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Posted to Subscribers on 29 November 2017


Dear Subscribers,

There have been a lot of e-mails recently from you to me. I am always happy to read the mail and I do answer all e-mails, sometimes a little tersely, but I do respond. If you do not hear back, please check your spam folder and make sure that bioethikalist.com is whitelisted. If you do not find the response, make sure the e-mail you used is correct. Many responses I write are returned as undeliverable.

There are presently five posts in my queue that have yet to be sent, but rather than these, I would like to break the rhythm a bit and write a bit on several general topics, these in a less formal style and probably therefore easier to read.

The post that generated the most reads was the one about aliens so I will start there and clarify a few points. This is a lot more difficult than one may think, but let's start with the popular view of aliens as visitors from other parts of the Universe. This is actually an amazingly complex subject even in its narrowest view. The appearances, meaning the physical features, of the aliens is basically irrelevant. In the popular press, we hear about Grays, Reptilians, Tall Whites, and so on and so forth. Personally, I tend to ignore all the efforts to describe aliens in these terms. The question of whether or not they are human is also not very important, but we can make an attempt to define what a human is. The motivations for visiting Earth are what matters along with the very serious possibility that official announcements by governments around the world might be a psychological operation in which practically no details are reliable. That is a risk so let's start there.

Our government seems to have fooled a lot of people into believing they were contacted by aliens. Various highly classified programs also probably have advanced technology that allows them to fly craft that are secret, but such crafts are made on Earth, therefore not foreign or alien even if they are claimed to be reverse engineered. Add Hollywood and PhotoShop to the list and there is a tremendous need for discernment. If Disclosure is handled by officialdom, we can almost be sure that large parts, if not all, are not to be taken seriously. The purpose would be to control people and the pressure to want to have control would stem from a fear of loss of control so the more rebellious humanity is, the more those with control may be inclined to use desperate measures.

Who has the most to lose? Obviously, those whose power and influence are most threatened have the most to lose whereas those who have "nothing" to lose are the disenfranchised, and they are clearly the majority.

Definition of a Human

I used to own a metaphysical bookstore and I read just about every book in the store as well as some that were borrowed from obscure libraries. Then, I went inside and more or less stopped reading except for books on health and herbal medicine. One definition of a human that I used for many years and still find useful comes from Theosophical literature. I am quoting from memory so those of you who fact check may find a slight variation, but what I recall is: "A human being is that entity anywhere in the Universe in whom lowest matter and highest spirit are related by intelligence." It is a reasonable definition and skirts both Darwinian and DNA attempts to create boundaries. To make this really, really clear, the Darwinian view, in a nutshell, proposes an evolution that progressed from single cells to complexity. Success as a species depends on the capacity to adapt and those who evidence the most skill in this department survive. As far back as the seventies, I proposed that this view was too physical since survival in this century will depend on consciousness, not physical prowess. Moreover, as I have gone to some lengths to explain in recent posts, there is no evidence that man evolved from apes. No skeletons have been found that would support this theory and even modern DNA studies do not lend credence to this idea.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a more spiritually inspired attempt to explain humans. This actually proposes a devolution, meaning that we have been losing that which we prize the most and some of our ancestors might have been superior to modern man. In actuality, there is more support for this thesis than the evolutionary one. The reason is that evidence of earlier civilizations suggests a loss of skills over time, and this covers everything from architecture to the size of the brain. If we add to this mutated DNA, we can examine the possibility that we have descended from a more perfect state into a more abject one.

I do not want to go that direction today. Rather, I wish to focus on consciousness and to tie this to the discussion of the Bardo. The idea here is that consciousness is immortal, indestructible but yet mutable. When the love of my life died quite some years ago, I asked a Buddhist priest what the relationship is between the subconscious and the superconscious after death. He purported not to understand the question so I did what I usually do and asked a number of other priests and pundits. The way I saw it was that if we were to treat our instinctual and psychological forces as personal and our deeper understanding as spiritual, their destinies would be separate. I actually proposed in one lecture as far back as 1980 that the logical outcome of this dichotomy is that the subconscious would end up in hell and the higher consciousness would ascend to heaven. There was a rather large audience and I could hear the stir but not see the faces because the podium was brightly lighted but the rest of the room was dark. This was in the days of overhead projectors, pre-PowerPoint. That talk was the forerunner of my work on Fate which I defined as the intersection of Destiny and Karma. You can therefore imagine my surprise last week when I read for the first time that Enki dictated such a text to Endubsar. I was in total shock, and more shocks followed that one.

You see, our curriculum is fragmented so much that the bigger picture rarely comes into focus. Most psychologists are working with the personality, not the soul. There are exceptions but the spectrum ranges from behavioral modification to various transcendental, esoteric, and perhaps even shamanic approaches to higher consciousness. The connecting points between personal and transpersonal are almost never addressed much less taught how to interact with each other (which has been my goal since the early seventies).

Okay, I am wandering, but the problem with Disclosure begins with the need to define a human. In reality, most aliens are interdimensional. Morrnah once asked me to take her to Albuquerque to meet a Native American elder with shamanic gifts. I don't think I have told that story. I have mentioned the road incident when Morrnah told me to watch out. Since, I saw nothing, I asked her what she saw. She said, "You nearly hit a dinosaur." This absolutely has to have been a dinosaur ghost since there were clearly no third dimensional dinosaurs on the road. It took a moment to sort out this near miss, but clearly dinosaurs need some instruction in modern traffic. I left that task to her.

The man we visited was heavily involved with both aliens and walk-ins and being the observer in the situation, I did what observers do, but it was both fascinating and exhausting. The amount of energy present was just over the top and what my eyes could see was lights shooting all over the place. I could not detect the consciousness behind the lights, but I could pick up what I would describe as a highly mental energy without emotions so on the drive back to Santa Fe, I asked Morrnah questions about how the memory worked when there was an absence of emotion. This seemed important with the walk-ins since they were taking over bodies without, it seemed, any interest in the personal pasts of the empty vehicles. This is what they were, and my sole preparation for this experience was a music therapy session in which I left my body. I will tell that story because it will help others to understand what I mean.

In the lifetime visited, I was in a rather delicately constructed Oriental male body, probably Tibetan but from a very early era. I was a sort of missionary to Hawaii, and the purpose was to prepare the kahunas to use more mental energy since, at that time, they were working primarily with etheric energies. They had a lot of control over prana or manna but not over the mind. Someone was annoyed and used black magic to poison me and I was running a very high fever and felt too weak to stay in my body. A very kind kahuna felt responsible for my safety and decided to try to heal me. The method she used was to go into my body and feel it as her own, but the only thing she was able to feel was weakness. I was floating over the body and not inside it. Sensing the weakness, the kahuna "inflated" my body with energy. It felt heavy and dense to me. It was viable and the fever subsided, but the density was uncomfortable. There was an entity floating around who had a monkey-like, mischievous face. He wanted the body. I looked at him, felt the body, and then told him he could have it if he wanted.

The therapist got tired and stopped at that point so I never knew how the story ended. For the record, no therapist should ever do this. If there is a risk of fatigue, the therapists need to work in teams so that clients are not stranded. The point here is not to sound ridiculous but to explain that the consciousness can leave the physical body and another entity can take over the vacant body. It would have all the trappings of a real body and be perfectly functional, but the memories belonging to the previous occupant would most likely be missing. This will lead to some awkward moments. A kahuna with the skills of someone like Morrnah would have seen where the departing entity went and what the challenges are to the new occupant. I could not see this in the situation I had observed in Albuquerque so I asked Morrnah to explain what she saw.

The bottom line here is that the aliens, some of whom are walking around in bodies they have mended after the original occupants departed, do not have emotions similar to ours. The technique for taking over abandoned bodies is not at all new to our planet. It is described in ancient Siddhar literature and probably goes back millions of years. If you are confused, think of putting a new hard drive in your computer. All the software has to be reinstalled and you will probably use updated versions of the software. It's actually that simple except for one major difference: the control with the computer is ultimately yours whereas with the walk-ins and/or aliens, they bring consciousness with them so you might say the hard drive comes preloaded with unique software, not just an operating system but with files. Those files do not however resemble the ones on the previous hard drive so even though the keyboard and display are the same, the computer is different in very important respects.

In addition, try to imagine that the person looks the same as before but has no real connections to the previous occupant's past. For the record, Lao Tzu, the great Chinese philosopher was said, in Indian literature, not Chinese literature, to have been created by the Siddhar Bogarnatha. He took a dead man, revived and regenerated the body, and used that body to complete his introduction of Taoism to China. I have discussed this with an erudite Chinese friend who studied at the White Cloud Temple in Beijing and he has come to accept the Indian version of the story.

For his part, Bogarnatha claims that his own teacher was Confucius, but again, an Indian who took over a Chinese body. Then, when the missions were complete, the sages returned to India. Some Indians believe the Siddhars were aliens. I do not have inside information about this, but they were clearly extremely advanced. They were also prolific and they definitely mated with earthly women. If they were a different species, this would not have been possible. However, if they were "alien" in consciousness only, there would be no issues revolving around DNA, but we would perhaps be making an assumption that DNA is a constant and this is possibly a mistake. In addition to mutations that occur by accident, DNA itself might be rearranged under certain circumstances. I do not know if tests have been done that would show changes over time in individuals who have a baseline record. I think it would be interesting to compare results over time.

The theory of how we manifest in the third dimension is very ancient. The Greeks wrote extensively on this starting with Empedocles who described the elements of fire, earth, air, and water as combining and separating depending on the energies of love and hate. I have said for many years that the four alphabet letters of DNA may be nothing more than representatives of these elements and the proportions are subject to change within a range. Obviously, a human is not going to become a table or rock, but the fact of the matter is that when the body disintegrates, dust returns to dust; and the elements are used to build soil, trees, and plants that nourish other creatures so we should think of the elements as ubiquitous and nearly as interchangeable as air except that each element has a unique density so the transformations caused by air are quicker. This is all very profound but the subject was deleted from academic curriculum in the 17th century in the West. It was not lost in Asia.

This said, the information might have been watered down, meaning that what the early Egyptians understood was deeper than what the Greeks understood. If you read Greek philosophy in a linear fashion, i.e., one philosopher to the next in chronological order, you will see they were rebuilding knowledge. When I read the ancient texts, I sense the loss of nuance and commentary. By this, I mean, the outline of thoughts is there, but the depth is missing. Likewise, most of what we know of Egyptian literature is from the Ptolemaic Dynasty when Egypt was in a sorrowful state of decline and under Greek and later Roman influences.

This post is becoming much longer than I expected but there are still lots more points to make. Where Disclosure is concerned, I would like to propose that there might be aliens in foreign bodies, meaning aliens who have physical bodies that were created in other parts of the Universe, but there can also be aliens who look exactly like humans. They are still aliens even if in a human body. Moreover, technically speaking, they usually did not possess the bodies they are using since with a possession, the original occupant is usually still vying for control of the body and there will be personality changes depending on which being is in control. Morrnah and I worked with a very interesting situation like this. The woman's husband had committed suicide and left a note on the mirror he had used when shaving for the last time. The woman was in shock and there were two forces over her head, one her original self and another a grayish energy that was sickening. We both had to work to stabilize her and banish the gray entity. I had a very personal incident of this nature once. Morrnah phoned me from Hawaii to ask if I needed some help. You see, consciousness is non-local so we can understand energies much better when we "get it" that the consciousness may express through a body, but it is not the body nor even particularly closely attached to the body. If one is doing something very routine and boring, consciousness may trip off somewhere.

For the same reason, when we are with someone with autism or dementia or any other handicap affecting communication, we need to begin by figuring out where the consciousness is and why. In some cases, it is nowhere near the body. I will wrap up this post by mentioning that in my longest out-of-body experience, I went to another galaxy. Upon my return, it took about six hours to make my body work properly. It was not a case of sleeping and being gone for the night, but upon returning, I saw my body in bed but could not make it move. I was absolutely 100% conscious but could not lift my arms much less get out of bed. We should therefore always assume that people as well as animals and most likely plants and minerals have consciousness and they understand, but they simply do not communicate in a way that we understand. We could probably communicate perfectly if we disconnected from our sensory organs.

In any event, when there is Disclosure, exercise discrimination. If the messages are friendly, be careful that you are not seduced into surrendering jurisdiction over your sovereign selves. Even if there are some aliens who look different, that is not grounds for fear. The only basis for fear is if there is a genuine threat. I believe most aliens visiting here are more advanced than we are. They are not looking for a new home or trying to colonize Earth much less make off with the gold or other minerals. Our governments are, of course, another matter and they are generally not to be trusted.

In the meantime, it behooves each of us to protect our physical mechanisms for registering consciousness. The brain is the instrument by which consciousness manifests through our incarnate selves. It uses all the sensory perceptions, including some subtle senses, the sixth and seventh senses, but we need to keep ourselves in order so as to function. When we understand the relationship between consciousness and function, we will appreciate how herbs help us to remove the neurotoxins and other disruptors of the mechanisms through which we try to manifest. You may also begin to appreciate how many years I have devoted to understanding our challenges and finding the solutions! We need to remove fluoride from our water and repair the pineal gland, nourish our brains with herbs such as gotu kola, bacopa, ginkgo, shankhapushpi, and so on and so forth. We also need to revere our synaptic responses and avoid torturing them with toxins and electromagnetic interferences. We also need to avoid harsh sounds and syncopated rhythms because unpredictability can be a way to unwind, but it does not come without risks. Keep in mind that we are not just seeking harmony but also cooperation between the spiritual and material. The price for ignoring these precautions is way too high to ignore! Keep well!





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