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First off, I would like to apologize for the typos and missing words in the previous post. I had a lot of interruptions and obviously was not concentrating very well. The corrected version can be found here:

As expected, there was rather a lot of e-mail from subscribers, some with comments, some with questions or different perspectives or stories they wanted to share, some asking where to find the herbs. The herbs can be easily found here:

I have been asking myself how to follow up and help those who are trying to connect a few more dots. I would like to start with my own process. By giving more biographical material than is usually the case, I would like to explain that I more or less dropped out in 1970. If trying to explain the issue at that time, it could perhaps be distilled to address two possibilities: whether the problems on this planet are better solved through (1) material approaches or (2) spiritual ones. I tried economic development and then banged on monastery doors and finally sat still for about seven and a half years, actually almost eight years. In retrospect, I think I was curiously blessed to have had the means to sustain my body while spending 16 hours a day either in meditation or contemplation.

The precursor to this had been my search for a credible spiritual path. After "testing" all the various Western religions, I had had the great good fortune to have been seated next to the famous Suzuki-sensei at a banquet in Hawaii in 1959. I was actually seated between Prof. Wing-tsit Chan from whom I had just taken a post-graduate course in Chinese philosophy and D. T. Suzuki, surely something that rarely happens to someone in their teens. Suzuki-sensei made a profound impression on me, and I realized my Western mind was curious and jumpy and lacking the calmness needed to observe even its own nature. I committed myself to Zen for about ten years but could not give up my curiosity. Zen definitely helps one to train the mind, but I had a gazillion questions about the cosmos, creation, and the meaning of life and a new possibility opened up for me the day I arrived in India. The father of a Kashmiri friend asked if I would like to accompany him to the home of Prof. Lokesh Chandra. He ran an institute and there were a number of Tibetan monks living in his complex, busy with translations. I quickly discovered that there were answers to my questions in Tibetan literature so that has essentially been my path since 1968.

In reality, I do not accept that science and spirituality should or can have different concepts of Truth. All paths to Truth must lead to the same destination. That said, my path has tended to be more mystical than scientific.

During the most psychic period of my life, I saw that the problems we are facing today on Earth started in the constellation Vega. I had never heard of Nibiru and actually have my doubts that there even is or was a planet of that name. In the context of the issues we are facing today, I think we should start with Vega, not Nibiru. The issue there was not really what we would call good versus evil but mind versus external reality. The beings on Vega were enthralled with their minds and absolutely convinced that their synthetic creations were equal in every way to the organic ones. Keep in mind, the dates for my experiences pre-dated what we are seeing today. The meditations started in 1972 on the Big Island of Hawaii.

From a practical perspective, I was combining the purification "protocols" of Theravada Buddhism with the cosmology of Tibetan Buddhism. By purification, I meant that I was working extremely hard on issues such as anger. This is usually the first challenge of people on a spiritual path because anger is always highly personal. It is a reaction to something that felt hurtful and perhaps intentional and the strength of the emotion gives us the power to transform injustice and correct situations that are not in balance. However, from an ethical perspective, the law is not in our hands but deferred to other societal forces to whom we have surrendered our personal authority. The discipline required of someone on a spiritual path is to overcome the feelings so as not to create either karma or harm. This is more difficult than most people imagine.

Some years later, I met Morrnah Simeona and she addressed this issue slightly differently. I hosted a retreat on the Big Island in the 70s and people were constantly telling me that Morrnah did not have an aura. I finally asked her about auras. I could see hers, but I had to be a great distance because her aura was so enormous that others were usually inside it. As she had explained to me at a concert for the World Symposium on Humanity (1979), this was considered normal for Hawaiians. There were two points. First, she explained, very simply and briefly, that one should not feel anything at all when passing through another being's aura. That, I believe, is the best definition of purity I could find. The other statement was in another context and what she said was that in an incarnation when missionaries were first coming to Hawaii, King Kamehameha I wanted to know about the visitors. The report given was essentially that the teachings were okay but the people had very little prana. I want you to understand this. There was a singer on the stage who inhaled and something like a parachute went out behind her, about 70 feet. Then, when she produced sounds, the parachute reversed and came out the front. I rubbed my eyes and turned to Morrnah and asked, "Is that an aura?" Morrnah said, "Yes, and she is only one-sixteenth Hawaiian."

Anyway, I want to go back to the sitting days. I was still training my mind. I figured out that there are basically two ways to meditate. I could be still and calm and wait to see reflections or images. This is passive and rather Neptunian, but to avoid distortion, there needed to be stillness and zero judgment. The other method was to project one's mind, kind of like focusing a searchlight on the exact place where the answers to questions could be found.

It is through combinations of these meditations that I got in touch with the history of Vega. The scientists really made a mess of their civilization, and some of the top scientists were sent to Earth to get their yin and yang together. Right, this language is a bit informal, but the unique feature of Earth is its Nature; and it is here that the Divine Feminine has the opportunity to express a very specific property of her Nature and it is why so many being in other parts of the Cosmos are curious about Earth.

Okay, it was my meditation and my story, but I will stick to it. There was nothing in any of my meditative adventures to suggest that this is penal colony for mad scientists or sociopaths. In all my work with clients, I have never found a punitive response to a misdeed. I only see corrective measures that have a strong educational component. I will explain this, if not today, in another post.

I hate to say it, but at the time I was meditating so intensely, I was not exactly naïve. I had worked on Wall Street for two and half years and seen both the legal files for drug companies as well as the plans the food industry had for the future. To dot the "i's" and cross the "t's", I might mention that I spent weeks studying Thalidomide and had attended a banquet in which soy substitutes were prepared by a major player in the global food industry. We were told this would be the food of the future. Having lived in Japan and eaten a lot of tofu, I had nothing against soy, but when Gandhi tried to introduce it to India, the Indians refused to eat it. However, the point here is that things would look like food people were used to eating, but almost everything would be made with soy substitutes. The second job had taken me to Vietnam where I tried to stop a senseless war. Unfortunately, I was exposed to classified documents that would curdle anyone's blood. I was in shock that taxpayers were funding the secret objectives and that the authors were so brazen that their morally bankrupt policies were placed on official government letterheads. After Vietnam, I went to India and felt the apathy, best summed up in a statement made to me by a young Indian, "Memsahib, it be like this 5000 years, why you want to change it?"

I do not think I was obsessing over anything in particular, but I was seeing "films" in my mind that had a lot of details. In the context of genetically modified food and nuclear weapons, I think the insights into the reasons for the crash of civilization in the Vega Constellation make a lot of sense. If we add to this the cocktails raining from the sky, we see how far amok the mind can go.

A psychiatrist once told me that all thought and feelings are contextual. So, the context that best helps me to frame the underlying issue is misplaced pride in the mind as well as lust for power, something Henry Kissinger once described as a powerful aphrodisiac.

The dichotomy between yin and yang has been a huge force in the evolution of my own theories and system of astrology. I will go so far as to say that it is likely that nearly all the religions of the world are missing the boat on this. Meanwhile, we can look at what could happen if we repeat the experience of Vega. We would continue to develop more and more dangerous weapons . . . because the mind enables us to do this. We would continue to fool around with the genetic code and produce patented substitutes for what Nature provides. We will develop robots with artificial intelligence who do not require health insurance, maternity leave, IRAs, or anything else the one percent are reluctant to fund. We would no doubt destroy Earth as we know it. Then what?

In Vedic literature, including the parts that affect astrology, there is reference to yugas, cycles of time in which we experience civilization at its worst and golden ages in which there is peace and prosperity for all. Science would have us believe they are creating a golden age, but the reality is that just about everyone's vibration is tormented by violence, fear, scarcity, disorientation, and disinformation.

If you can get off the grid, even for a few weeks, you will see how much more peaceful the world is without news. If one is completely "in" Nature, the earth experience is totally different. Obviously, I have nothing against cultural achievements. I am, as you all know, a great lover of music as well as animals and plants. I love technology when it is used to share knowledge and beauty and I hate it when our auras are destroyed by Wi-Fi and garbage.

Several people writing me asked me to be more explicit about the aliens. I can address about half of the question, but I am still removing dirt in one of the rabbit holes. Those with power lay their plans and put out bait far in advance of anything the average person is permitted to see. The same people who own the banks own the media and have governments in their pockets. In short, whether we are talking about books of the Bible or crosses in the churches in Sweden, the decisions are not made by emissaries of God but rather by humans with their own agendas. What happened to the Book of Noah? of Enoch? of Thomas? of Judith? of Patrick? Why is the Lutheran Church in Sweden fussing over whether followers of Islam might be offended by crosses? Just how crazy are we?

What I am saying is that there are aliens, probably lots of them, so if the powers that be announce their presence, aka disclosure, will they be telling the truth? I want to address a few details to show how significant this is. I told you that I was never on board with the Sitchin material. There were red flags all over the place, but the first one was his attempt to explain the so-called solar system and location of Nibiru.

If one compares the Sitchin images and their interpretation to what we know about Babylonian astronomy, the stories just do not add up. If one compares them to the star maps inside the lids of coffins in ancient Egypt or the maps used in Chinese astronomy, the pictures and interpretations look childish and ridiculous. Bode's law may or may not be correct but the esoteric view of planets beyond Neptune is that they are most likely part of another system. This would explain why Pluto is sometimes inside the orbit of Neptune, but one cannot trust astronomers to provide straight facts. . . and what we presently regard as facts may be wrong.

The explanation of the asteroid belt as occupying a space where there ought to be a planet makes sense if one postulates that a huge collision or explosion could fragment a planet, but if this happened to Tiamat or any other name given to the planet, a similar collision with Earth would have major ramifications. I have always believed that mankind could not have conceived the system of astronomy/astrology used either in the past or today. It had to have been given to humanity because observation varies dramatically from one geographical location to another so there would not be an explanation for certain things unless the system were inherited in tact. Let me give a few examples. Sirius is just amazingly bright in Australia but we do not see it at all in Scandinavia. The closer we get to the North Pole, the stranger the Zodiacal Belt looks as compared to astronomy texts.

If we believe that astronauts had way stations on the Moon or Mars, there is nothing to prove this is or is not true nor to date anything. For example, the pyramids or faces on Mars could have been constructed by Martians, by aliens, by Chinese thousands of years ago (as is claimed in their literature), or by NASA. Who knows? Their existence in no way proves that either the military-industrial complex or Nibirans built what we see in photographs.

As someone who once upon a time fussed with linguistics and translations, I would like to start with a line from the Sitchin texts: "those who from heaven to Earth came" and just change one word. Change "heaven" to "sky". Did they come in space ships or planes? Are they gods or astronauts or just pilots? Did they have dominion over anything at all?

In my visions, I saw a space ship land in the Middle East with 18 people on board, most quite scientific and very materialistic. There were 16 men and two women and their problem was the need to preserve knowledge until technology could be developed to repair their craft or build another one. In short, they were likely to be stuck for many generations, but their intention was to leave when the opportunity afforded itself. They found they could dominate others because people were friendly and curious. Earthlings did not see the visitors as dangerous. This is a form of ethnocentricity that can stem from faith in one's own beliefs. That faith can be so strong that we do not care what others believe.

Were these people from Nibiru or somewhere else? Is there even a planet called Nibiru? How would we know? We never heard of it before Sitchin came along. That said, from my perspective, my visions explain why the Middle East is a trouble spot as well as why some people strive so hard to preserve their ethnic identity.

The dating of this event is very difficult because we more or less wiped out history with the Deluge. The Flood is presently dated to no later than 2345 B.C., a very easy date to remember, but I do not trust most dating because our calendars were a mess after the Deluge. Some scientists believe the Earth was hit very hard so the former, more tidy year of 360 days was stretched to the present 365.24 years. You can play with that idea. It is certainly interesting but I cannot say whether or not it is true.

Thanks to Noah, there were survivors of the Flood, probably not just in the Middle East but in countless other places. For a long time, the various groups were not in communication with each other. Only a few megaliths survived the Flood. Many of these contained historical records that people left as a reminder of their civilization. This included some absolutely superb art and texts written on metals, stone, and clay.

These cycles of coming and going of civilizations have occurred many times and, it appears, each surviving civilization is in certain respects inferior to the earlier one. There have apparently been many cataclysms, some of them man-made. If one were anticipating a disaster, it is likely that certain people would have contingency plans. These would involve going underground, finding new land on this or another planet, or distancing themselves as much as possible from the trouble. For instance, if one expected a flood, it would be logical to move to higher ground or build a very seaworthy ship.

I suspect all this is going on as we speak. Some people are planning on moving to other planets, some perhaps on moving to land beyond Antarctica, and some to areas less likely to be in the line of fire. This is not difficult to imagine. How many people would like to be in North Korea or Iran at this time in history?

I have a lot planned for tomorrow's Sunday post so will wrap up the questions about aliens with a few more comments. First, we do not understand the nature of reality. We have a third dimension that we think we can see but the fact that we see it does not make it real. The third dimension has many limitations. There are many dimensions and energies in those dimensions so something that we see and then do not see is probably interdimensional. Since our eyes are not just third dimensional sensory organs but sensory organs limited to a very small bandwidth in the third dimension, it would not be wise to base our understanding of reality only on what we see. We need to give equal credence to what we feel, what we hear, what we imagine, and what we conceptualize. These are simply other kinds of reality. It is not clear to me whether we can invent from nothingness. Wasn't this the question Ramesh asked when he was 16 years old? What faculties do we have that can be used to check the validity of memory? to know where the scenes in our imaginations had their origins?

If we ignore dimensional shifts, the entire Universe, all the stars and galaxies, may appear as one contiguous Unity. Just imagine!





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