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Posted to Subscribers on 15 December 2010


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Many of you will find this brief news item interesting.

The summary is that the Space Research Institute (SRI) of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences claims to be communicating with aliens in a unique manner. They are posing questions and reading the answers in crop circles. Their tentative conclusions are that the aliens are benign and deeply concerned for us and our violations of Nature, that they communicate via mind, not language in the sense that we understand it, and that when we are clear enough, more people will experience this quality of contact.


My Comments

Those who are trying to prove the existence of life in other parts of the Universe by analysis of radio waves may be barking up the wrong tree. I completely concur with what these Bulgarian scientists have reported, but it is also tempting to suggest that if other scientists were devoted to truth rather than service of a maverick power structure, we would be hearing similar reports from all over the world. In fact, these reports do appear from time to time, but they are obfuscated by the din of media moguls who are promoting a different brand of knowledge.

The suggestion by the scientists at the SRI that communication can be more or less telepathic means that if one is personally interested in this type of communication, it is necessary to clear the mind. As I have been posting to this list and saying to myself and others for countless years, maybe lifetimes, receptivity to information traveling on higher frequencies depends on the openness of our communication channels. I believe that telepathic communication is the normal method of thought exchange and that tedious schools with boring textbooks and elaborate rules for language are damaging our normal channels. Moreover, the more politically aware I become, the more convinced I am that this damage is intentional. It keeps us locked into the struggle for survival that includes servitude to sociopathic masters — and it does this at the expense of our souls and destinies.

The more we see how blatantly corrupt world governments, militaries, and corporations are, the more we realize that we are not even doing an adequate job of treading water much less fulfilling destiny. I am as remiss as others and yet I might brood more conspicuously than some.

These last days have seen some very intense astrological configurations, and the reflections seem to be all around us. If we want to rise above the "negativity" of intense and malevolent undercurrents and get to the heart of the real issues, we would have to commit to being purposeful. To the extent that we are at a loss to know what "purpose" even means, the struggle for power favors those who are focused and determined rather than those who feel like victims. The moment millions of people become equally focused, the power itself will be rearranged.

This is the dark time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. I used to love the mysticism and revel in the purity of starlight on snow, but now — in the never ending effort to recover innocence — I see the issues more clearly than I see myself and this is very painful and potentially infective. We actually need to consider what the impact of the zillions of doom and gloom reports really is. Just as the press seems to have reached a decision that accidents and crimes are news but inventions and charitable deeds are not, so have many indoctrinated subjects of this press followed suit by sending really toxic emails and posting toxic material online. It's reasonable up to a point, but unless solutions are offered, the posts only serve to generate more fear and possibly pandemonium.


Though not initially interested in WikiLeaks, I became interested after watching the interview on TED with Julian Assange.

Before one elevates or crucifies him, just listen to what he says in his own words rather than what others have said about him. Then, for those who are not following the story, Michael Moore of Fahrenheit 911 and other provocative films posted bail for Assange, but Sweden was not happy about this so Assange was not released.

I know that Assange has been vilified, but read the story of Sweden's extradition request:

As most of you realize, I cut people rather a lot of slack because none of us are perfect so the cut off point for me is always whether or not anyone is hurt by actions. If no one was hurt, the deed itself cannot actually have been all that reprehensible much less evil. Using this yardstick, the guilty parties are the ones being exposed by the release of documents and, it is easy to argue, that if they were not exposed, public opinion would not reach the point where tides are turned. In sum, Assange epitomizes the astrological configurations of the last few days.


Finally, we have to ask again why it is so important to keep a leash on people's minds. We drill into people what they are supposed to understand and clutter up the channels of observation so that most people do not see outside the box. Therefore, those who teach us to trust ourselves, to develop our natural mechanisms of perception, and to reject what is not consistent with the truths that emerge are dangerous to the status quo. They are not dangers to anything else but the flawed edifices upon which our tottering civilization rests.

I know this may not be timely. People want to buy presents and celebrate, but I want to honor the turning point that is approaching. I have never felt it as intensely as right now and I think 2011 is going to be a dramatic year. Most people enter the holiday season a bit recklessly and then make resolutions for the New Year. I am going to skip the formalities of celebrating and concentrate on the resolutions and urge you to prepare similarly.

Nothing is more important than being able to trust yourself. Being able to trust others would be awesome, but first things first. I believe that to be sure about anything, we must see it for ourselves and to see it for ourselves, we must see with our own eyes, ears, and ultimately mind. The mind is an instrument of cognition, not an archive. The archive is part of memory and memory exists independently of the perceptual mechanisms. This is a big subject and worthy of elaboration, but I will lay the egg now and hopefully incubate it.

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