experience prevailing over personal ideas of what ought to be.

If you are in a potentially confrontational situation, Mars wants to slug it out and Neptune wants the problems to go away. No one can actually say which course of action is more congenial or suitable for which individuals. We have often put Neptune on a pedestal because we like the nuance, softness, seductivity, and mystical beauty of Neptune, but Neptune can be a low down dirty liar, cheat, and con, you know the one who speaks with a forked tongue and who probably wants your vote to boot. So, while some of us prefer Mars because at least we know where we stand, others cannot stand Mars. Personally, I like Mars IF he stays off my toes and IF he does something absolutely astonishing, brilliant, and maybe even selfless . . . though that is generally the domain of Neptune. A noble brand of Mars is, however, a true protector and defender, not a "just following orders, sir" chap who is playing it safe.

So, if we have a civilization on the verge of collapse, Mars would like to knock down what is obsolete and force change and Neptune would prefer to dissolve the worn out structures and let them somehow vanish into ancient memory. It's a stylistic difference, not an ideological difference because where the two planets are similar is that they are both very heavily dominated by what they believe. In short, we might only be talking about the strategies used to create the ideal, not the ideals themselves. It thus helps us to understand that while some people are pounding the pavement and waving signs, others are hiding in the forests waiting for a time when the outer world feels more congenial. The two may be theoretically almost on the same page, but it is now easy to see how we cannot be both bold and decisive and hopeful yet passive.

The biggest mistake Mars makes is to commit to a course of action without adequate preparation. Mars really finds preparation tedious and since He thrives on spontaneity, preparations can feel like shoveling dirt on a fire. The biggest mistake Neptune makes is to think that because He has deceived so many people so many times in the past that He might be so invisible that He will never be caught. Let's say a child has his hands in the cookie jar but because mommy never said anything, he thought his behavior wasn't noticed. Mommy may have found him just too cute and therefore said nothing or she could have been so wrapped up in more "important" issues that she couldn't be bothered to devise a punishment that fit the crime. So, when cookie jar kid grows up and becomes chairman of the fed or president or whomever, he may continue to believe that what he does is not noticed and that there will be no repercussions. However, what cookie jar kid didn't realize is that everyone has a threshold and once the behavior crosses that line, which often is invisible, repercussions are not just possible but probably inevitable because no one can stand infinite imbalance. The Universe is tending towards harmony so if there is extreme discord, a correction is essential in order to reset the navigation plan. I think we are at this point and what most people have not accepted yet is that new leadership is forming in the wings so we should stop looking at who we see on television and pay more attention to those we hardly see.

The powers that be have a lot of resources and lackeys and gaming experience. They anticipate backlash and protest and expect to prevail over all opposition because they function under the influence of Pluto, not Mars or Neptune.

So, where are we actually? First, let's take a few biggies. Mars "advocates" for whatever the current interest is and at the moment, the two most conspicuous Virgo-related concerns are seeds-food and health. We are seeing the "issues" in terms of a huge movement for proper labeling of what is really in our food and we are also seeing the "uprising" over fluoridation and countless other egregious insults to our well-being. There are smaller theatres where the same dramas are being seen with slightly different scripts and casts. For instance, there are local movements opposing geoengineering "experiments" that have impacts on health and the safety of all living entities. There are even less noticed theatres, such as in Ecuador, where outcry against organized abuse of Lesbians has drawn international attention. To an extent, this fits right in with the opposition and the premise that inflicting even greater suffering on someone will actually force her to change. Those who work with power are generally not very psychologically insightful because their tools of oppression are blunt, but here we see just one more example of how some victims will cower into submission and others will rise to the tipping point.

This is only one Cosmic show and there are other theatres with different shows. There is a really tough drama between Uranus and Pluto, square in cardinal signs, i.e. solve problems through action, not discussion. Uranus cannot keep a secret but the power is in the Truth, not in the first utterance. I like to describe Uranus as the party crasher. No one knows who invited Him, but He acts like He belongs, arrives suitably attired, but everything He says and does makes people a bit nervous. However, Truth has a strange way of vibrating sense and once we know what the Truth is, it is simply a matter of Time before everyone, or almost everyone, accepts the Truth. Lots of Truth has been coming out. There are whistleblowers, hackers, defectors, tell-it-like-it-is folks, and so on and so forth. For instance, how long did Ron Paul work to push forward the audit the Fed initiative? Now we know that the Fed managed to leak $16 trillion into foreign banks. Does anyone doubt that money is some kind of digital game played by adults who never take their paws off the joy sticks?

Compare these numbers to the deficit or bailouts or net worth of any country or continent or volume of international trade or whatever and we have no idea at all what the numbers mean except that you and I are not playing at that gaming table. We play our little checkbook balancing routine or other simple game with clearer rules, oblivious to what is going on elsewhere until the Truth finally comes forward. Based on what I see, someone very important is about to break ranks. It may still take a few months but it will be dramatic when it happens.

Because of the nature of power and the tensions, I would expect the games to continue until it is no longer possible because of backlash. In the meantime, many people are going to experience the tensions in their solar plexus chakras because this is one place where the Mars-Neptune should I or shouldn't I is staged. This can give rise to precipitous changes in blood sugar, mood, energy levels, digestive capacity and secretions, and maybe you should think about naming the butterflies in your stomach and becoming more intimate with them?

Indecisiveness also correlates to this chakra since it is at least partly a function of clarity which in turn depends partly on information and then on the liver. Detoxification, purification, and concentration on the goal are very important. This is even a situation in which I might suggest mumbling mantras. While this can foster mindless repetition and the inevitable boredom that ensues from mindlessness, it can also be used to transform energy fields so you can imbue something with your highest and noblest sentiments and then keep it with you at all times. For instance, you can take a crystal or medicine pouch or favorite book or poem or prayer and live with it, sleep with it, and stick with it. I am using a variety of protective energies, but really the most important ones are in my own psyche where most people cannot see . . . or can they?

Dare I suggest that when we use mystical intent to influence outcome that we try not to scribble in the details with our lower minds. We are not writing a wish list to submit to Santa Claus. We are grown ups who in order to be safe and secure must grant this same peace to others. This means we must accept differences and we must permit a live and let live agenda so wishing for the highest good and omitting the details as to exactly what this means is important. In the meantime, we should be awake, not hypervigilant but attentive, alert, and mentally flexible. This allows new ideas to display and eventually to seed. If we perform these tasks with clarity, there are two amazing potentials awaiting us. First, as the emphasis on self shifts to the greater good of the whole, the selfishness that traps us in the solar plexus will release and the selflessness that ensues will awaken the heart chakra. This is often tied to a single moment, a remarkable event, but there is preparation leading to the moment.

The second possibility involves more variables but if we allow the Truth to set us free, we might awaken the third eye and this could be beyond amazing . . .

Many blessings,




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