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Posted to Subscribers on 29 December 2017


Dear Subscribers,

There are some traditions to uphold this time of year. In terms of the subscriptions to this list, in addition to the waltzes and polkas, I have tended to review the outgoing year and take a peak at the incoming year. The outgoing year was less turbulent than many feared but it was intense and tense. Some of the major issues were immigration, and we saw a very wide spectrum on immigration. During his campaign for president, Donald Trump placed an enormous emphasis on a wall to protect our southern border. Speaking for myself, I felt the idea was two thousand years out of date, but it spoke to some core issues about sovereignty, and we have seen a trimming of the perks immigrants can expect as well as enormous controversy over attempts to limit travel and immigration from certain countries. On the other end of the spectrum is Sweden where it is not politically correct to refer to crimes committed by refugees and ethnicity has even been scrubbed from the forms used in reporting those crimes. Quite severe jail sentences await those who are outspoken, so here is the other side of the coin.

I would like to mention that the young man's Swedish is better than mine which is no easy achievement since there are sounds that most foreigners never learn to say properly. I can, of course, deal with the pronunciation but Ibrahim actually does converse in Swedish better than I can at this juncture in my life. If all immigrants were like him, there would be no one clamoring for walls.

In Ecuador, the outgoing year is referred to as the widow. It is, as I believe I mentioned last year, celebrated in an unusual way. Young boys dress as women, widows, to usher in the new year. I am not going to send a video of this but the costumes were amazing. I am however going to look at the widow, which is, I believe, best compared to the situation in North Korea. I hope this little performance will remind the militant community why we do not want to bomb Korea:

Those who are perhaps not of my vintage may not observe the tradition of celebrating New Year's Eve with waltzes and polkas, but for several years, I have posted a few performances that take us around the world. The next, the waltz, is in memory of the loss of my best friend who used to arrive at my home just before Christmas, exhausted from performances of the Nutcracker:


Choosing a polka has always been a bit challenging, but we have winter Olympics coming and competition as well as the theater itself will definitely draw attention from the entire world. Here is a passionate interpretation on ice to thaw us and ready us for 2018:

Though it is not a polka, it is a tough act to follow.

On a more personal note, I will be moving the hosting of several sites over the holidays. Unbeknownst to me, there were three crashes, all affecting my capacity to move forward as finding solutions is very time consuming. The site supporting these posts has been upgraded and partly repaired. The work is not finished but I did not know that some links were dead:

I do however want to discuss the new look. The new header which you will see on next post and that you can preview now is composed of two ginkgo leaves, one green, and one yellowed, as we see very late in the season when the leaves are about to fall. Ginkgo is the oldest known plant on our Earth and there are not even any other members of its plant family, a bit of a mirror perhaps for me. There is a drop that looks like a tear and my medicine name is Soaring Spirit with Tears and there is actually a web site of that name. It probably contains some of my wildest thoughts. I obviously fell in love with the image and this is what you are going to be seeing starting 2018.

In terms of the prophecies, there are only a few I want to discuss today. The usual approach to horoscopes would be to do a chart for a nation's capital, but we experience life from our own perspectives so we are always the center of our worlds. The chart I did for Poulsbo has the Moon at the very, very end of Gemini. That means it is what astrologers call void of course which is interpreted as "no worries" but it does oppose Saturn, out of sign. This however will not be true everywhere in the world. Oh, the opposition will be there and the timing will be the same, but the Moon might be in Cancer in Hawaii or earlier in Gemini at the White House, but still void of course. That is confusing. The Moon will oppose Saturn everywhere but only be void of course when in late Gemini which is basically the North and South American continents and perhaps the westernmost parts of Europe, like the Azores!

Now, I want to digress a moment to describe visions I had many years ago in which every person of significant position and influence was standing in a very long line holding something that symbolized his or her power. As each approached a man seated at a desk, he or she surrendered the object and position. I knew change would come and it would be deep and pervasive. What I could not interpret at the time was whether this would happen as a result of reform or external pressure from something like aliens. For instance, there could be a leader who initiated the reforms or a presence that basically issued an ultimatum to clean up our Planet voluntarily or involuntarily. Either way, it would happen and I was shown it would happen when both Saturn and Pluto were in the sign of Capricorn. So, we are there now.

From what I am reading, at least 400 CEOs resigned in 2017 and there will obviously be more to come. In addition, there are the sealed indictments and strange boots. I believe the surrender has begun. It is interesting that so many of those in very high positions are way up in years and that a couple of those people passed away this year, David Rockefeller being perhaps the most senior of those who departed.

I am now going to go so far out on the limb that you hear the creaking. I have believed for some time that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of King Solomon. I could give reasons for this or just let you mull over how it feels to you. Those with whom I have discussed this tend to feel this is right on. I feel it speaks to several very important points, including his early history with women as he certainly has karma to sort out with a lot of women, but also children and grandchildren and so on and on and on. It also speaks to his love of gold, to the fact that his first significant trip abroad as president was to the three major players in the Middle East and to his decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem. More importantly, what we first learned in Sunday School about Solomon was the decision he made is the custody case of the child. We associated this not just with wisdom but an uncanny psychological power to bring the truth to the surface. I am not for a second suggesting that Mr. Trump is perfect but I believe he knows right from wrong. That said, significant as his decisions have been, there are weaknesses as well as strengths.

That said, some of the decisions were very important, unbelievably important. I want to mention a few that I believe warrant very special attention. The first ones that thrilled me involved vaccine safety as well as the intention to release all secret information on anti-aging that is classified by the military. I know Obamacare is not completely gone, but I am sure a better plan will emerge. Reviving the space program is extremely logical if for no other reason than that the vast expenditures result in development of new technologies. I am not so excited about artificial intelligence or genetic engineering but I do not see how this can be stopped because humans have the ability to do amazing as well as diabolical deeds so it is better to have oversight.

I do not want to take your time critiquing the administration, but I think the travel and networking is going to have an immense effect on history so I am suggesting that we pay attention, very close attention, to what Saturn and Pluto are doing.

The second area of prophecy involves religion. I have spent many long nights over the last three years asking what the religions of the world, the Vatican in particular, had to lose or gain by holding such strong positions on subjects like astronomy or reincarnation. I have spent more than 50 years asking why so many books of the Bible were deleted as a result of the influence Empress Theodora. Of these, the Book of Enoch is the most curious. It is a mind boggling book and deserves a very thorough study by a team of theologians, philosophers, psychiatrists, politicians, and astronomers. Ultimately, the decision to uphold one idea and suppress another comes down to control. We grow up believing one thing only to discover decades later that we have been duped. This house of cards is tumbling, and I believe this did actually start in 2012.

We begin the year with Mars conjunct Jupiter and then Jupiter will enter Sagittarius where I think very significant reforms will occur because the Truth will surface. We cannot make good decisions if our facts are in doubt. I think 2018 will be the most interesting ride of my lifetime and I hope also for yours.

On a final personal note, I did get my DNA test results. There was no Neanderthal DNA which was interesting since the likelihood of there being some is pretty high except among Africans. Interestingly, there are gray areas in the results, which is usual. These are defined as "low confidence" and there were five such in my report, four with less than one percent confidence. If we allow for fractions of one percent, the numbers do add up to 100. Among these quaint low confidence areas were less than one percent North African and less than one percent Asian. Last night, I was trying to calculate how many generations we had to go back to find less than one percent. I shared the results with Gina, the Filipina IT helper who has been doing some graphics and all the Word Press conversions for me. She was so happy that we might be very distant cousins. Actually, we are all one and this is something to contemplate.

I am going to take the next two days to migrate sites to new hosting and fix some issues and then three days of profound reflection to start the new year, but you will get the first health issue with the ginkgo during that three-day period. I am wishing everyone a calm transition period to the new realities and recovery of perfect health in 2018.





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