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Posted to Subscribers on 28 October 2009


Dear Subscribers,

For many,the linked news item is not just hope for a long overdue disclosure, but the fulfillment of a prophecy.

I have been interested in this subject since very early childhood because it seemed inconceivable to me that in the vastness of space, we are the only Planet with life.  Moreover, as I watched the crescendo of technology from my birth in 1942 to just 15 years later, it is no wonder that I used to include in my return address: "Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy."  Okay, so I was not exactly like the other children in the neighborhood, but I never had the feeling I belonged here so the explanation could be that I am not from here.  In fact, I have yet to meet anyone who is from here even though I hold forth the possibility that someone or other might really be an Earthling.

Still,there are questions about how we got here, not to mention why.  I suspect only a few came in human type bodies in space vehicles.  The rest came in their spirit bodies and used substance from here to make the most functional bodies possible given the materials available for making forms.  That's a bit tongue in cheek but over the weekend, I watched a few online videos, one by a hypnotist and the other by a Finnish medical doctor.  Of the two, I would say Rauni Kilde was the more believable and you can find some interesting films on youtube.

In 1995, I began channeling a being from another star, but even before that, I had been doing regression work so none of the ideas were new.  How can I start?

In 1979, I was exposed to a method of past life regression that elicited quite different material than had been coming forth in the techniques I had used earlier.  Yes, I've been at this a long time and have managed to keep my balance throughout!

The Past

In the altered state of consciousness in which people are able to access completely different information, they can see both their history and their purposes.  The history is interesting for two reasons.  First, it completely demolishes the idea that life and death are sharply divided or that the one terminates the other.  You might say that birth resolves the dilemma of being discarnate whereas death dissolves the ego since nothing much else disappears.  The rest is just reorganized.  This is really why all spiritual practices have to by-pass the ego.  This identity that we have with the ego is actually an obstacle to understanding ourselves as divine.

Second, the history helps us to understand our feelings and our relationships and this is invaluable in that we function better when we are aware of the difference between emotions that are based on prior experiences and ones that are actually relevant to the present.

In the method I developed, the historical information is related to Earth experiences but in a rare situation here and there, some of the previous experiences did not take place in human forms.  I want to underscore that this was atypical and infrequent.  Otherwise, we can say that 98% of people who explored the past only found human incarnations.  However, those incarnations took place in every cultural setting and sometimes as males and sometimes as females.  To-date, I have not regressed anyone whose experience was limited to one race or ethnicity or one gender.  From this, you can deduce many things, including, of course, that somewhere inside us, we have a contrasexual component.  Also, of course, we have all the pride and prejudice of whatever our experiences were in other cultures and with other biological identities.


Now, when it comes to higher consciousness, the picture changes completely.  This is where I found that 100% of my clients and students were from somewhere else in the Universe.  This part of the psyche, related to the aumakua if you use the Hawaiian frame of reference I presented in the last post, is futuristic. That post is now archived.

There are various important reasons for getting on a first name basis with your aumakua. The first is that you come to understand yourself as a soul or spiritual creation, not the ego or the incomplete human who is struggling through one lifetime after another.  This self always has a clear purpose.  You can refer to that as destiny, but it is sometimes revealed in altered states as a mission. 

The problem has been that when we incarnate, we move into a density that blocks the memory of that purpose as well as the relationship to the ceremony in which the mission was clarified.  I am not sure this forgetting occurs as a direct consequence of density but rather partly because of the undeveloped state of the various subtle bodies and the dense physical.  A few people here and there, mostly very mystical and/or magical individuals, have managed to keep the veils from shutting out the awareness.

In any event, becoming aware of purpose is an important step towards functioning as a soul.  One can always improvise by performing good deeds and trying to be nicer person, but our impact changes when we actually know and implement purpose.

The second part of this awakening of awareness is that we are not only never alone, but we have countless teammates, mostly in spirit bodies in other parts of the Universe.  They never told you that in Sunday school much less in anything else you studied as a child.  So, in truth, the most Earth shaking event, literally,would be the acknowledgment of life in other parts of the Universe.

The risk has been that to the extent that paranoid government agencies have sought to suppress all knowledge for military and other purposes, that the announcement, when it came, would be tied to some hypothetical threat that is used to unite all countries against an alien invasion.  In my opinion, that risk still exists.  You could say it would constitute the biggest false flag operation in planetary history, but my sense is that the warped powers that be have been unable to mastermind the perfect hoax.

If it goes the other direction, i.e., there is an honest disclosure of facts that are known by many governments, then the New World Order is doomed because there will be no way to control the acceleration of consciousness that occurs when the desire to connect is regarded as normal rather than a delusional psychiatric condition.

Okay,that's my second prediction.   You remember the first one?




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