A Minute to Midnight

Posted to Subscribers on 19 October 2010


Dear Subscribers,

Hopefully some of you have managed to watch the film "The Day Before Disclosure." The buffering was slow but worth it. The film, now in a revised version, took a long time to make and was carefully edited for serious audiences. My comments could run into several pages because the subject matter itself is so important. I believe that Terje Toftenes and his producers truly have their fingers on the pulse, but they stopped just slightly short of where I want to begin. They alluded to these issues, but did not address them thoroughly.

Beliefs govern us for long periods of time and I think comparing disclosure to concepts of a flat Earth was helpful, but really what is happening, from my perspective, is that something that has been true from the Beginning of Time itself and that is therefore part of reality is moving from the unconscious to the conscious level. So, the issue is not just one of accepting the possibility that there are other civilizations in other parts of the Universe but learning how to interact with those civilizations and to benefit from the crescendo in consciousness that is inevitable when one of the barriers to knowledge is removed.

For me, unless you were the subject of such, it is not very important whether or not experiments have been conducted on Earthlings or even whether what and who we call Earthlings are necessarily human. After all, we have at least 2.5 million plant species, who knows how many types of minerals, metals, animals, or races of people are here. While it is remotely possible that the diversity we have on Earth is unique to this planet, it is unlikely that this is true. We are but one of countless planets and a small one at that.

In the visions I have been having since childhood, it was apparent that at least some of what we see on this planet is not an extraterrestrial agenda but rather an experiment in free will. In a natural Universe, all that is would automatically respond to the Creator's Plan. However, if we have free will, we also have the potential for acting outside the Plan or even against the Plan. Personally, I cannot think of a single reason for wanting to take this risk, but it is precisely this risk taking that is now jeopardizing the future of Earth. So, what was shown to me, around age three, was that as the mind is permitted to experience its eccentricities, it also has a choice of how its knowledge should be used. If a point were reached where this knowledge threatened the existence of the Planet, the experiment in free will would have to be canceled. Even at that early age, I understood that the one minute to midnight margin would be allowed.

When I was born, my father worked for what was the precursor of NASA and the biggest crisis in our relationship took place without a single word from me. He came home looking a bit tired so I asked him about his day. He said the scientists were debating their responsibility for how their inventions would be used. I remember being very excited, eager to hear the details of that debate. I asked him to describe the discussions. He said that the scientists were responsible for developing the technology and the politicians were responsible for how the technology would be used. I went into shock and more or less dematerialized. I was young and realized that nothing I might say would make any difference.

Living through the Cold War and its nuclear threats, I always understood that a war on the scale that was possible would not be allowed to occur. On the internet, we hear of alleged incidents in which missiles were launched and intercepted mid-flight but there is never any proof. People with power never admit to weakness. Instead they use disinformation to discredit those who are privy to contradictory information. While this tactic may be justified in issues of national security, the same measures are applied to other competitive thoughts. So whether we are talking about unidentified flying objects or cures for cancer, the strategy of those who appear to benefit from the status quo is to ridicule, harass, or perhaps assassinate those whose viewpoints are unacceptable. The point to underscore here is that the strategy is applied on an immense scale and covers everything from our food and medicine to the use of advanced technologies.

The reason disclosure is imperative is that abuse of power does in fact threaten life on Earth. It is hard to be patient because I keep seeing the hands of clock, closer and closer to a minute to midnight. I believe that I figured out as a child that even if people know right from wrong and have the mental and emotional resources to choose, the vast majority with power lack the spiritual insight and motivation to choose right over wrong. This translates easily: the experiment in free will is a failure and will therefore be terminated and leadership changes will be made, against the wishes of the elite but ultimately with the support of the masses. As I matured a little, I realized that every effort is being made to work through those who are harmoniously aligned so that the shift can occur without a mass landing of space ships. I touch base with this concept every few months but I have been convinced that the landing cannot be avoided because people are too easily swayed by propaganda so whatever the potential is for working more subtly and awakening people gradually, the clock is ticking.

As some of you know, I have not bought into the dire prophecies for the Planet. What I am trying to say is that whether climate changes move in the direction or hotter or colder, whether the economy goes belly up now or later, whether more rights are temporarily lost, the longest this drama can last is until a minute to midnight. However, as we get closer and closer to midnight, it has seemed to me that the powers that be not only know the clock is ticking but that their game ends at a minute to midnight. So, what has concerned me is that the behavior of these powers that be suggests that they do not plan to remain on Earth. Since they are on the whole pragmatic people, they must believe they have a choice and that escape is possible. Why then do they want to leave a disaster in their wake? The people in power act worse than vandals who rob and plunder and then burn villages to the ground. Then, just for safe measure, they poison the well before going on to maraud the next village.

Personally, I have no objection at all to a mass exodus and I might even have some suggestions for where these plunderers should be taken, but those who remain will be tasked not just with the rehabilitation of the Planet but also the reinvention of civilization, this time with the guidance of beings who are more advanced than our own pundits and politicians. It has been shown to me that all assistance needed is already lined up and waiting for delivery so what are the ramifications of intergalactic contact and the impact on those living here?

First of all, we are already whole, but we don't know it because our awareness has been hampered by deliberate efforts to shut down normal functioning incarnational equipment. Let's see if I can be clear. If it is normal to be intelligent but we are brain fogged from poor food and bad medicine and even worse indoctrination by all the authoritarian figures surrounding us, then becoming clear means eliminating the fog and seeing things as they are. If the difference between the believed reality and the true reality is significant, there will be some who are shocked and others who are panicked and many who say, "I knew it, I just knew it; I have known it all along." They are right, we have all known it all along but we could not access that knowing while in the fog.

If it is normal to be loving, but fear of lack acted in a way that many people developed elaborate contingency plans designed to service a small number of people, then the need for this behavior will end when the fear is released. It would be like going to heaven, but the point is, we need to bring this energy down to Earth and not have the schism where Earth is dominated by materialistic interests and spirituality is reserved for later. They are equal partners in the created world and need to work together. My sense is that this will occur quickly once fear is vanquished.

Ultimately, we have to recover our knowledge of self and its relationship to the Whole and this is another reason that intergalactic communication is important. To the extent that many visitors are literally light years ahead of us, we will finally have mentors we can trust. Our scientists tend to set limits on how this could work, based, of course, on the boxes in which they have incarcerated their minds. Everyone who is psychic knows that the speed of light is not a limit but merely a parameter governing one level of observation. On other levels, energies are governed by other parameters. So, the closest we came in "The Day Before Disclosure" is that the space ships appear and vanish. This is because they take a physically manifest form to make a certain impression on us, but they can create these forms at will.

I have been trying for years to prepare people for this moment. Even talking about my cockatoo and her relationship to the ghost is to help everyone to understand that though I failed to notice that my mother has been walking around with the empty coffee cup, Celeste sees her and wants her to clear out of her space. I am sure that if I were not distracted and I surrendered to the passivity and receptivity of observing in absolute stillness, I would see the Wedgwood coffee cup also. One morning years ago, back in the 70s, Morrnah was visiting my mother on the Big Island of Hawaii. My house was on the same property and that morning, I awakened hearing beautiful crystal bells. It was enchanting. Later, when I joined Morrnah and my mother for breakfast, I asked Morrnah if I could see her bells and watch her play them. She immediately apologized for disturbing me. I said, "Well, I was meditating, but the music was so lovely that I was transfixed." She said she had seen crystals in Austria but since they were fragile, she feared for transporting them. Therefore, she just makes them when she needs them and then lets them disappear.

Last night I was telling someone about Morrnah and our solar system. Morrnah said there are 70 planets orbiting our sun. I asked if some of the planets were etheric. She said "yes". You understand, as an astrologer, I wanted to know whether we are talking about 60 or more planets beyond the orbit of Neptune (forget Pluto for now) or whether these planets were in closer orbits but invisible. If you are around someone like this for any length of time, you realize that reality is truly in the mind of the beholder and it will change when we behold differently. The point of course is that both Celeste and Morrnah weigh(ed) the etheric as equal to the physical.

Picky Details

In the film that triggered this post, Terje Toftenes refers to Galileo. It works in the film because Galileo is a good example of how information that is unwelcome is persecuted; but really, from our perspective, we should be talking about Copernicus. The Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres was, sorry for the pun, a turning point. Once that point was reached, debates could rage but we could not go back to where we were. The Inquisition could continue to arrest people like Galileo, but Vatican or no Vatican, the seed was planted and destined to mature. In my estimation, we are today perched on the window sill looking at the next turn of the spiral, the one after Copernicus, the one that brings us into relationship with our sister and brothers on other Planets. It's going to be very complicated for some people and thrilling for those who do not resist the avalanche of information that will befall us.

Now, let's pause for a moment and look at what we can see on Earth. For the moment, let's indulge our self-interest and look only at people. There are countless ways of perceiving them. We can see males or females, children or adults, people of all sorts of pigmentation, ethnicities, religious beliefs, educational backgrounds, professions, and customs. We hear countless languages, see all sorts of ways of dressing, changing throughout various eras and landscapes. We see people who live close to Nature and people who live in high rises in big cities. We see people who are athletic and ones who are ill. We see people who are happy and some who seem to have lost their minds or their hope. Multiply this by thousands and millions and then billions! To live in harmony on an intergalactic level, we are going to have to be very curious and very flexible.

Many people fear losing their traditions and the identities they have with those traditions. Keep the traditions but let go of the xenophobia!

Now, let's go back to one of my pet subjects, it being where we might have been or where we were prior to coming here. As I have mentioned in previous posts, in the music therapy and other methods of regression I have used for the last three or four decades, not one person, not one, not a single one, was originally from Earth. In a way, it would not matter if half or 90% were from Earth and the rest were from somewhere else because the fact that some seem to be able to move here means either that some are deluded or that this potential existed at one time or other for virtually everyone. If therefore an exodus is occurring, it is highly likely that a place has been prepared for those who are leaving and it's also possible that those who leave are not all going to the same place. Meanwhile, we also prepare for the arrival of visitors or immigrants.

At the moment, this "problem" is an Earth problem but the Earth is a microcosm of the macrocosm. If Arizona wants tighter borders but some people in Washington, D.C. couldn't care less about the borders or they actually want permeable borders, then multiple agendas are at work. You can thus be sure that if the scale of the immigration/emigration issue soared, there would be voices calling for everything and its opposite. You might say that freedom ought to have guaranteed everyone the right to his or her own opinion . . . or that majority rules means that temporarily some people have to go along with what is disagreeable to them. However, with tyranny, the mightiest rule and this works against the flexibility needed for intergalactic diplomacy and whatever additional exchanges are coming.

I agree with the various people in the film who shared the opinion that since the advent of nuclear weapons, galactic monitoring and intervention has been necessary. Our behavior is so egregious that we would no doubt foul space and any planet we could reach if given half a chance. In short, so long as we have these weapons and the super colliders and HAARP and other technologies, oversight is needed. I have trusted that this oversight was in galactic hands, not under proper Earth management.

In the might makes right world, it is obvious that some people will do whatever they want so long as they believe they can control the consequences. The fact however is that karma means repercussions, but as a wise person once explained, "We are not punished for our sins but by them." In short, there will be consequences which is not a threat but rather an effort to explain that a disturbance causes a perturbation which in turn has a ripple effect and therefore consequences. It is therefore only in the world of free will that a person could initiate the disturbance and only a person lacking spiritual understanding would be fool enough to do so. The rest will meet the disturbance when the motion reverses.

So, now, how do we explain differences on Earth? We have our unique origins and heritage plus all the results of commingling, as in borrowing genetic material from parents and their progenitors to fabricate our bodies. However, these bodies are like a wardrobe, just a costume worn for a certain period of time and then retired. The wearer of the costume remains who he or she essentially is despite temporary appearances in this or that costume.

Now, if a geek from an IT college goes to a remote jungle somewhere, his interests and technology would seem novel, even irrelevant, but as we have seen on youtube and elsewhere, in no time flat, children and even some animals have learned to use the geek's toys. So, let's say the extraterrestrial visitors bring new technologies and explanations for existence to Earth . . . how fast will we change? I think it will be very rapid, very, very rapid.

At the risk of using short-cut examples over more profound ones, we might say that people who were changed by mystical experiences are forever changed. This is true whether they were healed of a disease by going on a pilgrimage to Chimayo or Lourdes or exposed to a new reality through mind altering experiences or drugs. They cannot go back and this is indeed what a revolution is because the turning is part of the new manifesto which is the guide for how to create reality in a particular time and place. We are a minute or two from this point as a Planet.

Next time, I want to explain how to figure out your origins.

Many blessings,



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