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This may be one of the trickiest e-mails I have ever posted. There might be more typos also because it's after three in the morning but I couldn't sleep and got up to write.

So, this missive is about ethnocentricity, xenophobia, and aliens. It's a huge subject, but whether we like to think so or not, we see through our own lenses; and to the extent that this is true, we are ethnocentric whether we intend to be so or not. End of that subject? Perhaps not. Many people are afraid of what they do not know or understand. Again, to the extent that there might be fear — as opposed to curiosity — we are probably xenophobic. If we are also territorial, that risk is even higher.

So, now, we can address aliens. Probably, it would help to define what an alien is, but I am sure there is wiggle room even if one is quite careful. Let's say that aliens are beings from anywhere but Earth. In addition, we should probably expect them to look different and not share our precise DNA.

The DNA maelstrom was totally chaotic when first divvied up. Segments of the strands were doled out, patents were filed with the flimsy claim that the sequence might have a future usefulness, and now ancestry tests are available at a price most people can afford. They seem to be remarkably accurate but what can be determined depends on the databases and assumptions. This is actually where I want to start.

As I have said from time to time, the interim specimen that would prove the concept of evolution from apes to humans has never been found. There are explanations and excuses for why that may be the case, but the search for such has never uncovered anything remotely resembling a missing link. From the perspective of DNA, humans and chimpanzees are very closely related, but chimps have 48 strands of DNA and humans have 46 and those two strands would represent a staggering number of genes. In short, the evolution from one species to the other would have had to involve countless mutations over a very long span of time. Moreover, all the mutations would have had to affect only the missing strands, not everything else. The odds of this occurring simply by chance or randomly are very close to nil.

When it comes to Neanderthals, the line is a little more vague. There are sources that view Neanderthals as a subspecies of Homo Sapiens and others that say merely that we were genetically similar enough to mate with each other. I think this point is important because presumably this is not the case with apes though it is possible to find literature that supports the idea that apes devolved from humans or we evolved from them. In short, believe whatever makes the most sense to you. I am definitely not the last word on this topic, but it does seem that many humans, but not Africans, have some Neanderthal DNA. Save that little factoid for another day.

If you have been reading my posts for some years, you know that I did not jump on the bandwagon about 2012, about Nibiru, or about the alleged reptilians; however, I have spoken out in favor of aliens. There are several reasons I have been largely silent, maybe entirely silent, on Nibiru. The first is that while I could read Immanuel Velikovsky and countless other books, I could not get into Zecharia Sitchin. I did buy some of his books, loaned them to others, but only read about 6-10 pages myself. I did attend a talk in Santa Fe, excellent lecture, very interesting. I thought Sitchin was scholarly and sincere, but when he described the pictures and gave his interpretations, I just could not accept some of the conclusions. At best, I felt that they should be treated as tentative. As others took the same texts and made new translations, I anticipated additional perspectives. To some extent, I now see this happening. There are quite a number of people who seem to read Cuneiform writing without much struggle. Alas, I am not one of them.


There are bound to be subscribers who have put years into studying Sitchin's work so I am not going to go too far with my comments except to address what I see as the larger picture. Is it possible there is a planet in an orbit beyond that of Pluto? Yes, that seems to make sense from a number of angles. The eccentricity of the orbit of Pluto and the fact that the position does not conform to Bode's law all support this probability. Most astrologers refer to Planet X as Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and wife of Hades. This suggests that astrologers are quite conflicted about Planet X, but most feel that, if found, the planet would become the new ruler of Libra.

Is Planet X Nibiru? Possibly. I am not going to speculate on this. I would simply like to suggest that if Nibiru is in that orbit, the visitors from Nibiru would be from our solar system, but my thoughts on this topic are still a work in progress. There are two points I do want to make and others can deal with the Sitchin materials. First, having visitors from one planet does not preclude the possibility that visitors can also come from elsewhere. Second, the visitors would rightly be called astronauts, not gods, so even if there were crew on board who were vastly more advanced than whatever was found here when they arrived, the highest rank we should probably assign to the "aliens" is commander.

So far as the motivation for coming, frankly the story about gold makes absolutely no sense. We are being asked to accept the idea that the Nibirans could manipulate our genes but not make gold? Gold is number 79 on the periodic table of elements and mercury is not just number 80 but so unstable that bumping one electron is not quite rocket science. I am very serious. The technology required to get from Nibiru to Earth is vastly more complex than making gold from mercury. Even if they did not have mercury on Nibiru, they surely could modify any existing metal.

In my mind, we have to look for another story about why we are finding more and more traces of ancient civilization in South Africa and why there is a preoccupation with gold. This seems like a crazy obsession, but maybe there are psychopaths on other planets as well.

In terms of the extinction events and risks to the atmosphere that are proposed as reasons for the need for gold, we have to look at what really causes these events. There are disasters such as those caused by comets, meteors, and volcanic eruptions, and there are follies such as wars, including nuclear wars. What happens if there are massive fires due to everything from carelessness and arson to collisions with foreign bodies? We not only lose habitat, but sunlight. Then, we risk an ice age of some duration or other. This can cause extinction or migration to distant places or perhaps to the inner Earth. Therefore, if we find beings inside the Earth, the Polarians or Hyperboreans for instance, we should expect them to resemble us in certain details but to have taken a somewhat different evolutionary path.

Relief and Rescue

Also, we should never think we are alone. If an event is serious enough, there will be galactic scale relief efforts. For example, even if there is a deluge, there will be migrations and rescues as well as some probable loss of life. We are here today, seven billion of us. The last immense flood was allegedly caused by opening the Straits of Gibraltar and flooding of the Mediterranean. How else does the Ark get to Mt. Ararat? However, what it also suggests is that the post-deluvian center of civilization was closer to Ararat than Atlantis. To the best of my knowledge, all the Sumerian tablets have a fairly recent date, nothing remotely resembling the half million years since the story of Enki and Enlil's arrival supposedly began.

Okay, so these are my comments, but the part I wish to add is that if there really has been a Nibiran influence or even genetic modification of ancient races, there have been other "aliens" as well. Years ago, I read all the books by Ceanne DeRohan and one of the cogent statements was that we will understand our true history when we put all the pieces of the puzzle together. In the regression work I facilitate, everyone has claimed to come from another place, and I have figured out the astronomy/astrology for this. Only a few, very, very few, were from this solar system. The vast majority were from much more distant star systems. Keep in mind that a star system is complex. There may be an entire constellation, even a galaxy with countless constellations, stars, and planets. However, some have a very specific connection to Earth.

For instance, many tribes have lore about their origins. The Dogon said they came from Sirius B and this was stated at a time when our astronomers denied the existence of such a star, but they have found it now. Many, many tribes claim the Pleiades as their home, and this was the home of my best friend, Gail Barber, who recently left her body and perhaps returned to the Pleiades. She and I did music therapy and regression for each other as well as countless others. We visited many, many star systems and heard the stories of each visitor. I have yet to find a single person who claims to be an Earthling. So, we might all be aliens and that makes the really alien aliens much less spooky.

DNA Mixing

Over the years, I have found people from places I never heard of before. I had to plow through many astronomy books to find the planets, the most challenging one being Bella Terre, not sure how to spell it, but one very old astronomy book did mention it. Lots of people are confused about their origins, but if you revisit your home, that confusion disappears forever. When I have seen people coming here, they did have physical bodies that looked completely human but with a few distinguishing features. Just as we can usually tell a Greek from an Indian, there are some traits that are unique but they get watered down through DNA mixing over many generations.

To make this clear to myself and others, I look at something we might call a soul home, but even if our soul has a home, it has probably traveled to many other places and picked up influences. It may also have come to Earth via an intermediary planet or star system, one like Arcturus or perhaps even Pegasus. These systems are vast so one can only speak of generalizations unless you happen to know your own exact reason for coming to Earth. For instance, before I came here, I heard that the Sirians tried to balance the materialism that was rampant, probably since the arrival of the Nibirans, but they got tangled up in light and dark and bogged down in rituals to protect their light. They failed to restore the balance that was needed by the those who were living in peace before the arrival of the materialists. So, a slightly different strategy was needed.

If you have experienced such insights into your mission here, the view of the Earth as a prison planet makes no sense. It is however still a planet where materialism is exaggerated at the expense of very important virtues, such as kindness and sharing.

One prediction I might make is that when aliens, genuine aliens, do arrive, they will not merely be friendly but they will probably provide some people an opportunity to leave if they are truly fed up with life on Earth. A lot of people need a rest because their vibrations have been in deep shock for a long time.

Cleaning up the Earth will not actually take long. With the technologies I saw on Antares, I would say that all our environmental problems can be solved in a matter of months, not even a full year. Solving our consciousness problems is another matter entirely and grounds for leaving if one chooses to do so.

Genetic Differences

This said, I want to add two more somewhat odd comments.

One is about the beings with elongated skulls. The DNA results suggest that these human-like individuals would not be able to mate with humans as they are, in fact, another species. The other point is that the shape of the skull determines not only the size of the brain but also the parts of the brain that will be more active. This, in turn, will determine things like the degree of logic versus mysticism as well as countless other factors.
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I feel that if we approach this rapidly developing science of DNA in the correct way, we will recognize what we have lost through mutations as well as what our potentials are when we become whole again. It's actually quite exciting, but just as our views on aliens will be affected by our lenses, so, too, the DNA testing that is occurring today has some biases as well as limitations. The biases have to do with beliefs about the origins of humanity and the dating of those origins. The prevailing theories favor a single ancestor, i.e., one individual who appears more or less out of nowhere, such as Adam being made of clay. The old arguments about creationism still haunt us as do theories of evolution versus what we might call alt science.

We are probably going to have a bit of ride before the details are clear. Testing methods also pose a limitation, both in terms of time and origins. Until scientists can make sense of ancient DNA, they will have to perfect their techniques. Meanwhile, archaeologists need to produce more samples to show the range of options. We also need to study our maps so that when we look at a migration path, we have the water and the land masses adjusted to the age of the sample. That appears not to be the case at the present time. In short, we are just at the beginning where DNA is concerned. That said, I personally am excited about the prospect of sequencing some alien DNA, but I quiver at the prospect of some psy ops program that scares the heck out of most citizens on Earth.





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